Radish Stuffed Flatbread (Mooli Ke Parathe)

We both love stuffed parathe. But it has been a long time I made any. Though I made parathe once in a while, I took the shortcut. I had one huge radish in the fridge which needed some immediate attention. A paratha with this was on my mind ever since I read this comment. So I made these yesterday for breakfast.

These brought back fond memories of our college days. Though we didn’t know each other back then, we both remembered those days when we used to eat stuffed parathas topped with butter at “Mandar” – a “mess” (a small restaurant) in Belgaum. It was a daily routine to eat these for all college students. That is where I learnt making parathas. I used to observe this aunty making hot parathas – while boys used to eat at a separate section outside the house, girls were served food at their dining table. I still cherish those days. While we ate these hot parathas yesterday, we talked about those days. I think I am going to make these frequently now.

This is not authentic recipe of these popular parathas. I made it up. We loved this, so I am going to stick to this recipe hereafter.

Ingredients for outer cover :
2 cups wheat flour
1 tea spn oil

Make a dough of chapati dough consistency. Knead it very well and keep it aside for 15mins.

2 cups grated radish
1 tea spn cumin seeds
1/2 tea spn coriander-cumin powder
1 tea spn chilli powder
1/2 tea spn amchoor powder

Heat oil and add cumin seeds. Then add radish, coriander-cumin powder, chilli powder, amchoor powder, salt. Cover and cook on a low flame for few minutes. Open the lid fry it well on a high flame till all water is absorbed and the mixture is dry (make sure it is dry, because if it is wet it will come out when rolling).

Assembling parathas:
Make a small ball of outer cover and roll it into small round. Make a small ball of stuffing. Stuff this ball into outer covering. Roll into desired thickness very carefully.
Serve hot topped with some butter and pickle on the sides (if you are calorie conscious, leave out the butter).

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 1hr

PS: I used white long radish which was not very juicy.


29 thoughts on “Radish Stuffed Flatbread (Mooli Ke Parathe)”

  1. Shilpa,
    Your parathas look perfect. I always tried these with raw raddish stuffing and was never able to get the stuffing dry..always a exploding mess when rolling and finally gave up on those.
    Your technique looks good..Do you also squeeze out the liquid from the raddish before cooking? Did you use the white long raddish or the red small salad radish?
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Manjula, I did not squeeze the juice off. I just fried it on high flame till the mixture became very dry. I used white long radish which was not too much juicy

  2. Hey Shilpa.. your mooli parathas look delicious. I have tried them only once so far (long back). And no matter how dry the stuffing would be when hot, over some time of sitting aside, 15 minutes or so, the mooli mixture would sort-of leave water and get moist again. So it did spill out of the parathas that time. Will give it a try again sometime soon! Cheers!

  3. Hi shilpa, i liked this version of mooli paratha. It looks yummy. When i tried it for first time, i followed the recipe from some recipe book. In it i had to first grate the radish and mix with little salt and keep aside. After 1/2 an hour squeeze all the water from it and cook it in a kadai or pan till rest of the water is evaporated. Then add the required powders and make the stuffing dough. This was a very long procedure. So what i did was i used to grate the radish and mix the salt and other powders and keep aside for 15 minutes. Then to this mixture i used to add the wheat flour and make the dough. In this i didnt have to make separate stuffing and roll it twice. But i feel ur version shall be much better because the radish shall be cooked from inside too. I shall surely try it. thanks for the new idea.

  4. Shilpa, the parathas look so tempting and you make it sound like a breeze. I have been wanting to make parathas, your post is a good inspiration 🙂 thanks!

  5. Hi Shilpa, my Punjabi friend’s mom uses the raddish/grated paneer to make dough with atta. I guess the juicy veg are suitable for that. Anyone tried? I tried with grated cheese, obviously not good.

    1. As specified in the link in the above post, I usually mix most of the veggies directly into the dough and make parathas. They turn delicious.

  6. I mix some salt with the grated mooli and keep for about 30 mts. By osmosis the salt will go in and water will come out. Now you can squeeze the mass and use this water for kneading the dough.

  7. Hi,
    Sorry to digress from the topic. But i’m getting a problem in accessing the various categories on your site. On clicking on any category, i get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function the_attached_image() in D:\Domains\aayisrecipes.com\wwwroot\wp-content\themes\adsimple\archive.php on line 29

    i tried it on IE as well as google chrome. could u please check if there’s a problem?? thanks in advance.

  8. Hello! I just found your blog when searching for a date cake! Your cooking looks so wonderful. I love to cook also- and I am new to Indian cooking… I know a few Indian staples like chana masala, roti, palak, etc.. but recently I have been trying some new things.
    These parathas look so nice!! I try to make aloo paratha or paratha with sweet potato inside, and it turns out to be a huge mess! I am probably overstuffing it.
    I love that most of your recipes are very healthy. I try not to use too much ghee or oil!
    last week I made dal dhokli for the first time. I hope you will look at it on my site!

  9. Shilpa,
    thanks for this wonderful post..my husband and I lived in India for 3 years and got spoiled and accustomed to the fabulous Indian food tastes….your post reminded me of parathas…I didn’t have mooli so I used a type of yellow carrot which worked just fine and they were…wow! delicious!
    Many thanks for your blog!

  10. Wow, mooli ke parathe are my favorite too….. I make them a little differently , but I love your style too. I will try these too and see. I love that you cook the radish to evaporate all the water.

  11. Hi, this looks delicious…..am def going to try it…but the dough u took for filling looks different…did u fry it on tawa before filling ?

  12. Mooli Parathas.

    I grate radish and add a little salt to it and keep it for 15 mnts. It gives out water and then while making the stuffing as above, squeeze out the water and use it to make the chapati dough. The squeezed radish to be used as per Shilpa’s recipe.

  13. Hi Shilpa,

    Your parathas look so perfect and different usually we do in Bangladesh. Parathas and rootis are very favorite in breakfast at my home.

    Thanks for sharing wonderful recipe.

  14. Wow u reminded me of Mandar Mess. We too used to go there. I remember her maggie noodles. She also used to serve milk with bournvita. I remember her dining area and boys used to be more intrested in watching TV out. Did u study in gogte or kle?

  15. I was looking for fresh stuffed mooli paratha receipe on internet after having not very successful attempt with last receipes.

    This is one of the best mooli paratha receipe. I tried it and it has come out professional level – the one for which you will pay miles to eat. To make grated mooli dry on the pan is secret of the feeling. The steps are simple to follow and even novice like me could make delicious paratha..thanks !

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