Bamboo shoots in sweet-spicy coconut (Keerla sukke)

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At our part of the world, there seems to be no person who does not know about bamboo.They grow extensively in thick forests. In Uttar kannad district we find them on the side of NH 17 while going to Yellapur. Tender bambooshoots are really tasty. But not everyone usually acquires taste for it.

Ever since I tasted this, I liked the taste and started to prepare many mouthwatering dishes – some traditional, some my own, using the same. Some people who taste them for the first time may feel some unpleasant taste/smell. But proper handling before use, removes the so called unpleasant taste.

Like many other vegetables, bamboo shoots should not be used directly. Outer layers are peeled and thrown out till we get the inner white portion. Then it should be cut into pieces.These pieces should be kept under water for atleast three days.The water should be changed daily. After the third day these pieces can be taken out of the water and can be used in various dishes. Some people keep these pieces in salt (no water added). Thus they can be preserved for months together.Fresh bambooshoots are available only in early rainy season. Amongst various preparations of bamboo shoots,we like keerla(bamboo shoots in Konkani) sukke very much.



1 cup finely chopped bamboo shoot pieces
3/4 cup grated coconut
4 – 5 red chillies
1 tea spn coriander seeds
1 tea spn urad dal
1/2 tea spn tamarind
2 tea spn jaggery
1/2 tea spn mustard
4 – 5 curry leaves

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Cook bamboo pieces in cooker with a little of water. Heat 1/2 tea spn oil and fry coriander seeds and urad dal.Grind them with coconut,jaggery,red chillies and tamarind by adding just sufficient quantity of water. (Do not make the masala too watery). Heat remaining oil and fry mustard and curry leaves.Add cooked bamboo pieces and ground masala. Add salt and cook till masala is done and the dish becomes almost dry. Serve as a side dish with rice or with chapatis.

30 thoughts on “Bamboo shoots in sweet-spicy coconut (Keerla sukke)”

  1. I still remember my childhood, when my mom used to prepare these delicious recipe with bamboo shoot. But those days i used to run away with its uncomfortable smell.

    but now a days as i grown up i am craving for these bamboo shoots.

    It looks delicious.


  2. has been a long time since I had keerl. Surely will make this when I get my hands on some keerl here in Blore…wonder where I would get that though

    1. You can get them at Malleswaram Market at 8th cross, malleswaram. Might be available at yeshwantpur and in Jayanagar also.

  3. That’s my fav….thanks. I like your recipes and tried quite a few to my family’s delite. Keep it going!

  4. Shilpa Shanbhag

    Wow Varada Pachi,

    This is one of my Favourite dish.. Neeli Sukke (In South kanara,tender bamboo shoot is called Neeli) Yum.. Thanks for reminding me of this, shall pronto get tinned Bamboo shoot and make the same.


  5. Aunty/Shilpa,
    Keerla sukke looks delicious. Thanks for explaining the cleaning process. I didn’t know that part.

    To Sailly,
    This is not shevra. Shevra which also goes by name shevLa, is grown in the mountains. It also involves cleaning process. It comes in a bunch along with small fruits. It is available in the markets of Mumbai around monsoon. It is delicious but it is not same as bamboo shoots.

  6. We get keerlu occasionally here in Kochi, but we do prepare keerla upkari and also sukke
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe

  7. Thanks, aayi for psoting this wonderful recipe.

    I love keerlu…and my mom used o make such wonderful recipes from fresh tender keerlu during the monsoon season.

    She used to make sukke, ghasshi and there was one recipe, where the keerlu was sliced in a certain way (she called it Neeli) and it looked like traingular needles !!!

    She also used to make a very yummy Burmese Curry using very tender succulent keerlu–my mouth just salivates thinking of all these wonderful recipes !!!

  8. Wow the pics look nice as ever! It’s keerlu season here in Mangalore – we have had sukke this week too..

    I have been in Sikkim a couple of yers, where we used to get really fresh, tender bamboo shoot – somehow they used to separate the bud from the outer hard covering, and keep it in a basin of water for sale.

    And I am from Kerala though my wife is from Mangalore – she likes the dish sweet though I don’t touch it unless it’s spicy! 😉

  9. This article got me back some bitter sweet memories. Bitter coz I can stand the smell of Bamboo shoots (keerl) which is considered a delicasy in my house; I simply throw up when I smell them.
    Your reference to Yellapur took me back more than 10 years when as school kids my mom, brother and me used to travel by the buses from Mumbai to Honavar (Mavinkurve) to mymaternal grand mom’s place, The bus used to stop at Yellapur for breakfast on the way to Honavar 🙂

  10. Hi Mami,
    this is one of my fav…. I love keerlu..
    Thanks for sharing wonderful recipe. You and Shilpa do a great job…hats off….

  11. At our place(Mangalore) we use jack fruit seeds& onion both finely chopped along keerla “neli” & the dish is known as “keerla neli sukke.”

  12. Where did you get these chillies from…I have tried getting it in US but did not get this type….

    Shilpa: This recipe is posted by aayi. We get these red chillies at our native in India. I have seen these chillies in Indian stores in US too.

  13. Poornima Prabhu

    To Amita,u can get this in the udupi/Mangalore store in Malleswaram,Bangalore…………i love keerla sukke but v do it differently.

  14. How to buy Keerl?
    My Aayi says the bottom portion must be white and not to be green. Other day I went to the Devaraja Market in Mysore, Did find Keerl, and I was in a dilema and did not bring it home, for the reason it was very big. Do we have to remove some pieces and check it?
    So Pachi will you please throw some light on this.

    Shilpa: The bottom should be white, green is not preferred. Second thing is, prick the bottom of the keerl with your nail, if it goes inside, then it is tender and can be used.

  15. Any Idea…Where can we get Keerlu ,if you are in US….?

    Shilpa: I have seen them in Chinese stores here. Check in Thai stores too.

    1. You can get them canned in any american grocery store or else if you know any chinese/indian/thai stores – you can get them there too. For a change I got them today in local Market Basket in the east coast – New Hampshire.

  16. You can use 1/2 cup of sprouted green beans (moong) in your recipe.
    Increase the quantity of chillies, salt and tamarind to match

  17. hi! I just really need an opinion, I’m having a hard time of how am I going to prepare these ingredients altogether: Bamboo shoots, Rose petals and Mango.
    Your suggestions and opinions are highly appreciated. Thank you.

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