Spicy shankarpal(Khara/Theek shankarpal)

This year I had decided to make all the important dishes that can be associated with Diwali. Many of my readers had asked for this recipe and also, once I prepared the sweet version, I had to make the spicy or khara(Kannada) or theek(Konkani) version. These were a favorite of my family.

This shankarpal was a regular at my home when we were kids. We had a special kind of cutter – like in this picture from Vaishali, which was used to cut these. Aayi’s shankarpal were very spicy and all cut in the same shape and size. As a kid, I used to love using this cutter, it was loads of fun. So one of the reasons I love to try these is – they remind me of my blessed childhood.

I have seen some people cut these into long strips instead of these little parallelograms, which is more easier and less time consuming. But I like these small shapes because I feel it is fun. I made these yesterday after returning from my office, I was hoping to do one post a day till Diwali. But by the time I finished this, I felt like I would fall off – 8hrs of work at office + all the work at home does not leave much energy. So I let it go.

This is my spicy entry to Vee’s Diwali special JFI. Till she is fed up of my entries and asks me to stop, I will keep sending her my Diwali entrees, after all I get into this kind of cooking mood very rarely ;).

There are many ways of making this dish. This is aayi’s version.

1 cup maida or all purpose flour
1 cup wheat flour
2 tea spns rice flour
2 tea spns(approx) chili powder
A pinch asafoetida
2 tea spns hot oil + oil for deep frying
A tea spn slightly crushed cumin seeds(optional) – I didn’t add this

Adjust chili powder according to your taste.

Mix flours with chili powder, asafoetida, salt and 2 tea spns hot oil. Add enough water to make a dough. Leave the dough for about 30mins.

Take a big ball of the dough and roll into a thin circle. Cut into small parallelograms. Do not stack the pieces one above other.

Heat oil for deep frying. Deep fry the pieces.
When they are cooled to room temperature, store in air tight container.

Preparation time : 1 and 1/2 hrs

34 thoughts on “Spicy shankarpal(Khara/Theek shankarpal)”

  1. Hi Shilpa,

    I was still in your website looking at some recipes, n there u post another one which i love :)..Good work with all your recipes..N happy diwali in advance.

  2. Shilpa..lovely shankarpalis..would try these out as well..re. the cutter, we too had the same copper cutter fixed on a tablespoon for aiding the Karanji making..spoon for using to stuff the filling in equal measure, folding the puri around edges and using the cutter behind it..my place too amma used to speedily use this cutter while rolling it in a straight line for the shankarpalis..i used to try my hand at it while in school and the cutter used to make a wavy line! 😀 Tks for the recipe again..HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU AND YOUR CLOSE ONES!

  3. Wow Diwali spree indeed. I love these. Adding wheat flour is new to me. So much healthy. Thanks for a slightly different version.

  4. YaaY!I was going to say in the last post – where are the tiik sankarpale?
    I could eat these all day!
    I am wondering if we could follow this same recipe and then instead of frying, just ‘roast’ them in the oven.
    Heh, that would be a major contribution to konkani health!

    We have some busy travels ( :-)) coming up. Perhaps after that.
    and thank you for sharing!

    Shilpa: Thats a good idea to bake..but I don’t know if it will work :(. I recently tried baking samosas, the taste was not as good as deep fried :(. Happy journey

  5. hmmm..these shankarpalis reminds me of my chilhood too..I would try to help my mom…but I dunno how much it really helped her….well I surely helped her with eating them though…:)

  6. I am not ever going to say stop, Shilpa. Cook to your hearts content! With entries like these, I would be a fool to ask you to stop.

    Keep them coming. Happy Diwali!

  7. Hi,
    I love your recipes and all the hard work you put into them. I was just wondering if you would please also include the name of brands found in America that you use for your ingredients. For example, I would love to make the shankarpalis but I don’t know what wheat flour to use (e.g. Golden Temple, Swad, Nirav?). It will really help a lot if you could tell what YOU used so I can follow that lead. Thanks a lot.

    Shilpa: Suchitra, I always use Pillsbury wheat flour. It may not be possible for me to write the brand every time as it is way too time consuming, but if you have any doubts, leave a comment and I will respond. Thanks

  8. I am going to attempt making tikhat shanakrpale this Diwali so your recipe is really useful. Have you ever tried them with self-raising flour? I have a big bag so not sure if I should risk – the worry being if they would soak too much oil. Any thoughts?
    Thanks, Anita

    Shilpa: No, I haven’t used self rising flour anita. I think it may make them soft instead of crispy.

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    I just finished making this and it came out really well. It is crisp, but not as crispy as chakli/murukku… Is that how it is supposed to be? Or did I go wrong somewhere?

    Thanks a lot for this recipe!

    Shilpa: N, it should be crispy like chakli.

  10. Hey
    This was amazingly easy recipe which i prefer to do anytime and any season for my husbond…
    Thanks for this as well as other recipes which are quick to do and easy to do …

    I would like to tell you something…if instead of ” chili powder” if u put green chopped chilies with turmeric powder…that also work….and the color is so beautiful…that no one can resist to have those shankarpali…..my friends love it n i called it” yellow spicy shankerpali..” just thought to share with you…

    Again..Thank you very much…


  11. Hi Shilpa,

    great recipe! I tried them today but like someone else said– they were not crispy. Do you have to roll it out very thin like chapati? why would they become soft? any ideas?


  12. You can also add Ajwain or jeera in the dough.. You can also add finely chopped onions… it tastes very good.. i have tried it…but fry the pieces until onions turn into dark brown….

  13. Hey Shilpa,
    I’ve been a silent spectator for sometime. I appreciate your efforts in bringing the new recipes. I tried this shankarpauli and didn’t turn out to my expectation as sold outside. I’m not sure wht went wrong. I tried making it both in thin n thick versions. When fried they became fluffy like poori and few were good. Please advise as to wht could have gone wrong.

  14. i tried yr receipe of tukdi this diwali…came out nice n crispy n tasty….but it didnt puff up like in the photo given here….can u tell me what could have gone wrong…..but was really very tasty……thank u….

    1. The dough might have become soft, try making it little hard. Also, don’t put one shankarpali on top of another before frying. Spread them out on paper/plate

  15. hi I made this and they turned out to be very soft 🙁 I followed the instructions but wonder wht went wrong :((((

  16. Hello Shilpa,
    I am a big fan of your food blog. Your recipe collection is awesome. I have tried, quite a few of them & they turned out very well. We love shankarpali. But, every time try to make them at home, thet turn out like masala puris, lacking crunchiness. Please suggest how to make them crispy..

  17. Hello Shilpa,
    Spicy shankarpali or theek tukdi as we call them is a favourite at home. But, every time we try to make them at home, they lack crispiness. Any suggestions to make them crispy?

    1. Akshata, 1. Try rolling into thin circles. 2. When you roll them into circles, do not stack one on top of other. Keep in one layer. 3.fry on a low heat. If you fry on high heat, they will get fried fast but will be soggy. Hope these help

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