Lunchbox: Potato biryani and fruits

Today’s lunchbox is Potato biryani and fruits(apple and grapes). Daily I used to add honey to fruits and send in lunch box. But the honey used to become watery and lost its taste. So I gave the whole bottle of honey, which will be kept in office hereafter. (Now I have an extra work of reminding to add honey daily at lunch time :)).

Today my camera was acting strange. I tried my best to take good pictures, but failed. I followed the traditional method of cooking biryani, took pictures of each step. I am planing to write a post on “How to make good biryani”. I must admit, it took a very long time to finish cooking and taking pictures :(.

11 thoughts on “Lunchbox: Potato biryani and fruits”

  1. NddGuy, In the above post, I have given the link to the biryani recipe. Just take your mouse over “Potato biryani” in the description(which looks blue) and click it. The chicken in that recipe is substitute by potato for veggie version.

  2. hiya…
    i really love your site…nice recipees,easy to learn.. maintain the same pace shilpaaa….i appreciate ur hardwork
    i know how difficult it is to brin the site to spotlight and to succeed..and u did it…
    u are great darling..


  3. hai shilpa..
    I have sent many mails but none of them are there in your site..whats happeningra..kanna…

    Shilpa: Ohh when did you send them? About what? I think my spam filter caught some of the good comments also. I am extremly sorry 🙁

  4. hai..
    plz..dont feel sorry…
    any ways..i am glad that u have read my comments …

    byeda kanna..

    Shilpa: I got one of your comments in spam, but I am not sure if there were any more that I missed :(. Thanks a lot for your kind words.

  5. hi shills..
    whats ur profession…are u a software engineer..if do u get time….doing all this great work..
    keepit up raaa

    Shilpa: Yes, I am a software engineer with a full time job. I do this whenever I find time. As cooking is one of my hobbies, I try to spend some time on it daily.

  6. heyy shilpa….cum on….yaar……tell more abt urself…..everyone wantz to knw abt u….i really wonder why u r not responding…will be waiting…..and my bestwishes will always be there 4 u……)

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