Shrimps in tamarind masala(Sungta phanna upkari)

I have been trying different dishes with prawns. Previously I have posted two of my mothers dishes, sungta upkari and sungta khoLu(in the recipe, replace bangda with prawn). Both taste heavenly. (Click on the ‘prawns/shrimps’ in the category and you can see a whole lot of prawns recipes).
Recently, I got this recipe from Gowri. I have heard about this recipe a lot, but had never tried it. When I got this again from Gowri, I felt it is time to try it and it tasted fantastic. In her mail, she says ” I am sending one of my favorite recipe called sungta panna upkari. If you use byadgi chilly it taste much better as it give rich red color. Very simple but very tasty and all my friends likes it. You can make this by mixing chilly powder and tamarind pulp. But it tastes better if you grind it together”. Thanks Gowri for the recipe.

Small shrimps are used in the authentic recipe. Since I could not find the small shrimps here, I used the big ones easily available in all grocery stores.

Prawns 1/2 lb
Onion ( finely chopped) 1/2 cup
Garlic cloves(finely chopped) 1 big
Red chilies (hotter the better) 6-7
Tamarind Small lemon size

Fry onions in oil till they become almost brown then add garlic fry for another one minute.
Make paste of tamarind and red chillies and add this to onion mixture.
Add very little water(but gravy should be thick). Now add shrimp and salt and boil till the
shrimps are cooked.
Serve hot.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 10mins

17 thoughts on “Shrimps in tamarind masala(Sungta phanna upkari)”

  1. Shrimp curry looks delicious Shilpa!! I haven’t tried cooking them this way.
    BTW(you might already know this) you can always salad shrimp when the recipe calls for small sized shrimp.

  2. Thanks Arjana for that info. I will look for salad shrimps next time, Shrimps are always compared to big prawns in curries and gravies :).

  3. A neat simple recipe Shilpa! my hubby would love it, anything that is sour… especially with tamarind. We do make similar kind of curry… dont add just chilli powder. Got to try this one…


  4. Sonali, as per Gowri’s mail, she suggests to use the actual tamarind ground along with dried chillies. This enhances the taste compared to using tamarind extract and chilli powder.

  5. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a new visitor to your blog… Just wanted to ask one question, can we use those frozen cooked shrimp to make this? how long we have to cook it if its cooked shrimp.Because if we over cook the shrimp it becomes rubber!


    Shilpa: Savitha, I have never used cooked shrimp. But since it is completely cooked, just add it to the masala, mix it for a min so it gets a nice coating of masala on it and is heated through.

  6. Hey Shilpa, you are doing a wonderful job! I am a veggie turned non-veggie. Am learning all the non-veg recipes from your site.
    Prawns take less than a minute to cook. So, try cooking for less than a minute next time and see if it turns rubbery.

    Shilpa: Yes I know this. It has to be cooked till the prawns turn white. If it is cooked more than that, it becomes rubbery.

  7. Hi Shilpa,

    I am a newbie at ur site… I was always looking out for authentic Amchighele recipe sites when one of my S-I-L told me about this site. keep up the good work gal…
    I love Sunghta phanna upkari… my M-I-L makes it with sukhil Sunghat… U can get very small dried shrimp in chineese markets.

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    Should I be using coconut oil for all the Konkani seafood as well as vegeterian recipes?

    Shilpa: You can use any oil. Konkanis used to cook everything in coconut oil, but these days no one uses it that frequently because of health reasons.

  9. Hi Shilpa,
    We lived in Manglore for two years and it was great fun to try out the local cuisine.A close friend of mine had also given me Jaya Shenoy’s recipe book-I am told that this often goes along with the bridal trouseu.I loved your recipes and certainly look forward to trying out the pumkin idli.Thanks for the great food ideas.There is a hotel in Mangalore called Ayodhya(they serve traditional Konkani cuisine. and I remember they had a dish made of ragi(sweet) which they called Ragi Idli .Can you post the recipe for it?
    Keep up the good work and keep it coming!

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Thank u for all u r recipies, i am bachelor living away from my parents and always ur recipes are the ones which makes me feel at home. i always miss my mom’s fish curries… but .. trying ur recipes makes my weekend.

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