Lunchbox: Chapathi, Egg burji and fruits

We simply love eggs. So at least once in a week, I give eggs in lunch box.

Todays box had chapathi, boiled egg burji and fruits(apple, cantaloupe and grapes) topped with honey.

10 thoughts on “Lunchbox: Chapathi, Egg burji and fruits”

  1. Good lunch, Shilpa!!

    Check out ‘Indousplaza’ for three tier stainless steel tiffin carrier or lunch carrier if you are interested…( they had them last time I checked)

  2. While working in Mumbai, a Parsi friend used to make banana bhurji -exactly like your boiled egg bhurji. It was made with ‘ripe’ bananas. Sweet and spicy dish. Tasted good w chappatis. She used to make them as soon as she would seen the banana skin get those big black spots and become overripe.

  3. Thanks Aruna.

    Asha, I haven’t seen Indousplaza yet, but I don’t like the three tier steel tiffin careers since the gravy spills out of it. That is the major advantage of tupperware over any other lunch boxes.

    Shaheen, eggs remain fresh in the lunchbox. I give eggs atleast 1-2 days in a week. Sometimes I give ommelettes too.

    Bhanap, thats a new dish. Will try next time with ripe bananas. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Krithika.

  4. Thats good Divya, we never used to eat any fruits before this. Now hubby eats it from lunchbox and I am very happy about it :).

  5. Hi shilpa

    Ur lunch looks very colourful and yummy , one question how do u avoid the fruits from changing their colour?

  6. i like the menu of your lunchbox.for low calorie you can take fulkas not chapatis and dont use yellow yok of the egg.

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