Crispy Bhindi fry

3 cups chopped bhindi(Okra)
1 tbl spn besan (grama flour)
1 tea spn rice flour
1 tea spn chilli powder
1/4  tea spn tamariand pulp
A pinch turmeric
1/2 tea spn garam masala

Cut bhindi into thin long pieces. Heat oil and add all other ingredients. Fry till bhindi is cooked. Serve hot.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15min

17 thoughts on “Crispy Bhindi fry”

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  2. Should i deep fry the bhindi as besan was sticking & bhendi took time to cook, i don’t know where i made a mitake

  3. Divya, yes the besan does stick to the bhindi. You need to fry it for a long time and use more oil than normal. If you think you cannot get it at all, you can deep fry it. (I never deep fry this dish).

  4. I tried this recipe. I put in some more of my household ingredients but stuck to the method of cooking as stated here. It turned out good. Thanks

  5. Hello,

    This dish was a success! I’ve been trying to find a tasty blend of masala for my bhindi and this one is it! I also think that cutting the bhindi into long slices instead of the 1in chunks makes a world of difference. My boyfriend ate almost the whole pan and told me not to change a thing, this is a great compliment since he can be picky with his masalas 🙂

  6. Hi Shilpa, I just went through your recipes and they sound exciting. I will definitely try them. I just bought some Bhindis which are a rarity here in Germany, and want to try the Crispy Bhindi Fry recipe. Like Divya, I am also confused, but will heat oil first and then add al the ingredients together with the cut Bhindis. Let’s see what happens.

    It was accidentally that I got your page when I was looking for a recipe for sooran. How can I turn to your recipes whenever I want? Thank you. Wera

  7. Hey Shilpa,

    M i so glad that i found ur site ….. i hd been looking for a crispy bhindi recipe n presto when i found ur recipe i was sure that i could try it without worrying about the results …. yea i tried it today n it turned out to b fantastic …. only i did not hv tamarind paste so i used amchoor powder instead … wow n thanks a ton 🙂

  8. Hello Shilpa,

    I am actually in search of a recipe of a bhindi dish I had couple of years back in a food fest.. it was a mughalai dish and very tasty n kinda spicy and lightly fried but not deep fried.. I have been searching for any mughalai bhindi dishes on Google but never found any. Are you aware of any such dishes? I’d be delighted to know..

    thanks in advance.


    P.S : if any of the readers of this blog can answer or help me out, please mail me at [email protected]. Thanks

  9. sreeram srinivas

    Add masalas in the last few minutes of bhindi frying…else the nutrient values of masala decreases….. similarly add iodized salt as the last thing… for in heat the iodine in the salt goes out as vapor…. you again the key nutrional element….

    note : you add besan as a medium between masala / bhindi and also to limit excessive masala taste should you accidently add more !!

  10. Shilpa…your recipe might be fantastic, but the way in which you have presented it is absolutely lousy !!! You have just listed all the ingredients and instructed to fry in oil…no wonder that so many people have questions about how exactly to prepare this recipe of yours…

    I think that for the sake of courtesy towards people who read your recipes, you should be more elaborate in your instructions about how to prepare a particular dish…after all, as far as indian cooking is concerned, even the sequence in which you chuck things in the oil, makes a lot of difference…

    So next time, you post a recipe, do include step by step instructions and not afterwards when people question you…okay???

  11. hi shilpa,
    i jus love all ur recipes…dey r amazin!!!its been really helpful!! thanks a ton

    P.S m learnin t cook 🙂

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