Amaranth in coconut sauce (Bhajji denTe randayi)

bhajji dente randayi
We get two types of edible Amaranth – red ones called as ‘tambdi bhajji’ and green one(we call it white) called as dhavi(white) bhajji. Any greens are called bhajji in Konkani and stems are called as dento/dente. These greens are full of iron. Moreover all parts – stem and leaves of it are delicious especially when it is tender. We prepare sukke, saasam and raandayi using this bhajji dento. Both of these varieties are very popular here. The amaranth that we get here have thick stems unlike the ones that are commonly available in Bangalore. Any kind of green amaranth can be used for this dish.

Peel the thick stems and cut them into pieces. Thick roots can also be used after washing.
bhajji dento

bhajji dento2

bhajji dento1

3/4 cup black eyes beans(alsande) or dried peas(vatana) or green moong
2 cups amarath(bhajji dente) about 4 – 5 cms length pieces with leaves
1/4 cup baamboo shoot(keerlu) pieces (optional )
7–8 jackfruit seeds(bikkand) crushed (optional )
1 cup grated Coconut
5–6 red chillies
5–6 Teppal
2–3 Kokum pieces
1 tea spn Jaggery

Cook black eyed beans, amaranth pieces/leaves with bamboo shoot pieces and jackfruit seeds in cooker. Grind coconut with red chillies. Add the paste to the cooked mixture and heat. Add kokum pieces (or tamarind water),salt, jaggery and teppal crushed lightly.Cook for about 4 – 5 minutes. Serve as a side dish with rice or chapati.
bhajji dente randayi1

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 30mins

21 thoughts on “Amaranth in coconut sauce (Bhajji denTe randayi)”

  1. How nice to see this bhaji, we call this thandu keerai and the stem will be really tasty, brings me the fond memories of these plants at our backyard and peeping into the kadai while mom was cooking. Thaks a lot for this post

  2. Hey Shilpa,
    The above recipe looks good..can you tell me whether we get this “Amarnath” vegetable in USA.Is there a different name for that? I am kinda new to cooking and would like to try green vegetable recipes..But i dont think i have seen this vegetable in the Asian market that we go..So i was wondering if there is a different name for this??

    Deepa A

    1. Its called “chinese spinach” at the farmers market and is available in summer. Any idea what it is called in kannada?

  3. very good combination of pulses and greens.looks very husband loves varieties .i will try this today itself .hope he’ll be impressed if so credit is yours.

  4. I grew both the red & the green ones in the backyard this year. This is a very new kinda amaranth preparation for me. we usually do a dry stir fry.Thanks for sharing.

  5. we dont get these leave here in egypt…and so on my last visit to india i bought back a big pcket of seeds of both varieties but some how they just dont sprout before the birds eat up the seeds…..and the few that sprout dont grow more than a couple of inches

  6. I not getting what is this amaranth – what is it called in marathi ?? or is it the ususal lal bhaji which we get everywhere ??

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