Lunchbox: Jolad rotti, Engayi and fruits

Few days back when I had requested for kids’ lunch box recipes, one of my readers asked me to post lunch box ideas for adults. I gave it a thought and finally decided to click pictures of hubby’s lunch box and post them here. I do not know how long this category will continue, because it becomes very difficult to click pictures early morning when I usually run here and there to finish cooking lunch and breakfast before 8AM. This category will only have pictures and the links(if possible) of the dishes.

I use the tupperware boxes which I got from India. I have tried with different types of lunch boxes but liked tupperware because the food does not smell in these boxes and also even the watery dishes do not come out from the boxes. I like to fill all the 4 boxes though I perfectly know half of it comes back without being touched :).

I could not think of any good way of including fruits in our diet. And we hardly used to have any fruits after dinner as well. Mostly, because I prepare a very heavy dinner after which we are so full to have anything else. I know a heavy dinner is not a healthy habit, but still dinner is the only meal when we can relax a bit and eat, whereas lunches are had in our busy schedule/office. So I started including assorted fruits in lunch (I was inspired by Meeta’s blog).
Today’s lunch is jowar roti, engayi(I filled it in two small boxes, am sure one will come back untouched :)) and fruits – watermelon, grapes, pineapple, apple mixed with one tea spn honey.

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  1. Hi Shilpa…Liked your presentation very much. I too have got the same Tupperware luchbox from India, along with the neat bag. As you said it is leak proof and does not smell. I give my hubby salads/fruits, sabzi in the bigger one. If not all at least i use two of them everyday. Honey is a nice addition to the fruits.

  2. Hi Shilpa…With respect to kids lunch box recipes, i have not yet followed the American style. It is just 5 days the school has started, i would give my son items like stuffed paratha, aloo paratha, idli, dosa etc with say ketchup or dahi. This is for the main recess. The first one i give some fruits, cookies or cakes. I also give a small bottle of either milk, juice or fresh fruit juice. In school they have a big menu which is served in the cafeteria, but the qty is too much and he would not even finish 25% of it.

  3. Shilpa, even i like the tupperware lunch box, i got the same one as yours and i feel the same way as you have a few more items in list to buy this time when i visit india..:-)

  4. Hi Shilpa,

    lunch box looks great. I remember my school days..ohh it used to very heavy then but now I feel like hope some body cooks for me and prepare such delicious lunch every day. Thanks for sharing

  5. Shilpa and Manasi, why is it unhealthy to eat fruit after dinner? I’m asking because this is the first time I have heard this.

    Also, if possible please check out Flower Fest – it’s all about the A-Z of Flowers. A letter of the alphabet for every two weeks. Choose a flower whose name begins with that letter. Paint, draw, sketch, doodle, photograph, digitize the flower of your choice. Post it to your blog before the last date. Instructions and guidelines (very few) are on the Flower Fest blog. Please participate! Or bookmark the page and watch! I am sure there will a lot of creativity and learning.

    Shilpa, if possible could you put a link to the Flower Fest on your blog the way I have on mine? We would love for this to have as many participants as possible.

  6. Oh my god…I think again my English has given a wrong meaning. What I meant to say was eating a heavy dinner is not a good habit, so usually people eat a light dinner and eat lots of fruit. We do exactly opposite, we eat heavy dinner and no fruits :(. I changed the post a bit, I hope it is clear now.
    Sure Manisha, I will add the flowerfest link.

  7. This is an interesting category you’ve started, Our routines are pretty much similar, even i finish cooking breakfast and lunch by 8 am, and have got this idea of posting hubby’s lunchbox but i dint go ahead for 2 reasons. One, i didnt think i would be able to stick to it each day and 2nd i wasnt sure how much my hubby would like the fact that his dabba is open to the whole world, LOL

  8. Nandita, I completely agree with your first reason.
    I had thought a lot about second reason when I started this category. Then I realized, we are blogging so much about what we cook in our kitchen. We almost post eveything(along with pictures) that we cook, then what difference will it make if we include some more pictures of lunchboxes? It is the same food we give in lunchbox, so we should not worry much about our lunchbox being opened to the world…do you agree with me??

  9. hii i really liked ur idea.Can u giv me sum snacky and easy recipes ?
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  10. Hi, I like ur recepies. we prepare the jowar roti in some different manner, which is more easier.
    her it goes..
    take a handfull of jowar atta in big plate.
    Add enough water to make a dough(same like roti dough)
    Make a ball out of it. Sprinkle some dry jowar atta on the plate place the ball on it.
    Put some dry atta on ur palms and press the ball with ur palms till it becomes thin like paratha.
    then put on the hot tawa taking care that the downside should now be facing up.
    quickly spread little water on the roti (just to make the dry flower damp) and turn it when the water start evaporating.
    Again turn once the other side is fully done. It will puff like a puri.
    Enjoy it.

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