Cauliflower(Gobhi) paratha

I love parathas of all kinds. I remember those days in India, when I used to eat them every time we went out for a meal. Everyone would order some naan or roti or kulcha and I always ordered a stuffed paratha. I feel it is a lot of fun to make as well as eat them. I still remember I had spent a lot of time trying to make those perfect stuffed parathas. V also loves these, so I make them very often these days.

I have a habit of making parathas with anything and everything. But sometimes, I like to follow a particular recipe which I know works very well. One such recipe I have been following for a while now is this gobhi paratha which was sent to me by Aruna – most of my regular readers already know her, I have many of her recipes on this blog. She exactly knows what I like and I have loved all the recipes she has sent me so far. She had sent this to me about a year ago and I had lost it in the huge list of mails that I keep getting. I wish I had tried this earlier. From the time I made this for the first time, I have been making these almost every week now. Aruna also sent me the below pictures of parathas.

Check out slightly different versions of gobhi paratha by – One Hot Stove, Jugalbandi, Monsoon spice.

2 cups wheat flour
For stuffing:
1 cup cauliflower grated
2 green chillies chopped finely
1/2 tea spn ginger grated
1/2 tsp ajwain
3 strands coriander leaves finely chopped
1 tea spn garam masala

Add water, salt to wheat flour. Make dough(similar to chapathi dough). Apply oil to the dough and keep for around 1hr.
Heat oil and add all the stuffing ingredients. This is required as the cauliflower needs to get a little soft else it will pop up while rolling. (You could also squeezed to remove any liquid from it).

Fill in the stuffing in the wheat flour dough and roll slowly. Cook on a hot tava. Serve hot with masala yogurt/mint chutney/ lime pickle. (In above picture, I served it with a dates and tamarind chutney).

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 25mins

PS: If the method does not work for you, roll a chapathi from dough, keep a layer of stuffing on it. Cover it with another chapathi on top. Seal the edges. Then roll it again slightly. By this method, the stuffing will not come out.

18 thoughts on “Cauliflower(Gobhi) paratha”

  1. thank you sooo much Shilpa for the recipe and also for another method of rolling parathas…. the previous method never worked for me as all the stuffing used to come out and it would be a mess…. i think second method is neat and will work out….will surely try this…. [:-)]

  2. Wow Shilpa…..I like the colour of the paratha you made. My older son loves to eat it with the date/tamarind chutney. Is that the one in the small bowl ?

  3. I haven’t tried any parathas,All i do is making chappathis,I always love gobi in anyform,Let me try this one and i’ll let you know,The main problem for me making chappathis or parathas is if i make it before an hour for a party or something it’ll become as hard as a pappad?Can you suggest me a good idea for making it soft??

    Shilpa: Have you tried the tips I mentioned in Chapathis and phulkas post?

  4. Hi shilpa,

    I am gayathri from Hyderabad. I check ur site almost daily for the past 6 months. I am basically from Mangalore.

    Today morning only i prepared gobi parathas for breakfast and just saw ur recipe. i prepare slight differently. i mean i add finely chopped onions, little garam masala, chilli powder, haldi, coriander powder and jeera powder too to the masala. it tastes great. u can try this one too. By the way i like ur site very much and being from mangalore i know many konkani recipes of ur site. i try the new ones….

  5. u reminded me of a punjabi friend of mine in college,her mom used to make wonderful Gobi parathas,which our gang used to finish off within minutes and manytimes even before the food break(while doing practicals we use to pop in a bite now and then)
    Unfortunately i didn’t have the exact recipe and i tried to make it according to my commonsense ,but somehow the rawness and the peeping out nature of gobi,made me upset for not being able to recall those moments of enjoying gobi parathas
    I guess i now got the handy tips and wud sure be successful this time
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. You and Aruna both have very round parathas. It’s distressing… 🙁

    🙂 Actually mine are becoming rounder in time; apparantly I need more practice and this recipe is just the thing! 😉

  7. hi shilpa,

    Do u cook the gobi with masala before adding stuff?

    bcoz I did cook the gobi with masala.

    Shilpa: yes, mix everything and then fry.

  8. Hello ,
    I never cook cauliflower.You must try that as is doesnt pop out and the parathas are more crunchy this way.and dont forget to add jeera also along with ajwain.believe me its yummy.

  9. Hi, I simply love your website…..great work….loading the pics of each step is very useful….

    I want the recipe of typical gujarathi thepla…Could you plz provide?

  10. Aditi.Singhania

    These parathas look so yummy and mouth watering, so i made these parathas for my 4 year old daughter, she just enjoyed it. thank u so much for the reciepe

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