Brinjal/Eggplant curry(Ennegayi or Engayi)


Usually ‘ennegayi’ are stuffed brinjal(eggplant). But since the tiny brinjals are not available at our native, aayi usually prepares this dish with normal brinjal cut into big pieces. Though I used small brinjals, I cut them into pieces to get the similar look and feel of the dish, also save time. This dish has the amazing aroma though the ingredients used are very simple. She usually makes it with alayle pita rotti(akki rotti) for breakfast. I made it for lunch along with jolad rotti(jowar roti).

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Coconut 3/4 cup
Brinjal pieces 1 cup
Tamarind 1/2 tea spn
Onion pieces 3/4 cup
Cloves 4
Cinnamon 2″ piece
Red chilies 3-4
Pepper corns 3-4
Shahjeera(Caraway seeds) 1/2 tea spn
Coriander seeds 1/2 tea spn
Oil 1 tbl spn

Increase or decrease the amount of spices according to taste, keep in mind that the onion gives a slight sweetish tinge to the dish. If it hasn’t got the sweetish tinge, add 1/2 tea spn jaggery.
Any kind of brinjals(eggplants) can be used for this dish.

Cut brinjal into big pieces and leave them in water for around 15mins. Discard the water, this step removes any bitterness from the brinjals(water becomes black after sometime).
engayi2 engayi3
Heat 1 tea spn oil and fry cloves, cinnamon, pepper, shahjeera, coriander seeds and red chilies. Add 1/4 cup onion and fry till they turn slightly brownish(take care not to burn spices). Add coconut and fry for around 4-5mins on low flame. Cool to room temperature and grind to a smooth paste along with tamarind.
engayi4 engayi5 engayi6
Heat remaining oil and fry onion till they turn brownish. Drain the water from brinjals and add them to the onion. Fry for 2-3mins. Add 1/2 cup water and cook till brinjals are almost done.
Add the ground masala, salt and cook for around 5mins.
Serve with rice roti or jowar roti.

Serves : 3
Preparation time : 25mins

36 thoughts on “Brinjal/Eggplant curry(Ennegayi or Engayi)”

  1. Hi Shilpa…My mom too makes this, except for Shahjeera ,as i have never seen it in her kitchen. Maybe she uses jeera as you have. I did not have this recipe with me, although i knew the ingrediants. I guess this brinjal is called “Thai Eggplant” in US. (read it in the Indian store). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Deepa, Prema, any variety of brinjal can be used for this dish. Just make sure to cut them into big pieces, so that they don’t dissolve in curry after cooking.
    Thanks Aruna for the comment. I bought these brinjals from Chinatown, didn’t actually see the name :(. Thanks for mentioning the name.

  3. Hey Shilpa,

    The Brinjal curry looks mouth watering. I would definitely give it a try ..Thanxs for sharing.

    Hope its okay with you if I add you to my blogroll.


  4. Hi,

    I was delighted to find this recipe online. My aunt used to prepare it years ago. She has now gone to Canada and I have lost touch with her. I was meaning to get the recipe from her while she was in India, but never got down to it.

    Just wanted to tell you that my husband and 15 year old (who is very fussy about her food) liked this dish immensely.


  5. Hi,
    I got to know about “aayisrecipes” from a friend. I was starting my explorations in the kitchen (abt 6 months ago) and my friend suggested this portal. “Aayisrecipes” has been very helpful and the best thing about it is that all the recipes are very simple, including the ingredients required (most of which are generally available at home).

    I have been trying to look for a recipe for Chana masala, but none of the recipes i tried from the web so far has satisfied me. Could you please post one for me.


  6. Dear Akhatha, Thanks a lot for the lovely words. Please try Chole that I have posted. It tastes great. Search “Chole” in searchbox above and you will get it. Let me know if u try that.

  7. Hmmm! Looks good, a little different recipe than the maharashtrian one that my aai makes at home. Worth trying it!!


  8. Hi Shilpa,

    Nice recipe.. Found it as a great way to impress my wife and prove my cooking skills and keep teh marriage alive :):)

    Thanks for sharing it

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    We thank u for the wonderful website. We made jolad roti and brinjal curry by taking instruction from ur site. It came wonderful. we did this in US. without ur site it would not have been successful.
    Good job. keep going with more recipes.

    Thanks again.
    Aravind N Pradeep.

  10. hi shilpa,

    When i was in bangalore, we used to eat a certain brinjal masala with ghee this the same brinjal masala? being in states, i’m craving to have that once again..could you post that recipe too?im not sure what they used to call it in kannada..

    Shilpa: Sorry, I don’t know.

  11. Hi Shilpa
    I am a great fan of your website..Whenever i need any konkani food i look into your website…Its great.Just want to thank you heaps for your wonderful work.


  12. Hi,,,This dish is very tasty.I had this desire to make badane ennegayi since a long time but never gave it a shot until today.This pic looked awesome so had to try it.

    Thanks for all your efforts that goes into posting these wonderful recipes.

  13. Archana Murdeshwar

    Hello Shilpa,

    Tried this tonight. It came out very well. Lip-smacking and tempting! I am not too fond of brinjals, but this delicious dish couldn’t help but make me say “Ye DIL MAANGE MORE”. Many Thanks!

  14. Hi Shilpa, Thank you so much for this recipe.. It was quick and easy.. Goes well with chapati.. My kids loved it too..?. Regards Mini

  15. “Shahjeera” is typically translated as black cumin. Caraway seeds are something quite different and I don’t think i have ever seen them used in Indian cooking.

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