Biryani (with biryani mix)

Few days back I bought ‘Shan’ basmathi rice. A small packet of “biryani mix” was there in this rice bag. Before this, I always prepared biryani by the method I learnt in Belgaum, no biryani mix was used for that. Then my husband said our friend Khawar is an expert in making biryani. So I asked him for the exact procedure that he follows. Though he was very busy, he wrote down each and every step of this recipe in my recipe notebook. I found the method was much easier and slightly different than the one I used to follow. I tried his procedure next time with vegetables and egg (instead of chicken as mentioned by him). It came out so well, that now I prepare biryani once in a week, one week Belgaum method and one week Khawar’s method. Here is Khawar’s recipe.

I will post the exact procedure to make biryanis along with pictures over weekend. The procedure will have the basic steps for making biryanis.

Basmati rice 2 cups
Onion(medium) 1
Tomato (medium) 2
Chicken 7-8 pieces or Boiled eggs 2-3 and Vegetables(potatoes, green beans, carrot) 2 cups
Shan Biryani masala 1 tbl spn
Green chili 1
Biryani color a pinch

I usually make this biryani with vegetables and eggs. The original recipe was for chicken. This also can be made only with vegetables.
Be careful not to spill the color anywhere on the cloths or floor. The mark is very hard to remove. A small pack of color came along with the biryani mix.

Add 3 cups of water, one drop oil and salt to rice and cook it till 3/4th done (do not use cooker for this). Drain water and keep the rice aside.
Cut onions into small pieces and fry them in oil until they turn brownish.
Add chicken (or vegetables) to it and fry till it changes color. Add chopped tomatoes.
Add a little salt, biryani masala(usually the biryani mix contains the whole spices, so I powder them before adding), chili cut into small rounds. Cook till chicken is tender (if using vegetables, do not cook them at this stage).
Mix the biryani color in 2 tbl spn water.
Heat 1-2 tbl spns of oil, add one layer of the chicken or vegetable mixture(and the boiled eggs if using), this layer should contain about half of the mixture. Cover this layer with a layer of rice(half of the total amount). Spread remaining mixture on the rice. Cover with the remaining rice. (If there is more quantity of rice, increase the number of layers). Spread the biryani color water on top. Add ½ cup of water and cook on a low flame. When it is almost done, keep the vessel on a tava and heat the tava. (this helps in uniform cooking).

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time: 1hr.

For step by step instructions, click here. I did not add fried onions in this recipe, but as mentioned in the instructions, fried onions can be included to increase the taste.

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  1. I have been craving for a good chicken biryani recipe. This seems perfect. It is also rainy and cold, fall-like weather here. And with a piping hot biryani my day will be perfect.

  2. Bhansp, try this method. I am sure you will like it.

    Asha, did I confuse again 🙁 ? This is Khawar’s recipe. The other recipe (more detailed one) link I have mentioned in the post.

    Thanks Usha. I will check your blog.

  3. Hi Shilpa,
    Biriyani looks simple and great .. will surely try this . As I do not cook NV I think I will try with mushrooms or soya chunks. This is the first recipe of biriyani or pulav I have come across without ginger and garlic….
    thanks for the recipe..BTw shilpa u are amazing .. u post recipes daily.. keep it up girl.

  4. Hi Shilpa….I too make chicken/veg biryani in a similar way. Panner is also added. I use the Everest Masala for this, and at the end use saffron soaked in milk to pour on the last layer of rice. I have heard that Shan Masala is very tasty. Hope they have the colour in the biryani packet itself. Need to buy as my stock of masala is almost over.Thanks for the recipe.

  5. hi
    i have heard a lot about shan masalas and i want to try it once can you tell me what type of biryani masala powder did you use .was it shan sindhi biryani masala
    just tell me what it says on the box ok…

  6. Thanks Prema, Arjuna, Aruna. Let me know if you try it.

    Mahek, there was a “pilau biryani mix” in the rice bag, which had the food color packet included. After that, I bought a “Malay chicken biryani mix”, which is also very good(but it does not include the color). Our friend said the best among “shan” biryani powder is “Bombay biryani powder”. Next time I am going to try this.Try any one of the above.

  7. Hi Shilpa
    The biryani looks great!!
    The biryani masala that i like the most is “Priya biryani masala”. It comes in powder and paste form. I like the powder one for chicken and the paste for vegetables.

  8. Hello Shilpa,
    Can u post ur collections of recipes for the different Maslas and also Powders Of Andhra cooking like the “Gun Powder, Dhal Powder and also Garlic Powder”

  9. Shilpa,
    I tried this briyani. But I overcooked the rice. the grains are not seperate.Tell me how long should i keep the pan above tava? I think i kept it for 45 min on very low flame.

    Hey, Checkout my new website. Guess, its not about Food Blogs!

    Shilpa: Viji, I cook it for about 10mins(approx) on high flame. Till the rice particles have become bigger, but not completely cooked. Next time when I make biryani, I will note down timings.

  10. its nice recipe. ….. i was using a lot of onions so that i can make more spicy. but these are good tips… but why all girls writing boys doesn’t cooks . it good way to make wife/ girlfriend happy.

  11. Hi ,

    I made veg. biryani with shan bombay biryani masala it was very very good and tasty. I told my friends about this masala and they tried it they really like this masala.

    If possible I want to know that how i can make biriyani masala at home?

  12. well it sounds really good!!! my husband is a total fan of biriyani..he can have it in breakfast,lunch,dinner and even as a dessert
    but..the thing is i stay in INDIA..and can’t find this shan biryani masala here…do u have ne idea whre can i get in INDIA..specially in mumbai…

  13. Thanks a lot foe a wonderfully illustrated and clear recipe. It came our really well, Shilpa many Biryani paste use poppy seeds(Khasakhasa/khus khus ).

    What are they used for and is there an alternative for this ?

    Shilpa: It is added for taste. Don’t know about any alternatives

  14. Dear gonna try ur Pakki biryani over the coming long weekend..just wanted to confirm if it was indeed just 1 tbsp of biryani mix that we use?? i thot we used a lot more..pls advise..i want to make this on sunday with mangalore buns for breakfast!!

    Thanks a lot for the wonderful work!

    Shilpa: Savi, it is individual choice. I just add 1 tbl spn of masala and I feel that is good for us.

  15. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried this last night, and must thank you since it was a big hit with my hub!! he finished it!! this is better than the biryani you get if you use recipe as per the pack of the masala!!
    Thanks again!

  16. Hi, I am originally from South Africa visiting London in the UK .Please advise where in London I could buy the Biryani Mix?Your response would be appreciated.

  17. Hi, I am originally from South Africa visiting London in the UK .Please advise where in London I could buy the Biryani Mix?Your response would be appreciated.

    Shilpa: Check in Indian stores there.

  18. When I was in the USA I used the SHAN biryani masala, its great. Now can anyone tell me where to get this Shan briyani masala in Chennai, India

    1. Shan Masala Chennai

      You can get in Chennai call 9841493737 or e-mail your order, or buy at

  19. dear,
    please do let me know where i can buy online in india,OR WHERE i can purchase in delhi, i have taken home science subject in graduation so want my teachers to get impressed with shan masalas,please mail me at [email protected]

    fauzia kareem

  20. Shilpa,
    Thanks for the great recipe. Many in your blog have asked where SHAN MASALA is available in Mumbai. I would like to help them.I found it in a provisional store called “SHABANA STORES” in DADAR T.T. It is opposite to GANGAR STORES (it is jain store. one will not get here,please remember)which is a popular store in that area. The shop”SHABANA STORES” is in the same line with Chedda Jewellers & Trupti Veg Restuarant, facing GANGAR STORES. All varieties of Shan masala even in big packets as 1 kg. is available with the dealer.

    Thanking you,

  21. Thanks Saritha!
    Going to Dadar and getting Shaan masala frm Shabana Stores is more practical than getting from half km long shelf in the Pakistani store in Dallas!
    Thanks again!

  22. there are several biryani masala by Shaan I tried the Biryani Masala and the aroma is a bit funky. I made vegetable Biryani. It also doesnt have the color packet. For veggie Biryani should I get the vegetable Biryani Masala

    1. The shan biryani mix taste is quite different. I haven’t seen color packets in any of them (I don’t use biryani mix much anyway, I make my own and I never use color).You can try vegetable biryani masala and see if you like it.

  23. I try to make this but the rice goes to soggy for my liking. I want the rice to be “dry” like I get from my local Indian shop. Any suggestions?

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