Mango sweet pickle(GooD nonche)

Mango sweet pickle

Aayi makes some of the amazing pickles I have ever tasted. I never liked any of the ready made pickles because of this reason. She puts very less oil and her pickles remain good for a very long time (more than 2 years, if I don’t finish them off before that). Her pickles are very popular among friends and family. But somehow I don’t remember tasting her sweet pickle. I always loved the spicy pickles, so it is possible that she stopped making this since I never ate it as a kid. Since my brother is not a big pickle fan, most of her pickles come to me. Now I have my husband’s and SIL’s company, who both are great pickle fans.

Aayi just sent me these pictures. She used the big totapuri mangoes for this. Any unripe mangoes can be used. This pickle needs to be used up in 2-3 weeks.

Mango sweet pickle(GooD nonche)

A sweet a spicy pickle which goes really well with chapatis or rice
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  • 20-25 big pieces of raw mangoes
  • 2-3 tea spn chili powder or 7-8 whole red chilies
  • 2 tbl spns jaggery
  • 2 tea spn mustard seeds
  • 1/2 tea spn fenugreek seeds
  • 1/4 tea spn asafoetida
  • Oil
  • Salt


  • Mix mango pieces with jaggery, salt and chili powder.
  • Cook till the pieces are slightly cooked and all jaggery is melted and the syrup becomes slightly thick. Take off from heat.
  • Heat oil and fry mustard seeds and fenugreek seeds.
  • Add asafoetida. (Take care not to burn anything, mustard becomes bitter when it gets burnt). Make a powder.
  • Add the powder to the cooked mangoes and mix well.
  • When it is cooled to room temperature, pour it in air tight container and refrigerate it.
  • This can be consumed immediately.
  • This pickle is usually served with chapathis.


Make sure not to overcook the mango pieces. If they get overcooked, they become a paste when the spices are mixed with


33 thoughts on “Mango sweet pickle(GooD nonche)”

  1. Shilpa, this reminds me very much of a popular Thai dish (not found in restaurants)called “green mangoes with sweet chile-water” that a friend of mine used to prepare and sell in her shop; She showed me how to make it, so I’ll do a post soon and you can see the similarities! I love this combination of flavours that you used in this recipe, I like it especially because it is vegetarian, and so so good šŸ™‚ and cooling for hot days!

  2. Mention sweet and I’m in…I love sweet pickles…in our family, I was the only one who loved it and ma used to make it only for me…oooh, my mouth is really watering now…I’ll try your recipe…thanks…

  3. Great pickle, Shilpa. i enjoy sweet picles without anything else! This one surely must be tasting good-will try it soon as i find raw mangoes.

    Thanks to you and your Aayi šŸ™‚

  4. Pelicano, I would love to try the Thai dish you have mentioned. Please post it.

    Sunita, Musical, looks like I am the only one here who does not like sweets :(. Good to know you like sweet pickle. Please let me know if you try this.

    Cynthia, no worries, I will eat two and call your name ;). You can try it, it is very very simple. I am sure you would love it.

    Thanks Roopa. Assume it is in your thali. Enjoy :).

    Sig, thanks :). yEs you can substitute brown sugar. I don’t think it would change the taste.

  5. Yummy Shilpa…Looks like the mango piece is going to enter my mouth. I wish i was in Kansas city to have it right away.

    I am a sweet pickle lover and this is my priority on the coming weekend.Thanks.

  6. Yummy…Sweet and sour with hot too..? Thats picture is so tempting..wish I could lift that spoon and eat it right away.

    Shilpa, can this be done with half ripe or half raw mango? Got one in the fridge..

  7. Aruna, I wish you were here :). My biggest problem here is, I don’t have anybody other than hubby for whom I can cook and serve.

    Manjula, thanks. I think you can use half ripe mango. But make sure it is hard. If it is bit softer, it might become a paste when cooked.

  8. Dear shilpa,

    This type of pickle is prepared and served in Sri venkataramana temple Karkala. They add tender jackfruit pieces along with the tender mango and they call it-“Godi Adgai”. Initially I not not keen on tasting this, Later I developed a good taste for the same. Thank you for the recipe, nice presentation and the pictures.

  9. Shilpa,
    I am a big sweet mango pickle fan, but prior to this the idea of making it at home never occured to me!i always bought it frm shops(ate it alongwt chapati or just like that) and they were heavenly for my tastebuds..guess what!! i tried ur recipe and its truly out of this world! (i added a pinch of pepper to it too )tks a lot to ur Aayi for making such lovely pickles, plus tks to u for sharing and posting it!i m feeling gr8 tht wt ur explanation i cd easily make something i alws loved!
    Best Regards-Purnima.

  10. hi shilpa,
    the dish looks delicious.i am sure it wud taste great too,especially with paratha’s.
    we have a similar version of it,whihc my aayi used to make it GOOOD AMMBA.
    i remember,she used to add some whole spices like:- few black pepper,cloves,tej patta.[remember to add moderately]
    viewers can try,just for another taste.

  11. Hi,

    I am Bengali and I loved the sweet pickle my mom used to make. I gathered you are Maharashtrian and I did not know, if you made similar achar there.
    Anyways, I was searching for the recipe and found your it in your site – which looks so much like how my ma would make it.

    I will make it and let you know how it turns out. Obviously, if it does not turn out good, it is because, I did not follow the instructions correct:)

    Thanks again!

  12. i liked the site. i want a raw mango recipe just like the one done for normal raw mango pickle . i mean making cubes and without peeling of the skin but sweet pickle

  13. i forgot to mention can i know the recipe — the sweet pickle of raw mangoes ( not chhunda or moramba) also it is hot and lasts for a year without refrigeration

  14. This recipe is really good .and different from what we make in the North Indian houses.My mother too also made very good pickles and was known for them,like Aayi’s Recipes.
    Best Wishes.

  15. Can this mango (aam ka) sweet (meetha) pickle (achar) be stored in the fridge for approximately 2 weeks? Love sweetness!!!

    Best regards,
    Love u.
    B-) šŸ˜€

  16. i made a sweet raw mango pickle, using sugar, pepper, salt, red chilly powder and turmeric.

    the raw mangoes were horribly sour, and even after curing them in the sun, the taste is really “khatta”,

    pls tell me how to offsett the sourness of this sweet raw mango pickle;

    pls tell me what should i add to counteract the extreme sourness?

  17. Shilpa,
    Thank you! I tried this and worked very well.. yummmm with chapathis or even with toast. I kept the mangoes’ skin on and its delicious with skin too. I want to try same recipe with lemons !!!

  18. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried this recipe… it was very tasty… šŸ™‚ …..but only problem it had… aftr 2 weeks it was rotten. [ burshi came] on it.. Any advise for avoidinh and storing it for longer time.



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