Lunchbox: Biryani, fruits

Lunch for today is fruits(grapes, apple, strawberry,banana) and biryani with egg, potato, soya chunks.

Lesson learnt : biryani is not something that should be cooked in hurry. I had already started cooking it and then hubby told me he wants to go early. It needs a lot of time to cook. To make it cook soon, I added more water and cooked on ‘high’. The rice grains got sticked to each other by doing this. But still the biryani tasted great, ‘not-so-good looking tasty biryani’ :D.

3 thoughts on “Lunchbox: Biryani, fruits”

  1. Hi Shilpa
    I have been checking your blog, and am really impressed with the lunches you pack everyday. Makes me want to be less lazy and try to pack healthy lunches and fruit. Keep up the good work!!!

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