Layered paratha

Our friend’s mom taught me this recipe. She and her daughter came here 2 months back from Karachi. They are originally from Pakistan. We had gone to their house for a dinner and she had made these amazingly crunchy and tasty parathas. Next time I made a point to ask her the procedure. These require a bit more ghee compared to our normal chapathi/phulkas, but they taste simply superb.

I thought it is better to take picture of each step instead of trying to explain it in words. The dough is same as the normal chapathi dough and like for chapathis, this dough is prepared at least 1hr before making parathas.

Make the chapathi dough and leave it for around 1hr.
Take a big ball of the dough.

Roll it into a circle almost of the size of a phulka. Apply ghee to it and sprinkle some dry flour on top.

Make a cut from the center to the circumference.

Fold it to a triangle as shown.

Hold the triangle in left hand and from right hand try to seperate the layers from the bottom of the triangle (I kept it on the rolling board to take picture).

Carefully push the upper part till it becomes a ball again, take care that the top remains in the center and the bottom part makes rounds around it. This part is a bit difficult and can be mastered by practise. Do not apply too much pressure, otherwise the layers stick to each other. Roll this to a big paratha again.

Heat the tava till it is very hot. Add the paratha.

When some small bubbles appear on it, put it upside down and apply some ghee.

Fry till the paratha is done from both sides.
Serve it when it is still hot. They don’t taste very good when cold.

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  1. Wow Shilpa……..What a different way of mang paratha and such a neat explanation with pictures. I started giving my son in lunch box normal chappati applying ghee, sprinkling sugar and rolling it. This does not look simple, but as you said it has to be mastered. I need to try this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hey,

    These layered parathas are famous by the name Kerala parathas in Bangalore and in the restaurants of Mangalore area these are the only kinds of paratas available. Often served with Spicy Kurma.


  3. Hi Shilpa,how are youu?this one is amazing!the pictures say it all.Very good presentation.Guess I am going to try this.I also make layered parthas but my method is different.Maybe I will post that soon.

  4. any rotis/paratahas whats the propportion of water(liquid) to atta
    experts kindly help
    Vinod Kamath
    ( Amateuer bachelor Cook)

  5. Thanks Vini.

    Vinod, we usually go on adding water till it makes the desired dough. The dough should not be very hard. I will see the exact proportion next time and post it here.

  6. Hi,
    Though we make layered parathas just like this, I must commend you on your instructions and photographs. Could not be more illustrative. I learnt this from my earlier servant who learnt it in a Punjabi household.

  7. nddguy, I have tried this recipe many times and it was always a hit. Sad to know, you could not get it right. I sincerely hope you will get a good recipe which you will like.

  8. Hi ! My 2 yr old son loves parathas as well as parottas , usually we buy them or eat out .. Gonna try and perfect ur way thanx for sharing regards Lalita

  9. Hey shilpa :
    I tried this out and it came out really well. Thanks a lot for the step by step illustration – it helped a great deal. Keep the good work going!!!

  10. hey shilpa.. my parathas dnt go well.. i get this ready atta from outside.. even my phulkas n chapattis dnt turn to to b good.. any suggestion on how i can improve on them.. i feelt he problem is with the atta i use.. coz i tried same parathas at my moms place once and they were really very tasty.. ur isslustrations were really helpful..

    Shilpa: Poonam, I use Pillsbury wheat flour. Please use this or Sujata and the parathas turn out perfect. Check my chapathi/phulkas post.

  11. Shilpa,
    Karachi way of parathas..its truly impressive, i shall surely try it out..i used to make it in other way…but layers never appeared after frying them!i will try these n let u know! tks for sharing!

  12. Shilpa,
    I made these yesterday..they came out well..all got over too!tks for addition to my chapati roti list…:)

  13. shilpa – from the time iv chanced upon this site a couple of mths bac – i visit it everyday- i mean every single day . try whatever i can now n then- but read a lot:)post visiting this site iv visited many other recipe sites- but none as elaborate user friendly or appeasing as yours . your painstaking efforts in terms of research and presesntation is v evident .I have been recommending this site to frineds and fly as welll- ur the best 🙂

    Shilpa: Thanks for the kind words Priya. Keep visiting.

  14. Hi Shilpa,

    Thank you very much for this recipe with step by step photographs. It really helped me and I could make very good parathas.Y’day I made it. And I am going to make your simple egg cake also. My husband feels that I am cooking very very good these days. Thanks to you.

    Love and regards, Smitha.

  15. Just found your web site by chance and the Paratha pics looks pretty tempting, will try and let you know. Appreciate all your efforts for the wonderful presentation. Keep it up!


  16. That is lovely illustration! May be it would motivate a total non-cooking person to attempt. Thank you for the post

  17. thank you….. I tried them but still have to master the art…. thats for the photographs… that was a brilliant idea. I make good apple pie if you are interested in the receipe. any other ideas?

  18. thnx girl..i studied in bangalore and used to have this KP as we used to clal it…wa shaving ahard time making it cua we dnt have any south indian restaurants here..thnx for the ilustration..i was getting hard kp’
    s till date will definately try it agn klater…

  19. Nice illustrations 🙂 This is more commonly called Lachaa Paratha or Lacha Dar Paratha. The layers can be made is many many different ways..just google search.

  20. Good website,blog,..
    and perfect guide to the reach anyone’s heart through mouth and stomach.
    Cooking tips are made easy here..
    Great work.. Best Wishes and More expectations

  21. Shilpa, ur illustration is very good. U can make laccha parathas in tandoor also instead of doing on tava with ghee.

  22. Hi Shilpa,

    I tried and it turned out really good. Amazing recipe. I was fed up eating normal chapatis, but thanks to you for providing such a different and easy to make recipe.

  23. I reaaly liked this site. I have tried its’ recipes and found them not only time saving but good steps to make them simpler and tastier. iam just a fan of shilpa’s receipes.

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