Spicy rice-peanut discs(Nippattu)

Nippattu is a disc shaped crunchy deep fried item, that is very popular in some parts of Karnataka. There are many different ways of making this dish. The basic ingredient being rice flour. Other ingredients vary according to taste. I picked the easiest one with least number of ingredients.

This one has a very strong peanutty taste to it. The other thing I liked about this dish is, it does not soak much oil. I used a combination of peanut oil and olive oil for deep frying. What can be better suited for a freezing weather other than few of these spicy nippattus along with a cup of tea? I love them when they are still hot. These can be saved for few days in air tight containers, so you can prepare them when you have time for later consumption.

1/2 cup peanuts coarsely powdered
4 cloves powdered
3-4 strands coriander leaves finely chopped
1 cup rice flour
1 tea spn sesame seeds
1 tea spn red chili powder

Mix all the ingredients (except oil). Add enough water to make it into a dough.
Apply some oil to a plastic sheet (or use a wax paper). Make small balls of the dough and flatten them into small discs on the paper.

Heat oil. Deep fry the discs till they are crispy. Cool to room temperature and then store in air tight container.

Makes about 25-30 nippattus
Preparation time : 45mins

28 thoughts on “Spicy rice-peanut discs(Nippattu)”

  1. we call them ‘thattai’ in tamil, Shilpa. But not with peanuts… this sounds very nutty;) by powdering peanuts you mean with the skin on or dry roast and remove the skin?

    Shilpa: Latha, I powdered them along with skin. No roasting. It gave very nice raw aroma and taste to it.

  2. i’m thinking these can be baked too. they look delicious.

    Shilpa: I guess so Bee. Infact I wanted to bake them too. But since I was preparing them for the first time, I thought of going with traditional method :). Next time will try baking.

  3. These look very yummy and I agree, what better way to warm up on a cold winter day, than to munch on these crunchies!!!

    I love anything with rice flour..will try this out soon..

  4. Shilpa..new to me! I have eaten the plain ones..store bought with jeera/ajwain in it..donno now whether that was made out of maida or rice!wd try when all r fine to eat deep fried stuff.

  5. I remember making these a long time back….thanks for reminding me – you have managed to make these so beautifully thin, must have been nice and crispy!

  6. i do nippattu with a slight variation…i add soaked chana dal and crushed garlic, and when u fry them the chana dal puffs up and the fried garlic tastes yummy……i have a friend who grinds green chillies and half an onion to a paste and adds this paste to the flour and then add water to make the dough and they taste yummy……anytime i make these they are gone in no time

  7. Hi Shilpa,
    Tried ur nippattu recipe – except I omitted the cloves (not a big fan of them) and added instead 1/2 tsp hing and chopped up some fresh karbeva leaves, rest as per ur recipe. We baked it (instead of frying), just to experiment, and it turned out really tasty. I suspect, the fried version is probably tastier, but the baked ones were good enough. Will be making these a lot more now. Thanks a bunch for ur lovely recipe.

  8. K.Shaila Bala

    We likeNippattuuverymuch,speciallyif itisspicy. So farwehavebeeneatingbypicking it off the bakeryshelves.

  9. the site is good i want to see more of icecreams (eggless)and ccoldriks which can be stored for the year.

  10. shilpa, i tried these nipattu and they came out very tasty, a small request have u tried out the baked version? would really like to try an healthier version of this tasty munchies.


  11. Hi all,
    I baked the discs at 250F for about 10 mins to release the moisture and then turned the heat to 350F till they turned golden.

    I fried some too.

    All was as per your recipe minus the cloves.

    The baked version to me tasted better, the flavors were more appealing and it was much more crunchier. The best part was that they tasted guiltfree…know what I mean?



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