Ragi chakli

Many of my readers asked me for recipes with ragi(Finger milet). I have many recipes with this healthy flour. Whatever you do, the color of the ragi dishes is so bad that you don’t feel like making them again. So I avoid ragi most of the time. But I always have a pack of ragi at home.

I was going thorugh the ragi special in my Kannada recipe collection and I saw this recipe. It was so tempting that I tried it immediately. It came out very well. This is a very crispy, melt-in-the-mouth kind of dish. Both the spicy and non-spicy versions were mentioned in the article, I tried the spicy version.

See recipes of normal chakli and moong daal chakli.

2 cups ragi flour
1 and 1/2 cups water
A pinch cooking soda(optional)
1 tea spn chili powder
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
A pinch asafoetida

Mix all the ingredients, except oil. Take this paste in a cooker vessel and steam without weight for 10mins.
Add 1 tbl spn of warm oil to the steamed dough and knead well. When it is still hot, take the dough in chakli press and press directly into hot oil(they break very easily, so it is very difficult to give them spiral shape like any other chaklis). Fry till they are crisp.
Store in airtight container.

Preparation time : 25mins

15 thoughts on “Ragi chakli”

  1. hey shilpa,

    what a coincidence, just today i made chakli with rice flour. will post it soon…..

    Ragi chakli looks really good, if i had seen your posting this afternoon i would have tried ragi chakli too. may be next time…

    Anyways, good luck with your job.


  2. shilpa-
    i remember reading your post for ragi idlis a few months back, i found this intriguing as i have not yet tried using this grain, but i have read about its great nutritional value. these chaklis are of a strange colour as well, but i do think they are lovely…. they may look good along with something bright yellow! 🙂 i am sure the taste makes up for anyone not fond of the colour! i will try these very soon and let you know how they turned out… a very healthy snack.

  3. Namaskar mayi,

    The idea is very good Ragi is very good millet most healthy and almost cheap and 1000 times more usefull that its cost
    this idea is very good sure will try.


  4. Hi Shilpa,that looks gorgeous,I know it’s dark colored but not that bad.Never tried or thought of Ragi Chakli!Great idea.Thank you.Happy 2007!

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  6. Shilpa… After i made moong dal chakils 2 days back, i was thinking how to make these. I have eaten the best ragi chakli from Hotel Parijath in Kundapura. I guess they mix rice flour too shilpa, as they were just slightly brown and not dark. Let me try these. Thanks

  7. Hey Shilpa,
    I just checked out your Undi post. I never knew you had blogged about it! Yours is a different recipe, I must say. Somewhat easier too, with Idli Rava. Will try it out some time. I will maintain the depressions in the balls, though. 🙂

  8. Hi Shilpa
    Made Ragi chakkuli y’day and it came out perfect.Thanx a lot.I had made Mysore pak and Moong dal chakkuli for Diwali,though they came out well,it was just below perfection.Wil make them again until i master the art:)

  9. Hi Shilpa

    I tried this recipe and had some problems.The steamed paste was not very soft and hence very hard to mix and use it in the chakli press.

    I tried mixing a little with milk and a lil oil and I was able to fry and they tasted very well. Any idea how I could fix the rest of the dough, it kinda has lumps too, so very hard to make it into soft dough.


    Shilpa: Sorry, I dont know.

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Made the raagi chakalies yesterday– they tasted wonderful. However, when they cooled they got a little more crispy than the usual chakalies (like Murukus you get in indian stores). Is that how raagi chakalies are? I have never eaten them before so I was wondering. Perhaps, I fried them for a longer time than I should have…

    Anyway, they tasted great—my kids loved it. Thanks for teh recipe and your blog is such an inspiration. You have gotten me intersted in trying new recipes. Thanks, Keep it up!


  11. shilpa…’
    its really yummy… of course as others said other than the color its really nutritious food … txs… keep posting nutritious foods …. 🙂

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