Bottle gourd in peanut chutney

Bottle gourd is called gardudde(Konkani), lauki(Hindi). If you are a fan of Swami Ramdev, the great yoga guru, you would have heard the name of this vegetable a million times. He says, this cute vegetable has too many medicinal values in it. For me, bottle gourd was synonym with ‘bottle gourd burfi‘. I never thought of making anything with it even though my aayi prepared a lot of dishes with it. But when I was doing my bachelors, I and my friend used to buy this vegetable a lot. We saw one of our friend making this delicious dish and we were hooked to it.

I think this is one of the easiest recipes to make. Readymade or homemade peanut chutney powder is added to cooked bottle gourd to bring out the delicious taste of peanuts. I like to eat it mixed with rice or as a side dish.

3 cups of bottle gourd cut into large pieces
1/2 cup chopped onion
1-2 tbl spns peanut chutney powder
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
A pinch turmeric

Heat oil, add mustard seeds, when they start popping, add onion and fry till thry turn translucent. Add bottle gourd pieces, salt and turmeric. Add 1/2 cup of water, close the lid and let it cook. When the bottle gourd pieces are half cooked, add chutney powder. Cook till the pieces are completely cooked.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

17 thoughts on “Bottle gourd in peanut chutney”

  1. Hi Shilpa,
    I have not seen too many recipes with peanuts and i love it. Your ragda pattis was so good too. I finally have a recipe I can turn to when I crave chat next time. Thanks!

  2. Hi Shilpa, Mouth watering recipe. Glad that bottlegourd can be made into such a dish. The very idea of adding the peanut podi is exciting! Sure this will add the extra spice to the dish.

  3. Never heard abt adding peanut chutney. Have the chutney right now, but finished the bottle gourd. Will try this on the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree with you. This vegetable is so easy to cook and blends with all the flavours so easily.. and also so many medicinal values…

    The curry looks delicious

  5. Peanuts make any curry so rich, right? In kerala, we don’t have that many peanut based recipes…its all coconutty there! Bottlegourd with peanut looks so good.

  6. Thanks Asha, Aruna, even I was surprised when I saw this dish first time. Now I like it very much :).

    Thanks Hema. Let me know if you try it.

    Thanks Pritya. Yes, peanut chutney gives a very great taste to this dish.

    Thanks Sushma. I have heard so much about Lauki ki subji. So when I saw this recipe, I was more than happy to try it.

    Thanks a lot Prema.

    Usha, thanks. Lot of work is there to do. Cooking cools me down of all office tensions :). But somehow not able to give as much time to cooking as I used to do before.

    RP, we too don’t have no recipes with peanuts. Like Keralites, Konkanis are also big coconut fans. We put coconut in almost everything.

    Swapna, try it out, i am sure you will like it.

  7. Pooja, I have given a link to peanut chutney powder in the above post(in ingredients). Please have a look.

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    I am an amchi and I love to cook. This recipe is really unique and my family loved it. Thanx for sharing!!

  9. Hi Shilpa, this is a great recipe, I’ve made it twice so far, this time I added more peanut chutney powder. I wanted to ask you – how long will this chutney powder keep in the fridge? I’ve made a small jar about a month ago and now I still have half a jar left. Please advise. Many thanks,

  10. Yummy recipe!! Loved it with chapathi !!1
    I had actually bookmarked the peanut coconut chutney few days ago.Today came here looking for sorekai/lauki recipe, and since this one used the same chutney powder , I thought I will try both recipes. Both turned out wonderful.
    I really didn’t know chutney powder can be used in a dish. I think you should add a link to this recipe on your peanut chutney powder page as well 🙂

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