Methi Rice

First time I ate this when I was in Sydney. We were invited to Ganesh Chaturthi by one of our friend. All of us took some or the other dish. One lady, I forgot her name, had brought this. I asked her the recipe, as I always do. But had forgotten the masala she had put. So I used to make it with any masala I had at home. Recently I saw this recipe again on TV. Now I know about the masala also!!!.

Rice 1 cup
Methi leaves 1 cup
Potato 1
Lemon juice 1 tbl spn
Ghee 1 tea spn
Cumin seeds ½ tea spn
Coriander seeds 1 tea spn
Toor daal 1 tea spn
Cloves (Lavang) 4-5
Red chillies 2-3

Cook rice such that grainis should be separate.
Dry roast coriander seeds, Toor daal, cloves and red chillies. Make powder.
Heat ghee and add cumin seeds. When they start spluttering, add methi leaves and salt. Fry for 2-3 minutes. Add boiled potatoes(roughly mash potatoes with hand while adding). Add ground masala, rice, lemon juice and salt. Mix well and serve hot.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15min

18 thoughts on “Methi Rice”

  1. Shilpa: Looks yummy!!
    BTW: I tried your Konkani sambar (with ittle variation) yesterday, it is delicious, and we had it as side dish for Dosa. I will post picture sometime. Thanks for the recipe!

  2. Hi KM,
    Thanks for your comment.We usually prepare the sambar with rice.Thats the combination we all like. Its my favourite dish :). Good to know that u liked it.Thanks.

  3. Toni, Thanks for adding the link in your blog. I keep visiting your blog, you have a great collection of easy-to-do recipes.

    bdsn, Do try out this one and let me know how it came out.

  4. Hello shilpa ,

    first time here..came here from anthony’s blog.He has posted your methi rice and my pineapple upside down cake on his curry mela .

    I dont know many recipes with methi ..this one looks yum and iam sure will taste great …

    look forward to seeing you on my blog sometime 🙂

  5. Hey Shilpa,

    Thanks for the recipe. One of my Kannadiga friends used to make this rice and I used to love it. I have searching all over for this recipe but havent found it till now..Sounds easy to make and yummy to eat. Will make it for lunch tomorrow. Thanks

  6. I like non spicy items so i was looking for rice items without much of spice in it.
    for me lemon rice was the only option.
    So I had a thought to try out this recepie without cloves

    I tried this receipe with methi seeds instead of methi leaves(since I could not get the leaves) I added 2 t-spoons of dry coconut power. This dish was awesome tasty n no spice. I really loved it. Thanks

  7. hii..
    i tried this today..n it was superb!everyone enjoyed it..i felt great,coz m only a beginner!thanx shilpa:)

  8. Your website is very organised and recipes are very well presented. Your recipes remind me of the dishes made at my home town Honnavar. So I visit your website regularly . Methi rice is easy to make and tastes really nice.Thanks.

  9. Hi.. i tried ur dish its v easy 2 mke. nd d gud thng abt it is.. wth v less ingrdents it tastes realy gud.. try addng 1 sliced onion also.. it enhances d taste. Regrds.. Tina.

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