Methi Paratha

This I learnt from my pachi (mom’s sister). She usually makes the dough in the night so that she can prepare the paratha for breakfast. Because of methi, this paratha is very good for health.

2 cups chopped fenugreek(methi) leaves
1/2 cup besan (gram flour)
3 cups wheat flour
1 tea spn chili powder
2 tbl spn each oil and ghee

Cut methi leaves into small pieces and add salt. Keep for 5-10mins. Squeeze water out of the leaves. Add this to remaining ingredients to make dough. Apply oil and leave for 1-2hours. Make paratha. Fry the paratha and apply ghee on both sides.

Serves : 5
Preparation time : 15min

PS: Usually the methi leaves are squeezed after applying salt to remove some of its bitterness, but by doing this, some of the nutrients are lost. So it is personal choice. You could use the leaves as it is in the dough.

40 thoughts on “Methi Paratha”

  1. Nice….me tried it too but never can make the ones like the Gujaratis. Do you apply dry atta when rolling these?? I tried with and without that to make them like the gujjus…in vain

    Tip: Apart from the chilli powder also add ajwain, white sesame seeds, turmeric powder and jeera to the dough.

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    Try adding left over dal when making the dough & remining water ONLY if required.(depends on the quantity of dal & its consistency)This is called misi roti in punjabi. We also add finely chopped onions,green chilies.Give me a feedback once you try this.A good way of finishing your leftover dal as well!

  3. Sabita, thats a great idea. It would make these parathas a lot more healthier. I will surely try it soon and let you know. Thanks dear.

  4. dear shilpa, try my recipe for methi paratha.. it’s really tasty.(dough to be prepared at night).Chop a bunch of tender methi leaves;take4tsp. oil in a kadai, add1/2 tsp. jeera.. then add 2tsp. chopped garlic, saute. add in 1tsp. red chilli pow. & then the methi leaves, fry a minute till leaves become add water & salt, 1/2 tsp. sugar. when water is a little hot, add wheat flour, mix. cover & allow to cool a little. then make dough as usual( use more flour/ water if required). make chapathis next morning. tastes good with butter.

  5. hi Shilpa,

    I just happened to browse and see your site.Indeed you have put a lot of work into it by not just posting the recipe but also takin the snap as you prep….Great job!!!

  6. Love your recipes. Very exciting. Cannot open your fish curry, but a recipe for punjabi fish curry would be exxcellent.



  7. hi this is nasim.i love your website.i love south indian food. wish you can send some more.may God Bless You. thanks.nasim

  8. Hi
    Sounds simple and great. I am going to try this very soon. Usually, I add a few kasoori methi leaves and ajwain into my veggie paratha dough (ofcourse, this veggi paratha recipe is yours ๐Ÿ™‚ ). It is good and even you can try it out.

  9. Hi Shilpa,
    In this Methi paratha recipe u can add one garlic , n if u have kashaya pitto, 1teaspn, also add ajwain, white sesame seeds n make dough with curd, or one ripe banana.. it will help to keep paratha soft n in taste, little bit sweet n sour..

    try it out


  10. Shilpa ,ur recipe is good.
    I usually make methi parathas this way.
    1.I cut the methi finely.
    2.Then i make a paste of fresh coriander leaves,green chilli and ginger.
    3.Add methi leaves,paste to the wheat flour.Add salt,ajwain and jeera to the wheat flour.
    4.Heat some oil and add this to wheat flour.
    5.Finally make the dough and leave it for some time.
    Then finally make the parathas.
    It always came out well.Please try it.

  11. I think if you will use fresh green chilis instead of red chili powder the taste will be more good. One more thing that if you put methi leaves chopped or unchapped in salted water and squeeze them it means you are taking out methi leaves’s nutriants. Think about it. The response from Aparna about this paratha is the best way to eat tasty methi paratha. In that you can also try some amount of Jawar flour and Kalana ( mixture of whole black urad dal, jawar and v. small amt. of methi seeds) flour to make it more tasty

  12. Hi..
    I have a small doubt regarding this recipe.Do v have to boil/cook the methi leaves before adding them to the dough?Wont they stick out of the paratha otherwise?

  13. hi shilpa,

    To reduce the bitterness of methi leaves, knead half ripe banana and 2 spn gud, jeera powder, salt, red chilli pwder and handful of yellow dudhi (grated) and mash well with a stell glass. add methi leaves and wheat flour and methi leaves to make a dough. The banana leaves the parathas soft and dudhi makes it sweet too. you can try this version

  14. Hi,
    I would like to suggest u to try to add one mashed potato while kneading the dough, it will come out more crispy and soft. and some crushed garlic also as per your taste.

  15. You can make palak roti/paratha in similar fashion,alternatively adding little bit of ginger-garlic paste, which also enhances the taste.Another healthier option like meethi.

  16. u can add garlic, ajwain seeds and saunf to enhance the flavour. Also add some powdered jaggery. it adds to the taste and nutrition

  17. hii shilpa di::)im a huge fan of ur recipes….i cook only wit ur recipes daily as m newly married its reallly helpin me soo much…jus for my information can u pls tell which cookin oil is good with regard to health.which one do u use??also i heard tofu is comparitively better for health than paneer is it so??hav u tried it anytime?does it taste the same..pls provide sme cookin tips health tip beauty tips etc etc:)thank u:)

  18. Hi Shilpa,

    I have been following your recipes for quite sometime now. Everything I make from your recipes becomes instant hit and my husband’s family can not believe that I can cook so well as I never cooked before my marriage. Thanks to you and your recipies. Absolutely love them!! BTW, I am also from Karnataka (B’lore) ๐Ÿ™‚


  19. hi shilpa,
    first congrats to you. your site is great source of new innovative recipes.

    secondly adding step-by-step photos is of great help.. thanks

    coming to above recipe,
    to your ingredients i also added what aparna had mentioned ie. ajwain, jeera and the green paste of fresh coriander leaves,green chilli and ginger. It came out very well , infact kids also loved it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    looking forward for more recipes,

    1. I serve it with some yogurt mixed with chaat masala sometimes or with coconut chutney. My family likes it with any sidedish (just like chapatis)

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