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I keep trying innumerable recipes from my fellow food blogger friends and I love them all. But I usually forgot the links after a few days. So I am trying to keep track of them with this page. It will have only the links. I will update it as and when I try any new recipes.

Manisha’s Masoor with red chard: Instead of whole spices I used garam masala. Still it tasted heavenly. I am sure her original method is much better than using the ready made masalas.

Madhuli’s Pumpkin paratha: I prepared these for my husband’s lunch box. They were very soft and tasted heavenly. I liked the taste of Ajwain in the parathas.

Madhu’s Pumpkin soup: This tasted heavenly. Prepared it when I was having a bad throat infection and it gave a very soothing effect. I loved the sweetish taste of pumpkin and the heavenly aroma of pepper in it.

Meena’s Sweet ‘n’ tangy mango curry: I tried this with an almost ripe mango with still a bit of tangy taste. It turned out just amazing. When I saw the recipe I knew it would be tasty, but had not guessed it would be so great. Just amazing.

VKN’s Spicy egg masala: After many days, today I felt like eating eggs. I remembered seeing some egg recipe on VKN’s blog. So just searched for it and this recipe caught my attention. The onions and gram flour give a tinge of sweet taste and the masalas make it spicy. In all, it was just awesome.

Madhuli’s Green tomato chutney: I had never tried anything with green tomatoes before this. On weekend when I saw fresh green tomatoes, I bought them and tried this chutney. I followed the recipe exactly, but did not grind it into paste (I had cut the tomatoes into thin slices). I gave this along with chapathis in lunchbox today. This was amazingly tasty, the peanut powder gives a very good taste to this chutney.

Shynee’s Crab masala: From the day I saw this recipe on Shynee’s blog, I was hooked to it. Finally I prepared it yesterday. As I thought, it was just amazing. Mmmm….I am going to prepare this again and again now. We Konkanis usually don’t pair crab/fish with coriander leaves. I loved this combo in this dish.

Sudhav’s Arachuvita sambar: I loved the name of this sambar. So thought of preparing it. It almost tasted like Konkani sambar. Loved the taste of it.

Linda’s Sixteen bean soup : Linda’s gorgeous picture of this soup was haunting me. Finally I picked up a pack of Sixteen been during my last grocery shopping. I never thought this soup with such simple ingredients would taste so good. Even the people who don’t like beans would love this soup.

Manisha’s Carrot salad : I never knew peanuts could be used in salads. I had a big batch of carrots at home. So was searching for some recipe with raw carrot. I got this link and immediately attracted to it. I loved the taste of peanuts in this dish.

Madhuli’s Papaya paratha: I prepared this paratha with the same recipe but with papaya instead of pumpkin after Madhuli’s comment . I absolutely loved the sweetish spicy taste of it.

Madhu’s Set dosa and sagu: Ever since I saw this recipe on Madhu’s blog, I was hooked on to it. Set dosa and sagu was one of the favorite breakfasts that we tried in Bangalore. This brought back the sweet memories of food in Bangalore.

Latha’s Lemon rasam or Tili saru: My husband likes tili saru. He was asking me to prepare this from many days and one day he searched in internet and gave me this link asking me to make this. It was so delicious. The lemon gives a very good taste to this rasam.

Sailu’s Indian broad beans curry: From the day I saw this recipe, I wanted to try it here. This was the first time I made anything with these beans. I loved the spicy, sweetish taste of this dish.

Pelicano’s Bitter melons, onions, eggs, peanuts, stir fried with panch phoran: This is a very unusual recipe. I am using peanuts a lot in my cooking these days. This gets an amazing taste from eggs and peanuts.

Nupur’s Lasuni daal palak: I had tried to get the garlicky taste to my daals many times but always I used to feel the palak overpowers garlic. So when I saw this recipe, I tried it immediately. It was so flavourful. Had a strong garlic smell and was just out of the world.

Richa’s Rase wale kale chane: Richa’s picture was so good, I felt like giving it a try. I loved the taste and texture of this dish. I always feel the chane keeps their shape even after cooking and the dishes become too dry. But this dish, as Richa’s picture shows, has a thick gravy.

Sailu’s Thotakura pappu: I love amaranth leaves. We make a similar daal, but with coconut. So I thought of making something different this time and I loved Sailu’s recipe very much, so gave it a try. It came out superb. I am going to make this often now.

Manisha’s Chitkya ani Kalya Vatanyachi Bhaji : The day I saw this post, I had to try it. I started searching for kala vatana and luckily found in Indian store here. This bhaji is just amazing. Though I am not a big fan of cluster beans, the combination of these beans with pulses makes this very unique. I am happy that there is some way to cook these beans which even I can eat with lot of interest.

Musical’s Lobia saag with mustard: I love black eyed peas(lobia). I hardly use mustard in anything except for seasonings. So when I saw musical’s post, I was hooked to it. I followed the recipe exactly and it was superb as it promised to be.

Manisha’s Nutty green beans : I loved this dish when I first saw it. May be because of my love for peanuts. Then Anita’s post made me cook this dish here. No need to say it was a hit. Instead of Kanda lahsun masala, I used actual kanda(onion) and lahsun(garlic) as Anita has mentioned in her post.

Sunita’s Beans and Vegetable stew: What can be better than a hot bowl of soup in this very cold weather? I love the soups with lots of beans. So I tried this. Its a complete meal in itself.

Anita’s Baingan ki boorani: This was another love-at-first-site kind of dish. The gorgeous picture was tempting me and I was sure we would love this spicy eggplant with cool yogurt on top. Very easy to make and very tasty. I love the hot and cold combo in this dish.

Musical’s Thai style sweet potato stew : I am a great fan of Thai dishes. But I always thought the dishes needed fish sauces. Musical’s recipe caught my attention because it was very simple and she said it tastes great without lemon grass too. I served this with some basmati rice. It was simply delicious.

Sig’s Roasted Salmon steaks on a vegetable bed : Sig’s great presentation of this made me drool. I postponed it for sometime and it kept on coming back to me. I forgot to buy leeks and fennel, so I tried this with onion and potato bed. It is just too good. I am going to try this again with the vegetables mentioned by Sig and also with some other new veggies. I am totally in love with this.

Shn’s Kerala style skewered prawn fry : One look at the gorgeous picture and I fell in love with this dish. I had to try it immediately. It is as good as or better than it looks. Absolutely yummy.

Purnima’s Buttermilk rava dosa : I love any kind of dosas. So when I saw this, I had to try it. Along with other ingredients, I added little corn meal(course one) and rice flour. It tastes great. A very quick breakfast, well suited for weekday breakfasts.

Chandrika’s Jeera chutney : I was out of green chilies, tomatoes etc. So started searching for a chutney with red chilies to go with dosas. I found this post by Chandrika and tried this. Since I didn’t have much onion also, I included a handful of coconut to increase the quantity. The chutney was superb.

Nupur’s Jhatpat appey: I saw this post a while ago and got absolutely hooked to it. I love easy breakfasts on weekdays. So I tried this. I could not believe how good they were. So easy and absolutely yummy. This will be a regular hereafter.

Asha’s Matki pulao: I love these small cute matki beans. I tried this one pot meal on a lazy afternoon yesterday. It is very delicious, nutritious and so easy to make. A great dish for my lunchboxes too.

Nandita’s Keerai kootan: I cook spinach at least once in a week. So love to try out new recipes using these greens. When I saw Nandita’s post, I knew it was something I would try soon. It turned out great. A lot like a Konkani gravy.

Manasi’s Mysore sambar: The name itself made me try this. I totally agree with Manasi when she says it does not taste like sambar. I made it with idlis. Loved the taste of it. Next time I will make it with rice as it is very tasty.

Maya’s Vermicelli upma: I make vermicelli upma often, but this one was very different. We loved it. Very healthy, tasty and filling breakfast. I am going to try this often. I added a dash of lemon juice and fresh coconut at the end, everything else i followed the recipe.

Richa’s Raungi ki Rasewali Subzi – Black Eye Peas in gravy: Prepared this for a small get together at home. Was an instant hit. I love black eyed peas and this brings out the flavor and aroma of the peas which I love. Fast, easy and delicious.

Nupur’s Spinach amti : Spinach and black eyed peas both are my favorites. So this was the amti I picked up when I had a huge batch of spinach. Loved this slightly sweetish amti. It’s flavor is lot like Konkani randayi.

Shn’s Egg biryani: There is something with me and biryanis, I always love them. When I saw this recipe, I knew I would try it soon. I made it for the lunchbox (that means cooked it early morning before office hours). I absolutely loved it. This is going to become a regular at my home from now on.

Anita’s Express Wholegrain Pancakes: I never liked pancakes because I am not comfortable eating anything sweet for breakfast. So I loved Anita’s idea of savory pancakes without eggs. Since I am not a fan of banana flavor, I did not add them when I tried it. Also, I avoided cheese, baking powder(just used baking soda). It has become a staple at my home these days.

Sumitha’s Thattukada style kozhi porichathu: Sumitha’s post and an amazing review and picture from Sig, made me try this simple and delicious chicken dish. I loved the simplicity of this dish. These days I am becoming a big fan of curry leaves and chicken combo. These leaves give a refreshing aroma to this dish. Love it.

Manisha’s Sprouted Masoor Usal: Most of Manisha’s recipes remind me of my days at Belgaum. I have never sprouted masoor before. When I saw this post, I wanted to try it. The only change I made was, instead of garlic, I used ginger. I served this with a simple rice congee. Its simple food at its best.

Veda’s Pepper rasam: V is a great fan of rasams. I tried this in one of those days when I was down with throat infection. This was a sheer bliss. Love this very much.

Jai and Bee’s Pineapple rasam and Rasam powder: I love cooked pineapple in all its forms. I also wanted to stock up some rasam powder which would help me in quick cooking. So this post by Jai was the perfect thing I was looking for. I will be making this often now.

Anita’s Punjabi garam masala: I have heard so much about this recipe from other blogs. Finally thought it was time to try this. It is different than any garam masala I have tried before. Very fragrant.

Richa’s Zuke-A-mole: This looked like a very interesting dip to me. I am looking for new chutney ideas these days and it looked like a perfect fit. It was perfect combination with some thin dosas. I did not add basil/mint leaves.

Manisha’s Masoor dal: I love the combination of masoor dal and lemon juice. The black peppers give it a nice spice. It is perfect for these cold days.

Sia’s Banana appams: Whenever I buy bananas, I always have to throw one or two because they all get ripe at once. When I saw this recipe, I thought it was the ultimate solution for the problem. These were very delicious. I substituted coconut with same amount of poha/avalakki.

Bee and Jai’s Rasa Vadai: Love the broth taste in this. Absolutely yummy. 
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18 thoughts on “Recipes from friends”

  1. Hey! I just saw this post for the first time.

    Masoor with red chard with garam masala is just as delicious. I do that all the time! I make this same dish with spinach or even methi. So there are possibilities galore!

    Glad you liked the gajjarachi koshimbir. You can do the same thing with cucumbers.

  2. Manisha, I tried the masoor with spinach this time. It came out very good. I am yet to try the koshimbir with cucumber. Thanks.

  3. hi melissa,
    try this egless cake recipe…1/2can (400 gms for full can)condnsed milk.140gms(5 oz) self raising flour ,1 tsp baking powder,1/2tsp baking soda 60ml(2oz)melted butter i use oil ,1 tsp vanilla essance,75ml (2 n 1/2 oz)water.seive the flour,b.soda,b.powder.mixabove liquids one at time beat well.pour misture into greasedn floured tin.bake in a preheated oven 400 f /200c for 10 min.then reduce to 300f/150cfor 10min.check with toothpick …is it stick keep it for little while..take it out from oven n cool …

  4. Hi..
    Since u love dosas, Manjula’s blog had a lovely recipe which i tried and was a big hit…she called it health recipe..and it truly is:
    1 cup barley,1 cup brown rice }wash these two together and soak for 8-10 hours…
    1 cup udad daal,1/2 tsp methi seeds )wash these and soak separately for 8-10 hours..
    After soaking time is completed, grind barley & brown rice wt less water it will have idli batter consistency (udda sut tha monu uney udda ghevyeta)Grind the udad daal methi pair as we do for dosa..ferment for another 10 hours..
    After fermenting time is thru, add salt as per taste and prepare dosas…
    result…nice crispy golden brown dosas…
    Manjulas blog has the photo of this dosa and i guess she has got dark brown colour due to less soaking or less fermenting time…if soaking fermenting is done for good time, the dosas turn out very pretty in looks and yummy to taste….
    Please do try it out .

    Shilpa: Purnima, I too loved that dosa recipe from Manjula. Need to try it sometime. Btw, a small request, please DO NOT post the recipes from other blogs/sites here, just copy and paste the link to the blog/site so that readers can directly go to the blog/site and read. This helps the owner of the blogs more traffic and some credit for their hard work. This also saves me from copyright issues. Hope you don’t mind.

  5. Shilpa, eat more cluster beans. It’s good for your health! Glad you liked it. I should make my Mom’s signature kalya vatanyachi amti soon. I think you will like that, too!

  6. i read your mail.tell me the simple way of sending my recipes to your site.
    i tried your recipe of dates cake.i used brown came out very tasty.color was nice dark with dates and brown sugar.i added few of chirongi instead of dry fruits.
    i will love to share my orange cake recipe with you.

  7. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a mangalorean like yourself and simply adore your site and have tried some of your recipes. Have also looked at some of your recommended food blogs simply because I have come to trust your good taste.

    I have been reading about plagarism and hate the thought of someone using recipes or pictures that they don’t own on their websites.

    However, the main reason why I write to you is because I have a confession to make. I have created a Word recipe file for my personal use. I have copied both pictures and recipes simply so when I am busy or want to cook a particular item (vegetable, meat, etc.) it is easy for me to pull up and choose a recipe rather than go on to the web and start reading which in itself is time consuming because I can’t stop reading some of your sites, it is so compulsive.

    My own mother passed away over 6 years before I got married and I rely on bloggers like yourself to obtain authentic and good recipes. I love to cook and truly am learning much from the different food blogs.

    I write this note to ask you to please give me your permission for something I have already done but have guilty feelings . . . .

    I assure you that I will not share these recipes, and if I do will give due credit and not claim them for my own.

    I do not own a website nor have any interest in food blogging myself. However, if there are any recipes that you might be interested in, I will be glad to share. Most come from a few recipe books that I own and a couple I have invented.

    I truly hope I have not offended you or wonderful food bloggers like yourself who really are doing a service to people like myself who depend on you for wholesome home cooking recipes.

    Warm regards,

  8. hi tell me some snacks prepared by potato here in mangalore we get item called bhoti, and potato frymes it is wheel please tell me the recipe of it

  9. Hi Shilpa
    I am a regular visitor to your blog. All the recipes are awesome. Please keep continuing this good work. I saw Indira from mahanandi has stopped her blog which is very disappointing for food lovers like us.
    I am Malawani and “Set Dosa” in konkan is called “amboli”.
    Geeta Sawant, Colorado

  10. i wanted to add one receipe. Its call Kabuli..its atype of biryani made in rajasthan.

    Potatoes-2-cut round, thin and fried
    cauliflower around 150gms-florets fried
    bread slice cut in cubes-10 slice- fried
    onioin juliene stlye cut and fry around 2 medium onions
    1 cup peas
    1 apple cut in small cubes
    1/2 fresh pomegranete seed
    round sliced two tomatoes/2 onion sliced/ some bread cubes fries/corainder leaves/for dressing
    1/2 kg sour curd
    kasuri methi dry-2 tbspn
    badi elichi/lavang/dalchini/
    garlic-7-8 cloves
    dry masal-red chilli, turmeric,dhania powder atleast 5-6 tbspn, salt and garam masala
    rice-basmati-1/12 cup
    ghee for gooking

    1.cook rice with salt , small pice of cinnanmon, lavang and badi elaichi
    2. in a bowl blend the curd and put dry masala,rc powdr, turneric, dhnia powder/ kasuri methi
    3. take ghee- addd dry masala/garlic/green chilis/ and then add curd gravy. when its boiling add all fried vegetables/ boiled peas/little fried onions/bread/ salt/ apple/ anar. let it cook till ghee leaes..put lots of coriander leaves
    4 take a serving bowl round in shape. put glass in between/ then put one layer of rice / one layer of gravy vegatable.and then round tomatoes/onion/bread crub/fried onion/ coriander/cheese if available-grated.. Agaiun repeat the layers.

    then cook on low flame for 5-10 mins or if glass vessel/ cook in microwave or oven.

    and kabuli is ready for eating…


    [WORDPRESS HASHCASH] The poster sent us ‘0 which is not a hashcash value.

  11. hi, i find this blog very interesting. just thinking, if you could bring out menu cards also. like combination of rice with which upkari? hope you get my queri i find it difficult to think what combination to prepare and end up with same old batata saung.. 🙂

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