Lunchbox: Chapathi, gherkin upkari, Jilebi and fruits

Today’s lunch is chapathi, tendli upkari, fruits(cantaloupe, grapes, apple) topped with honey and few Jilebis(I bought them from Indian store yesterday).

Few days back, when I started a request page for Kid’s lunch box, few of my readers wanted to know about lunch box for adults also. So I started writing about my lunch boxes, I thought it would give an idea for my readers(at least the beginners). But I never thought I would confuse everyone between this series and kid’s lunch box request. This series is getting more attention than the kid’s lunch box request. So I think it is better if I stop this category from now on. Any suggestions welcome :).

7 thoughts on “Lunchbox: Chapathi, gherkin upkari, Jilebi and fruits”

  1. Hi Shilpa…For a moment i thought it is Batate Talasini. I made it on Tuesday. Making an adult lunch box is simpler than a kiddies. Looks good.

  2. I know what you mean! I saw kids lunch box series request flooded with all kinds grown up lunches !! I thought ‘did they get confused or something’ 🙂
    But it’sokay, you can just copy those into grown up lunches. you don’t have stop!

  3. Why stop? If something is popular and you keep getting more requests, it means you’re doing the right thing by posting! Post away!

    And thanks for the link to the Flower Fest blog! I will be doing the first round-up on the 20th.

  4. Aruna, even I think adults lunch is much simpler. First thing is we can ask them what they want and cook it. Second, if they don’t like what we have given in lunch box, we can ask them to eat out ;). But for kids, we have to take care.

    Lakshmi, Bhanap, Asha, Manisha if this is really helping anybody, I will surely continue it. May be I should think something to promote the Kid’s recipe request page.

    Manisha, I love the whole idea of flower fest. In last few days, I visited many different blogs and asked them to participate in the flower fest. I don’t think my efforts have helped in anyway :(. If I was good at photography or painting, I would have loved to participate. But I am a big zero in this case. I am hoping you will get a late entry this weekend :).

  5. Hi

    Your recipes are simple, interesting & every recipe makes we feel ” i should try this”
    Being a konkani …I like the konkani section and keep checking it once a while.
    Paneer chili is my favourite.
    Can U please have some easy recipes for kids age 2-4 years ..i like the kid’s lunch box idea but couldn’t find it anything there.
    Thanks Again

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