Sugarcane Juice Chaklis (Kabbarosa Chakli)

Every year, Tulsi pooja comes on Kartik shuddha Dwadashi. We decorate Tulsi vrindavan with mantapam and sugarcanes all around it. The mantapam and all the decorations are taken off after three days. After the pooja, sugarcane pieces were distributed along with puffed rice to all the people who came home to attend the pooja.

In previous years, many farmers from nearby places used to supply sugarcanes for Tulsi Pooja. However this season, sugarcanes were not fully grown and hence they were not sweet enough to eat. So we send them to the market to make juice. I used to prepare many dishes out of it, like the sugarcane juice – chaklis, appes and alayle peeta rotti/kabbarosa bhakri etc. Among all these, sugarcane chaklis were favorites at the house. So since then, whenever we got sugarcane juice, these chaklis became a staple at home.

These days the juice is easily available in the market. We love drinking it with lemon juice and ginger added.

5 cups rice flour
1 cup maida(all purpose flour)
2.5 to 3 cups sugarcane juice
1 cup melted butter
1 tea spn sesame seeds
1 tea spn Salt
Oil for deep frying

Melt the butter. Mix butter, sesame seeds and salt with the rice flour, maida and add sugarcane juice to it slowly to have a smooth dough removing all the lumps in it. Start with 2.5 cups juice and increase if needed.
Knead it properly on a flat surface.
Fill the dough in the chakli press and make the chaklis on a paper or banana leaf or a plastic sheet.
Heat oil and deep fry chaklis. Remove them when they turn slightly brown. Store them in airtight container when they cool. They last for many days.

Updated recipe Apr 20th 2022:

Video –

25 thoughts on “Sugarcane Juice Chaklis (Kabbarosa Chakli)”

  1. hi shilpa….

    I regularly visit your site for all konkani dishes… All the dishes posted truely deserve appreciation.. Iam basically from Karwar and just love your work…

    This one looks fantastic…I love chaklis a lot… never heard of sugarcane juice chaklis… great, will try out soon..

  2. Varada Maai!
    These look Yumm!
    Love the Chakli, but did not know they can me made with sugarcane juice.
    Learning something new from you every day!

    Here is a link to a video of making sugarcane juice at a stall in Mumbai.

    And more reason to visit you soon.
    Thank you

    1. I miss these! We were fortunate to be able to taste these when our dear Granny prepared them during the sugarcane harvest season.

  3. Varada aunty,

    I never knew sugarcane juice is used in cooking. My doubts are; can we use the juice crushed fresh by any sugarcane juicevendor. Why is ur juice brown in color?

  4. this is a fantastic receip as we have plenty of this crop in mauritius i will certainly try tjis receip.

    any thanks for all your receips during this year

    merry christmas & happy new year for all your relatives


  5. this one very nice recipe .in uk sugarcane juice not available .so is their any alternative.plz reply .i want to try this simple but delicious recipe…….

    1. Not aware of any alternative. Sugarcane juice gives it an awesome taste and flavor. Probably you can try it with just water or coconut water, but then it will become normal chakli 🙁

  6. I wonder how chaklis tastes. But I love sugar cane coz it brings back so many fun childhood memories to me. We had a sugar cane plant in our garden and we would cut down one stalk and cut it among us. It was real sweet and juicy.. I missed those times..

  7. Never heard of sugarcane chakli but after making that fabulous date cake of yours (first time making a cake) a few days ago, I am willing to bet that it tastes good.

  8. Hassuni Takashita PhD

    Awesome! simply awesome!

    Having Kabbarosa Chakli brought tears to my eyes, it is the first time I cried since landing in Japan 15 years ago to escape the constant harassment of Konkani food.
    Now after eating tasteless Japanese food devoid of inspiration and nutrition, I have decided to return to India to my native Hindu faith.
    Moral of the story…Don’t run away from home, batate phodi and tak-sheeth is any better than partially cooked rice and raw fish served in Japan

  9. Sripaad Ghanwase Rao

    Hi Varada

    The pictures of Kabbarosa Chakli that you posted look so mouth watering. While I commend you for taking your precious time to share this fabulous recipe with us, I must take this opportunity to inform the public by and large about the widespread use( misuse of sugarcane(kabba)
    I have been working as an environmentalist in Guvamusa( Japan) as an environmentalist for the past 2 decades and my research seems to indicate that Sugarcane is one of the most endangered plant specie in the biosphere. We humans have more or less sounded the death knell for it in Japan and the rest of Asia is following suit. I would simply submit that you must exercise restraint while using sugar-cane for your daily randap.

    Thanking you
    S G Rao, Environmentalist
    Guvamusa Sugarcane Protection Programme
    UNDP Funded Heritage Project

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