AvrekaLu chitranna

AvrekaLu being the most popular beans found in Bangalore, it is used to cook almost all kinds of dishes from upma to dosa to gravies. As I mentioned in avrekaLu huLi post, since my husband loves these beans, I have started cooking this more and more. My biggest headache these days is to come up with a delicious and fast cooking lunch which can be cooked literally in 10-15mins. Since I cook both breakfast and lunch in the morning, I start for office by 7.30AM and I can’t get up before 6.00AM, I try to cook something that has minimum number of steps in it.

When we were working together in Bangalore, my friend and ex-colleague Poornima used to bring a delicious avrekaLu chitranna in her lunch box. I used to love it a lot but had no idea how to make it. So I followed the same steps as normal chitranna, and it turned out to be very delicious. Now I make this once a week and we love it. Since it is a healthy dish and can be prepared very fast, it is a win-win situation for me.

3/4 cup avrekaLu
1 cup rice
A pinch turmeric
A pinch asafoetida
4-5 green chilies
4-5 curry leaves
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
1/2 tea spn urad dal
1-2 tbl spns lemon juice
2-3 strands coriander leaves
1/2 cup onion

Cook rice till it is cooked and grains are separate. I usually add a drop of oil, this prevents sticking of grains to each other.
Cook avrekaLu in minimum amount of water. I cook both together in pressure cooker.
Heat ghee/oil and add mustard seeds, urad dal. When they start popping, add green chilies, turmeric, curry leaves and asafoetida. Fry for sometime and then add onion and fry till they turn slightly brownish.
Mix lemon juice and immediately add rice, salt and cooked beans (if lemon juice is heated for long, it turns bitter. So do not heat it for long). Stir very well. Garnish with coriander leaves.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 15mins

24 thoughts on “AvrekaLu chitranna”

  1. this bean is called puliavarakka in malayalam. where do you get it from? i’ve heard that lima beans are an acceptable subsitute.

    Shilpa: Bee, they are available in frozen section of Indian store under the name “surti papdi lilva”

  2. I LOVE avarekalu.Last weekend,I got a frozen fresh beans pack,I was soo happy:))
    This is unusual.It’s always Avarekalu Uppittu for us,adding it to Chitranna is different and a must try!:))

  3. I always buy Surti Papdi lilva and off late my hubby doesn’t like eating it as vegetable..This seems a very good substitute..cool recipe

  4. Being a Bangalorean, this is new to me. The only variations of chitranna (other than the plain) that we make are one with onion/scallion and another with green bell peppers or a combination of both.

    With ‘avrekalu’ we do make a type of ‘bhath’ or rice item, its ‘avrekalu-menthya soppu/methi leaves’ combo, either with ‘pulao’ garam masala or ‘vaangi bhath’ masala.

    This is one of my week day rice-item staples, for the office lunch box (frozen avrekalu and frozen methi, quick to prepare)!

  5. Shilpa, I really congratulate and hold you in high regard for the cooking you have to do twice daily and then again at dinner? Having said that, I think that you like the challenge, especially since you have to come up with inventive, creative and tasty meals within a specific period of time. You should have your own TV show like how Rachel Ray has 30-minute meals.

  6. A small tip..add little crushed pepper and ginger to the avarekaLu dishes. THis helps fight gas formed due to the avarekaLu.

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  8. Hi shilpa,
    can u pl tell me how to make avrekalu kuzambu, avrekalu huli is ok, but is there any different curry you can make from avrekalu, kindly post me because iam a great fan of avrekalu

  9. hey,
    do we get avarekalu in US?? If yes wat is it called as??

    Shilpa: I buy it from Indian store. Frozen section. It is called val.

  10. hey shipa,I tried u r brinjal curry recipe, its really nice,I am looking for jeera rice recipe, I am sure u vil post that recipe rt?

  11. Amazing recipe..But jus one query since I have to cook for elderly people at home and this bean creates a lot of gas is there any alternative?

  12. Poornima Prabhu

    do we have to skin the avarekalu by soaking it for few hrs?…or use it as it is after popping it from the pod?

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