Lunchbox: Lemon rice and fruits

Lunch for today is very simple. Lemon rice and fruits (grapes, strawberry, apple, banana). Honey is packed separately as it becomes watery if mixed with fruit. I am not very sure whether the banana will remain fresh in lunch box or not. But if I included it separately, it promptly came back without being touched. So I have cut it into pieces and packed today :).

5 thoughts on “Lunchbox: Lemon rice and fruits”

  1. hi shilpa i noticed you said
    “am not very sure whether the banana will remain fresh in lunch box”

    my dad the most awesome fruit salad ever and his secret to fresh bananas was adding lime juice (say half of the lime) to it, that keeps the banana from getting squeshy!

  2. Excellent website…simply yummy. The photographs make it even more irresistible.

    Got a question…You have mentioned about cut fruits in lunchbox. They look very good when you are packing them in the morning, but soften or turn brown till lunch time. Any special tips?

  3. Hi there, I love your website and thank you so much for these lunch box recipes. I always have a problem packing lunches for my husband, you are of great help, keep posting.

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