Vegetable Pulav

This is another one pot dish recipes that I have been preparing a lot these days. I feel these rice dishes packed with nutrition because of all different vegetables, they are very tasty and can even be served during parties/get-togethers.

The spices and coconut give a very nice, unique flavor to this pulav. I use small tender eggplants(brinjals) in this which gives a good taste(I normally don’t use eggplants in vegetable pulavs). I usually make a big batch of this in the evening so that we can have it for dinner and also take in our lunch boxes.

1 and 1/2 cup basmati rice
2 cups vegetables (green peas, capsicum, carrot, potato, eggplant)
1/2 cup onion
2 cardamom
1 bay leaf

Spice paste (Heat a little oil, add cloves, cinnamon, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, onion, ginger, garlic. Fry for few minutes. Grind to a smooth paste along with other ingredients):
1 tbl spn fresh/frozen coconut
1/4 cup onion
3 green chillies
3 cloves
1″ cinnamon
A pinch turmeric
1 tea spn poppy seeds(khus khus)
1 tea spn garlic
1 tea spn ginger
1 tea spn coriander seeds
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
3-4 strands coriander leaves

Heat oil(and little ghee for extra taste) and add cardamom, bay leaf.
Add onion, vegetables and fry for few minutes. Now add rice, paste, salt. Fry for 2-3mins.
Add 3 cups of water. Cook on medium heat till done.
Serve hot on its own or along with raita.

Serves : 4
Preparation time : 45mins

30 thoughts on “Vegetable Pulav”

  1. Hi Shilpa,
    I like one-pot-dishes. They are easy, quick and tasty. My mom makes a similar Pulao, I call it “Green Pulao”, her spice proportion is little more, without the coconut and Khus-khus. Nice dish.

  2. Hi Shilpa,

    Was tired of making sane pulav so tried ur recipe today with raita n it turned out to b yummilicious …. was in a hurry so to save time so just prepared it in the cooker and in 10– 15 minutes twas ready …. thanx a ton 🙂

  3. Shilpa,
    Is this the pulav recipe served in bangalore hotels as is pronounced a palav. This gravy texture will make a fine kurma also.

  4. hello shilpa,
    u are awesme!!!! thanks a lot fr makin this wonderfull dishes
    I wil be glad if u could solve my problem..when ever I try any new dishes the only problem I face is they get stuck in bottom could u please tell me what to do???? and once the water is socked I keep it on low flame fr 5 to 10 mins but the rice does not comes out good ..

    1. Use a thick bottomed pan or non stick pan. I always keep the pan on a tava while cooking to give extra thickness at the bottom of the pan. Do not cook it on a high heat. From the beginning, keep it on medium heat and when most of the water is absorbed, reduce the heat to low at keep it for like 10mins or more.

  5. Hi Shilpa,

    This is a really good recipe, and I love its taste.. But I have a problem when I make such dishes – the rice always sticks together. I measure out the water very carefully, but in the end, I still end up with sticky masses of rice. What can I do to make sure that no two of them stick to one another? (In general can you describe how you cook rice so I can do the same at home?)


  6. hey shilpa

    d recipe came out very very good just like how my mom does at home in mangalore!!!
    tnks a lott shilpa for all ur recipes…. i have tried most of ur recipes n all came out very well
    tnx a lotttttttt
    my hubby liked it a lottttttttt
    wen ever i cook anything new his first question will b …IS IT FROM AAYIS?

  7. Poornima Prabhu

    Oh! this came out so perfect……..i was so happy with the consistency of the rice……the only change i made was to reduce the no of green chillies:))

  8. Wow!! I made this today for lunch and it was awesome.. Such good flavor 🙂 thank you so much for the recipe 🙂 I did not have frozen coconut so I used desiccated coconut.

  9. Thanks for this wonderful recipe.Yesterday I only tried recipes from your site.And it was a great sucess.This pulav for lunch and your peanutty brinjal fry for dinner.I was so happy :-)Thanks a lot for sharing these.

  10. I made this today, and it was so tasty! My son who is picky eater, also liked it!

    Thank you so much for sharing so many great recipes.

    Blog : Global vegan fare

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