Garlic chutney powder (Losney chutney pitto)

Usually the chutney powder with coconut is very popular among Konkanis. It can be either with or without garlic. The one without garlic has a greater shelf life compared to the one with garlic. But both have their own tastes. My brother loved the garlic one, so my mom always makes it for him.

Though this goes well with idlis, dosas, rottis etc, my personal preference is garlic chutney powder with Jolad rotti and curd. This combination tastes heavenly.

Coconut (Preferably use dry coconut) 1 cup
Tamarind 1 tea spn
Garlic cloves (small ones) 10-12
Chilli powder 2 tea spns

If using the big garlic cloves available in USA, use around 4-5 cloves.

Roast coconut (without oil). Grind it with garlic and tamarind (do not add water).
Now add chilli powder and salt, grind again.
Store it in airtight container. This remains good for around 1 month.

Preparation time : 15mins

23 thoughts on “Garlic chutney powder (Losney chutney pitto)”

  1. Hi Shilpa …………..I love this chutney too. My mom too make this chutney, very well. As you said the combination tastes heavenly with dahi. Thanks for posting

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    Can I put the tamarind paste that you get in the Indian stores, or will that make the chutney wet in consistency?

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    You are just amazing, you have posted so many recipes. Cool! Keep up the good work, and thanks for giving us such authentic and tasty recipes!!

  4. You are most welcome Aruna, Deepa.
    Rajasi, you can put the tamarind extract (infact I used it when I prepared the chutney pitto here), but make sure not to add any extra water.

  5. Hi Shilpa ,
    Chutney powder Looks yummy. My mom makes a similar one but without garlic. She prepares this for train journeys and it tastes delicious with idlis..
    Thanks for the recipe.

  6. Thanks Arjuna, Prema.
    Ash, I guess the coconut was not fried properly. If you find it too difficult to fry coconut, try using dessicated coconut and fry it a bit before grinding. If you grind for a longer time, the coconut leaves oil, this might also be the cause of powder becoming wet. Let me know if you try this.

  7. Hi,

    There is a plant by the name of Yakkede gida in Kannada. Can someone please tell me what is it called in Marathi, Hindi or English.

    Thanks a ton:)

  8. hi shilpa,

    i tried this now.My hubby loves this very much. but it turned wet i dont know why?
    I didnot add water. I used dessicated coconut powder. Can you help me?


  9. Jyothsna, as I said in earlier comment(comment #10), grinding the coconut powder for a long time makes the chutney powder wet, since the roasted coconut leaves oil. Next time, grind all the other ingredients first and then add roasted coconut and grind for 4-5seconds(just one or two rounds in mixer/blender). I am sure this will solve the problem. (or mix the dessicated coconut powder in the ground paste and mix well with hand).

  10. Garlic chatney powder tastes very very good if we add up curd to it we can take that for chapati ,akki roti. ragi roti, dosai etc

  11. hi shilpa,

    I have just been to my native place, on my way I had my lunch in kamaths restaurant honnavar in the rice plate they served chutney red in colour with garlic and groundunt in it ……… the taste was awesome, Some what similar to garlic chutney powder but in this they added groundnut and it was not powdered as well as the chutney was a paste not powder. Could u please let me know about this recipe .

  12. Great web site and recipes. I love cooking and I am a fairly good cook, but I am not a traditionalist and try to get back to basics when I see such great food as above especially as I am from an amchigele background. Just my word of advise, if you want your chutneys and powder to last longer, store your airtight containers in the fridge. I always believe in having 2 fridges. One for storing dry goods, condiments and surplus stock, chutneys etc and ingredients/items for day to day cooking. The other for daily consumed foods.

  13. really LOVE going thru yr recipes..they are priceless! no five star hotel can even match the taste these recipes and mom/grandmom recipes have! thanks so much, and keep posting 🙂

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