Chili pickle

I have posted many pickle recipes so far. Aayi makes many amazingly tasty pickles. ‘Chili pickle’ is one of them. This was prepared very rarely at home since the chilies available at my native are very hot. But whenever this was prepared, I would eat it like a side dish (that may be the reason Aayi avoided making this).

We usually do not add sesame seeds for pickles. But this pickle has sesame seeds and this gives a very remarkable taste to the pickle. I like to eat this pickle with plain rice and curd. Try it and you will know what I mean.

1 cup green chilies (cut into small rounds)
1 and 1/2 tbl spn lemon juice
1 tea spn mustard seeds
1/4 tea spn fenugreek(methi) seeds
1/8 tea spn asafoetida
1 tea spn sesame seeds (white til)
8-10 Pepper corns
1 tbl spn + 1 tea spn oil

Decrease the amount of pepper if you cannot handle too spicy pickles.
Increase/decrease the asafoetida according to taste.

Heat oil and fry the chilies till they turn slightly brown (Do not fry them too much).
Take out from heat, cool and add lemon juice, salt and mix well. Keep it aside for 2-3 days.
Heat 1 tea spn oil and add mustard, when they start popping, add fenugreek, asafoetida, sesame and pepper. Powder the masalas. Add this to the chilies and mix well.
Store in airtight container. Finish it withing 2-3 weeks. This pickle can be used immediately. But after one day, this tastes better.

Preparation time : 20mins

PS: While frying the masalas, take care not to burn any of them. If the mustard seeds are burnt, the pickle becomes bitter.

31 thoughts on “Chili pickle”

  1. Hi Shilpa… I know exactly what u mean when u talk about curd rice and chilly pickle! I love that too! Ur version is wonderful!!!! Thanx for sharing! 😀

  2. Hi Shilpa — this sounds delicious and with so little oil… I must try it. I have been hesitating with pickles because of all the oil (would make it a tempting food for me 😉 ).
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks a lot for ur recipe. its my fav pickle among lots of other:) I have got collection of some 20 different varities of pickle(most of them r fm stores). will definately try making this

  4. Shankari, let me know if your prepare this.

    Supriya, makka bhi khanche nonche palayleri thonda uda eta :). khavnu pale, dolentubhi uda eta :D.

    Priya, there were 3 types of chilies in Indian store. One was long with dark green color. The other two were parrot green. I used the smallest variety available (it is the hottest among the three types). I don’t know the names of these chilies :(. If you know the names please let me know, I will pick the chilies that I used. Thanks in advance.

    Thanks Manasi.

    Prema, next time I will try with Tamarind juice. Thanks for letting me know :).

    Linda, I hate pickles with too much oil. Not for health reasons, but I don’t like the taste at all. So I never buy any ready made pickles. All my pickles have very less oil in it.

    Thanks Nayan, Bhargavi.

    Supriya, I feel the home made pickles are always better than the ready made ones. Let me know if you try this.

    Thanks Mandira. Let me know if you like it.

  5. Shilpa-
    I am sorry that i missed this post. I do so love pickles…I have made three different pickles so far this harvest season, and as I have some pretty PURPLE chillis 🙂 left that need using, I will make this today!!(I don’t know what variety they are either…i just thought they looked pretty)

    I have a recipe from Delhi which is similar to this, but without methi, hing and til….i think these spices would enhance the flavour very much, so this will be one of today’s projects. Thanks!!!

  6. Hi Shilpa,
    Got a doubt..pls do help me out with this. Does this pickle have to be refrigerated at any point. You have told to fry the chillies and leave them for 2-3 days. Should I leave them out or should i put it into the fridge? And does this pickle stay when not refrigerated? Am staying in Beijing, China, and its kind of cold here inside the room too (is winter).


    Shilpa: No Radhika, you need not refrigerate it(unless its very hot).

  7. I am growing my own chillies but the trouble is that they are all ready at the same time so I would also be interested in a recipe for chiili pickle that can be kept for several months (if possible).

  8. I like your chilly pickle recipe. I am gonna try it today itself.
    Thanks for what you are doing for the community.


  9. chilli pickle:-take 500gm.of chilli& crushed it without putting any water.1tsp.of ginger-garlic paste,20gm.ajwain,10gm.of methi seeds,25gm.of sauf & it should be powdered.take 2tbsp.of lemon juice, 10gms. of kalaunji & 100gms.of mustard oil.boil the oil so that all the smell has gone& white & black salt.put crushed chilli,ginger-garlic paste,powedered masala,lemon juice,kalaunji,mustard oil & white& black salt.and put it in the container & keep it in the sun for two days.

  10. Shilpa – have just seen your recipe and am very keen to make some. I generally use “Bird’s Eye” chili altho’ have also used the larger (less potent) ones. Am very interested in a pickle that will keep for longer than 3 weeks (especially with the quantities you suggest). Suppose small units could be frozen and thawed as necessary. Will comment further after experimentation.

  11. Please give recipes for pickles, so that they have a self life more than one year. One food which does not perish so easily is pickles. Just adding exact %age salt makes pickles tenable for years. Any way your aayis recipes r good. Your attempt to keep aayis recipes alive is good. We have to keep up our tradition of pickle making alive for generations. Thank you.

  12. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing the recipe of this chilli pickel , i tried it made it taste really good… I tried to make it too hot but the chillies weren’t good enough…

  13. HI..
    Good one..i live in Changchun( North east of china). This place is very cold and not many vegetables are available here. I finished all the pickles which i brought from India. The long green chillies are available here fortunately. I am definitely going to try this out. Thanks shilpa..u r doing a great job in this blog. Keep up the good work !!

  14. I have been following your website for over the last six years or so. Did you know that vah re vah chef has a video of this exact recipe on youtube? Just pointing out because it was posted sometime last year unlike you who posted years ago. Just wondering about plagiarism here.

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