Tofu Chapatis

tofu chapati

Few months ago, our friends Kalpana and her husband had invited us to their home for dinner. Kalpana is a great artist. She had such beautiful paintings all over her home. We were in awe looking at her master pieces. She is also a very good cook. We both started talking about food and she told me that she makes tofu chapatis. She mentioned, this adds protien to the chapatis and also makes them soft.

I usually don’t buy tofu. But I want to make it a point to use it more in my cooking because of its high protein content. This time I bought firm tofu. I crumbled half of it and made these chapatis. They came out really good.

1 cup crumbled firm tofu
2 cups wheat flour

Crumble tofu. Add wheat flour, salt and enough water to it and make dough.
Take small balls from the dough and make chapatis.


tofu chapati1

tofu chapati2

tofu chapati3

tofu chapati4

tofu chapati

17 thoughts on “Tofu Chapatis”

  1. I was wondering if I can just add some green chillies, salt, cumin powder and coriander leaves to the same recipe and make a paratha you think the texture will change? I want it to remain soft…Thanks!

  2. I make Tofu Chapatis all the time. Its a great way to incorporate some protein in the vegetarian diet.
    You can also try Avacado Chapatis the same way, they look beautiful and come out really soft! Mix in some spices to make it a Paratha 🙂

  3. Use Silken Tofu, you don’t need to add water at all. Also you will not get the white blobs in between chapatis. I even tried puri’s, they were good, a little hard but good enough.

  4. Nagesh Kaikini

    Just a comment from India.

    Tofu to my knowledge is made from Soya beans’ milk. Here in India. for better nutrition and protein supplement; a lot of people add soya bean flour to wheat flour in proportion of 1:2 and make chapatis as usual. The soya flour is much cheaper than Tofu.

    Best wishes.

  5. I tried this yesterday and the chapathis came out so soft. Its a great way to reduce the carbs by incorporating healthy proteins and yet filling full & satisfied.

    P.S: I added 1 teaspoon of whole jeera, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon red chilli powder and some finely cut onions to the dough too. Rotis tasted awesome at dinner. Had them with Amul Butter for a quick working lunch 🙂

  6. Just some knowledge I have and from personal experience. Unfermented soy products are not good for health (thyroid etc). In my opinion, addition of soya flour or regular tofu to chapathis is a bad idea.Some good fermented soy products are tempeh, pickled tofu, natto, miso paste etc. Soy milk again is real bad stuff. Love your blog, been reading your blog for years and your date cake is well loved in my circle of friends.

    1. Smitha, Thanks for the info. I had heard about this earlier. But like this post mentions, you can definitely eat it in moderation. I do not suggest eating tofu daily, but once in a while, I think it should be good.
      Thank you so much for your information Smitha, yes someone had warned me against using tofu too much in cooking. After reading your comment, I researched more. I really appreciate you posting it here. I am very paranoid about using anything too much in my cooking (except coconut, because i have been eating it all my life).

  7. Ohh!! Your recipes are so good! I have been looking for authentic Konkani dishes. I am so glad a friend shared this website with me. Out of joy, I shared it with many more friends!

    I really liked this Tofu chapathi idea. And thanks to Archana here, I am making Avocado chapathi/paratha. I have shared your link on my blog! Good work.

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