Methi-Potato Parathas

methi-potato paratha

I grew up eating rice every day. Chapatis were prepared occasionally for breakfast. Now, I make chapatis/parathas almost every other day. No matter how many different varieties I try, I keep looking for new ones. This is one such recipe I tried recently. I got this from my friend Pallavi. She makes these very frequently and I love them.

I frequently make methi parathas and alu parathas. This was a great variation including both. They came out so great. Even the little one loved them (always a bonus).

2 cups wheat flour
1 cup fresh methi (fenugreek leaves) or 1 block frozen methi
2 cups cooked/mashed potatoes
1/4 cup onion
1 tea spn ginger-garlic paste
1/2 tea spn red chilli powder
1/2 tea spn garam masala
A pinch turmeric

Make a soft dough by mixing wheat flour, little oil, salt, water (Oil helps to make the cover very soft and pliable). Knead it very well for 10mins. Keep it aside for atleast 30mins.
Heat oil and fry onion, ginger-garlic paste. Fry for few minutes, add turmeric, chilli powder, salt.
Then add methi leaves, fry for few minutes. Add potato, garam masala. Mix well.
Stuff the filling in the dough(refer below pictures). Roll into paratha.
Heat tava and roast the parathas from both sides. If needed, apply some ghee.
Serve hot.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 30mins


methi-potato paratha1

methi-potato paratha2

methi-potato paratha3

methi-potato paratha4

methi-potato paratha5

methi-potato paratha6

methi-potato paratha7

methi-potato paratha8

methi-potato paratha

18 thoughts on “Methi-Potato Parathas”

  1. tried so many chicken recipes from this site…comes out really well…n now i m here to try these parathas for the first tym… 🙂 thankx Shilpa…!

  2. How do u spread them out so evenly, u dont seem to have used any oil or flour for dusting either, mine never come out so well 🙁

    1. Add some oil to the dough and knead very well. That makes it pliable. This is very important, because it the dough is not done right, it will break. Mash the stuffing very well, so that there are no lumps.

  3. Dear Shilpa,
    Thank you for your wonderful recipes. Do u have a simple paratha recipe i mean without the filling.paratha or roti,simple or with cheese? thank you.regards.

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