Kokum Fish (Sola bangade)

Spicy Mackerel with Kokum

Isn’t that very tempting??

This is a Marathi dish I guess, because aayi learnt it from pachi(aayi’s sister). The burst of flavor in the mouth when you taste this is amazing.

Some of my bachelor friends keep asking me about easy to do dishes. So I think they will definitely like this one.

Preferably Bangada(Mackerel) is used for this. I haven’t tried this with any other fish, but prawns can also be used in the place of bangada. It tastes great.

We call it Bangade kholu(Mackerel pickle) or sungata kholu(Prawn pickle) in Konkani.

4-5 big mackerel (or prawns 1/4 kg)
6 big cloves of garlic
1 tea spn Coriander powder 
A pinch Turmeric powder
1 tea spn Chilli powder
6-7 Kokum pieces

Mix crushed garlic, coriander powder, chilli powder, turmeric and salt.
Heat oil and fry the mixture for 1 min.
Add fish or prawn.
Add half cup water (If prawn is used, fry it for sometime before adding water).
Now add kokum pieces.
Cook till the fish is completely cooked (The color of the fish changes from transparent to white).
Serve hot.

Serves : 4-5
Preparation time : 15min

14 thoughts on “Kokum Fish (Sola bangade)”

  1. I love mackeral fish and the use of kokam in this recipe looks interesting.
    Incidently I blogged a sea food recipe.. charcoal grilled pomfret today.

  2. I loved this recipe.Its good for people who have cholestrol as this doesnt have coconut gravy as other konkani dishes have.I also added onions to above recipe .It was very tasty thanks.
    I have got good pictorial recipes which I didnt find in many other konakani sites.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Nagaraj M naik

    The word Ayee itself has a bounty of emotions and feelings with it, Mother’s Food is one of them. My Mother too is a wonderful Cook,But her Recipies are not Documented for the younger generation. Your selfless effort in this Direction is really appreciable. Keep up the good work

    Nagaraj M Naik
    Mumbai ( native – Karwar)

  4. Amazing yummy dish, one of the few fish gravies without the use of coconut or its milk.
    Also amazing site, mostly all recipes are from the Maharastra – Goa – Karnataka coastal belt.

  5. HI Shilpa and Aayi…

    Thanks a lot for creating this “life saving” website…I am in Canada..and for me being away from my amma….life is like a Seashore…dry and wet on opposites…
    Hanga makka konai nattille…kassa korka gottu na..
    Prawns and Seafood megelle favourites…anni tugelle website has halped me so much…I just can’t stop smiling and mannde giltachi recipe note down kartassa…anni weekend maltarri try karta mohnu assa…

    Thanks once again…please do keep me posted on more aayi’s recipes and cooking tips..

    Chinmaya Pai.

  6. thanks so much for this site! so excited to find a site devoted to coastal (marathi/konkan) recipes — just made this one tonight with tilapia instead of bangade and it was delicious!! 🙂

  7. Shilpa,
    Use Salmon and try this recipe. Just a suggestion.We call it Sola Salmon 🙂
    For all my Aayi’s Bangade Recipes I use Salmon as it is a Fishy Fish just like Bangade.

  8. Hi, This is jyoti
    I love all ur recepies, just for curiosity, may i knw u r from which place of karnataka? Actually i m From Uttara Kannada and all ur dishes are from UK… Thanks for sharing all these dishes, i m newly married and didnt knw any UK food and nw i easily prepare our UK food for my hubby…..:) THANK YOU SO MUCH

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