Vegetable and noodle stir fry

veg-stir-fryLast few days, due to various reasons, my number of cooking experiments have drastically gone down. I look for some easy dinners which can be made in no time and are equally delicious. What else can fit in this situation other than a simple stir fried noodle dish loaded with vegetables?

I have liked all kinds of noodle dishes for a long time now. Remember those Indo-Chinese dishes available in almost every restaurant back home? I was missing them for a long time now. Then after drooling over one post after another by fellow bloggers, I picked up a pack of soba noodles a couple of days ago. Well, I didn’t know they were soba noodles till I cut opened the pack while making this stir fry, I had picked it up randomly on one of my shopping sprees (yeah..I do that a lot. Just pick up something that looks interesting and then figure out what to do with it).

Then my experiments with it began. I used different sauces that I had with me. Finally I got this combination, which we have really loved. I am making this a lot these days. This is my entry to Archana’s one dish meal event.


1/2 packet noodles (Hakka noodles or soba noodles, the pack I used weighed 200gms)
2 cups vegetables (onion, capsicum, tofu, carrots, beans all chopped in long strips)
2 tea spns hot chilli sauce
1 tea spn worcestershire sauce
1 tea spn vinegar
1-2 tea spns brown sugar
2 tea spns soya sauce
1/4 tea spn freshly ground pepper
1 tea spn fresh ginger-garlic paste

PS: Change the quantity of sauces according to taste. You can leave out worcestershire sauce if you don’t have it.

Cook the noodles according to packet instructions with enough salt. Run cold water over it to avoid it getting soggy.
In a large pan, heat oil, add vegetables and ginger-garlic paste. Fry for few minutes till the vegetables are half cooked but still have the crunch.
Now add all the sauces, sugar, pepper and little salt. Add noodles, fry for few more minutes.
Serve immediately.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 20mins

30 thoughts on “Vegetable and noodle stir fry”

  1. Noodles look yummy Shilpa. Havent made them WITH Worcestershire sauce. Will try your version. Brown sugar gives a nice touch to the noodles.

    Shilpa: Aruna, Worcestershire sauce has anchovies(a kind of fish) in it. So it has a very unique taste. Be careful while using it.

  2. Recipe looks good. Oops U haven’t mentioned when the noodles are to be added!!!

    Shilpa: Thanks Laxmi, Updated.

  3. Looks delicious! I didn’t eat much of Indo-Chinese except Noodles with cabbage and Carrots (don’t remember what it’s called) in B’lore. I love your way of stir fried Noodles, will try!:)

  4. Very nice! The sugar seems to be quite a lot! Is it a sweet kind?

    Shilpa: No, it is spicy, sour and sweet kind. You can just use 1 tea spn if you feel it is too much. The chili sauce I used was way too hot for us, so I add sugar to mellow it down.

  5. Thanks Shilpa….I read your wiki link after i posted my comment and read about anchovies, as you i am a veg and may not be able to use it for myself.

  6. Hi Shilpa

    Noodles are so easy and wuick to make, aren;t they ? And so versatile as well..
    When hubby travels, I practically eat noodles everyday, but make them using different sauces.
    My favourite one is using a Basil-Chilli-garlic Thai is so yummy – just a spoonful is that you need!!!

    Shilpa, you mentioned vinegar-do you mean the Japanese Rice wine vinegar, which is called “Mirin”? These days you get such amazing varities of vinegars-especially in North America and Europe.

    Aruna, you can substitute Mushroom sauce or vegetarian oyster sauce to add extra flavour.

    Shilpa: Chetna, I use the simplest vinegar, the distilled clear one. I have tried rice wine vinegar and did not like the strong taste :(.

  7. You can also use Teriyaki sauce – these days you get Teriyaki sauces which have spring onions, garlic and green chilli already in it. You also get a wasabi flavoured teriyaki..try these if you find them..

  8. hey, thanx for the recipe.. I was actually looking for some nice version of stir fry noodles. Will try it out and let u know! and btw, how’ve u been doing?? Am here after a long time… hope alls well at your end!!

  9. that platter looks great Shilpa! I made a spicy Tofu satay 2 days ago and posted it:) I’m not a fan of worcestershire either, so I just use my hoem-made sweet-n-sour sauce:)

  10. Shilpa, i am fairly new to the blogworld. I should say you are one of the inspirations for me to start blogging. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work! Love your recipes too.

  11. Great ,simmple and very yummy. I also added some sesame seeds and lil bit Maggies Hot sauce and that tasted good too.

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  13. This sounds delicious…I am going to try it. Do you know it we can use the Maggi/Rames noodles instead of the hakka?

  14. Hi Shilpa, I tried the stir fry for dinner and we just loved it…so here’s a big thank you.

    Also, I did bake the egg cake from your blog..and it turned out so tasty and perfect…your recipies really inspire me to bake more :)…

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