Clam vada (Khubbe/tisre vade)

Few of my friends want me to post some non vegetarian dishes here. Its been a long time I tasted any non veg except for shrimps. So I was wondering when I would post this classic dish. Few days back, my dear friend Deepa reminded me of this. So when my brother went for a short trip to my native, Aayi prepared this and my brother took pictures.

When I was growing up, I was a big fan of clams. Read more about clams in my Kalwa sukke recipe. Opening these clams from thier shells is a big task. Few people are experts in this, but I took a long time to open them. So aayi asks the person who catches these, to open them for us. Then she would make delicious gravy and these vadas with these. The combination was just out of the world. These get a superb taste of onion and the clams.

For vagetarian version, click cabbage vada.

3/4 cup clams
1/2 cup fresh/frozen coconut
1/4 cup finely chopped onion
1 tea spn coriander seeds
1/4 tea spn tamarind extract (or 2 pieces of tamarind)
3-4 red chilies
1 cup sooji/rava

Heat little oil and fry coriander seeds. Grind them with coconut, red chilies, tamarind, salt without adding too much water. To this paste, add clams and onions.
Mix all together and make balls.

Roll the balls in rava/sooji, slightly press them with hand and shallow fry on tava. Serve with rice as a side dish.

Serves : 3-4
Preparation time : 25mins

15 thoughts on “Clam vada (Khubbe/tisre vade)”

  1. Hi Shilpa,
    Thanks for mentioning me…here it is very difficult to open them so what i do is steam them in cooker without the whistle with little water for 5-10 mins,they all open up easily just have to take them out from shells also some people get stomach ache if not cooked properly so I cook them with little water before adding it to the masala and them shallow fry.

  2. These look excellent! Shilpa, you get the medal for owning the most variety of vada recipes of all! 🙂 I love your mother’s dishes!!

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    Yummy! Brought back lovely memories of mom and grandma…I love these vades..thanks for bringing back those amazing childhood memories.


  4. The vadas look crisp, hot & delicious. I have never had any sea food vada before. I didn’t even know we could make something like this with clams. Wonderful recipe.

  5. I am glad to have someone with connections in Kumta documenting Konkani receipes with the “North Kanara” influence. I am from Kumta and it delights me to read the name “Kumta” in your recipes. I know a lot of folks here in the USA that hail from Kumta.
    Do you have the recipe for “misal”. I used to get it from “Chittaranjan” Theatre stall. That was the best “misal” ever.

  6. Hi Shilpa &Deepa,

    Thanks for the clam vada recipe. We used to prepare sukka, hinga uddaka, phanna upkari, ajadina, vaali and Khubbo ambat all these years. This is totally new to us. I tried it by steaming the clams as I know opening them as it is takes a lot of time. My husband likes clams in any form. We both liked it very much. I’ll try clam curry next time and let you know. Thanks again.

  7. Looks tempting!!! I live in USA and I have been unable to get fresh clams like the ones back home (Bombay)…A good substitute I found was that of tinned baby clams…..They taste good for dishes like these (Vadas). I haven’t tried them for curries. U get these tinned clams in any grocery store and they save u the opening and cleaning the sand out process.

  8. hi Shilpa
    I live in Qatar and I have been unable to get fresh clams like the ones back home “KUMTA”…….. I am from(HERWATTA) Kumta and it delights me to read the name “Kumta” in your recipes.thanx for Wonderful recipe..thanx again


  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I happened to come across your websit accidently while on a search for eggless cake. I wouldn’t be able to express the joy I felt when I saw “Aayi” and not to mention the Konkani recipes. I’m going to tell all my konkani friends about it and I’m sure they will be equally excited.
    Warm regards,

  10. Btw – steaming clams is probably the most hygienic way of cleaning them. Any unopened shell is simply to be discarded as the clam is not fresh.

  11. It’s my husband’s birthday on saturday and he asked if I could prepare his favourite seafood dishes. I was about to call my ma-in-law for the tisrya vade recipe, and then I thought, you may have that on your site. YOU DO!!! Yay!

    I will try these…I had eaten them long ago, in his GAON, near Karwar, with fresh clams collected near the Kali river.


  12. hi shilpa, thanks for the wonderful recipe. i added little soaked rice when grinding masala and fried without rava. my mother used to do the same. try it next time.

  13. Thanks Shilpa. I will surely try it. Even my aayi used to prepare it but i have forgotten the receipe. I too am frm kumta so will get an amchegele taste

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