Tomato Pickle – 2

tomato pickle_2

I am a pickle lover, I cannot have my lunch/dinner without a pickle. While in India, I had a steady supply of awesome pickles from aayi. After coming here, for about 2 years, I relied on our occasional India trips for the supply. I even bought ready made ones couple of times, which were not even close to what aayi makes. Then I started making my own. I must have made my red and yellow lemon pickles atleast 5 times this year. Everytime we finished them in no time. I made a new batch again about 3 weeks ago, while that is getting done, I needed some other option.

So I made another of my favorite pickles – tomato pickle. The recipe is almost same as my earlier recipe. Every time I make this, I slightly modify the recipe to see if it works. Last time, I changed the spice powder to use our standard Konkani spice paste of asafoetida, mustard, fenugreek. I also gave a seasoning of curry leaves. It had a very different taste. This time, I took the seasoning to a new level by adding 1 tbl spn of freshly made ginger paste(I did not take the pictures this time, Please refer my other tomato pickle recipe for pictures). We loved this gingery taste to the pickle.

1/2 kg tomatoes
1 + 1 tea spn mustard seeds
1/4 tea spn fenugreek seeds
1/2 tea spn asafoetida
1/2 tea spn turmeric
50 gms red chilli powder
10 curry leaves
1 tea spn thick tamarind paste
1 tbl spn ginger paste
50-100gms salt

Heat oil and fry 1 tea spn mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, asafoetida taking care not to burn.
Switch off heat and add asafoetida, chili powder and turmeric (stand away from the pan, the strong chili aroma might burn your nose).
Cool to room temperature and powder them together.
In a big thick bottomed or non stick pan, heat 1 tea spn oil. Add all chopped tomatoes and salt.
Cook on a high heat, mixing once in a while to avoid sticking. When all the tomatoes look mashed down, add tamarind. Cook for another 5-10mins.
Add the ground powders. Mix well. Let it cook for another 10mins.
In another pan, heat a little oil. Add remaining mustard seeds. When they start popping, add curry leaves and ginger paste. Fry for few minutes and add this to the pickle. Mix well.
Cool to room temperature and then store in air tight container.
It can be consumed immediately, but it tastes great after 2-3 days. Keep it refrigerated. Remains good for 3-4months.

PS: I usually make my pickles a bit more salty as salt acts as a preservative. But my advise would be to start with 50gms of salt and check if that works out for you. It also depends on the kind of salt you are using. Usually after 2-3 days when the salt seeps in, the actual flavors of pickle can be tasted.

22 thoughts on “Tomato Pickle – 2”

  1. I love these tomato pickle; My aiee adds a bit of jaggery to give it a sweet/spicy taste; and we usually finish it in a day or two. I like to eat this a little warm and with chappatis!

    Enjoy your pickles!

  2. At present i have a lot of pickles made by mamaama, amma and MIL. This post of yours makes me feel like eating this tomato pickle right away. Will try with 1/2 the proportion. Thanks

  3. Hi Shilpa…I love your blog and the wonderful recipes you feature here. Pickles are such an intrinsic part of an Indian meal. I absolutely love tomato pickles!

  4. Hello Shilpa,

    This is just the type we make it regularly; with your previous formula. How about adding roasted sessame seeds while tomato is cooking……….it could be a different taste.

    While in States, twice before with my son; tried very successfully; cauliflower+ Tendli (English?) pickles. Was great………in short, process as follows:

    a) Break 1/2 lb. Cflower into small florets. Cut 1/2 lb. tendli lengthwise twice and crosswise once to cut into 8 pcs (depending on size; you could make smaller pcs too).

    b) Seperately, soak them in salt+Haldi water for 1/2-1 hr. Drain water completely.

    c) Sun dry them…for 2 days … to almost touch dry in a glassplate spread over. (This is to remove inherent water, which can spoil the pickle during storage.)

    d) Take 4-6 medium size juicy lemons and squeeze out juice.

    e) To Cflower+ Tendli pcs mixture; add Konkani pickle masala + 50-75 gms salt. (Pickle masala of mustard powder, Hing, Fenugreek, haldi powder).

    f) Add lemon juice 3/4th qty and see the taste and add more if need.

    g) Put whole mixture in glass bottle and keep in sun for 2 days… marinate.

    h) Ready to eat after 2 days. Could be kept in refrigerator for 4-6 weeks……if no one attacks it daily.

    Lets see the response…..

  5. One of my fave.I guess it’s the time now, no matter what i have to make this pickle by myself…no more excuses for me….and one more thing don’t u think Indians & pickles go hand in hand.

  6. hi shilpa
    i love your blog ,a high standard cookery blog…BTW here i hav seen a mouth watering pickle..tomato ,my all time favourite…the pic tempts me,so sure i shall give a try soon..

  7. Dear Shilpa,
    though i used to make tomato sauce , never tried tomato pickle.will try today as i have nice red ripe tomatoes. thanks.can i use vinegr instead of tamarind ? as tamrind i have is very old n has turned black which if used will change pickle colour which is v. tempting.

  8. Wow! The first person I saw disliking Vinegar. Thanks for mentioning it. I normally substitute Vinegar with Kokum, which apart from giving sour taste, gives beautiful reddish colour.

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