Moong daal chakli

Few days back, I prepared our traditional chaklis and it was a big hit. Since that was my first attempt with chaklis, I kept on talking about how good they were. Thanks to Google talk, I can talk with my parents daily now and aayi keeps on giving me new recipes. My parents learnt browsing when they saw my site few months ago in Bangalore (my brother’s house), so they immediately took internet connection at my native (though it is very very slow and unreliable), now I can talk to them daily. So that is the reason for non-stop recipes on my site and since I can talk to them, I feel at home. Now they catch me if I don’t follow the exact recipes, since they read each and every post and all the comments now :D.

Now, let me get back to the recipe. I never knew we could make chaklis with cooked daal of any kind. So when I got this recipe from Aayi, I was a bit hesitant to try it. I tried it day before yesterday. They came out so well that we finished more than half of them in two days, I mean one and quarter day 😉 (looking at the speed by which they were getting over, the remaining chaklis were confiscated from me by my home minister :D).

Moong daal(yellow) ½ cup
Maida(or all purpose flour) 2 cups
Sesame seeds(white til) 1 tea spn
Cumin seeds(jeera) 1 tea spn

Cook the moong daal till soft(preferably use pressure cooker). Mash them with a spoon.
Take the maida(or all purpose flour) in a cloth and tie a knot(I used the parchment paper, since I don’t like using old cloths for cooking and I was not having a separate cloth for this purpose).
Keep the flour bundle in a cooker vessel and steam it(without putting the weight) for around 10mins.

Cool the bundle and daal to room temperature. Take out the flour from the bundle, add mashed daal, cumin, sesame seeds and salt.

Mix into a dough(no need to add water, make the dough with the mashed daal).

Fill the dough in a chakli press and press into chakli shape on a flat board (use a plastic paper on the board to make it easier to lift the chaklis). If the chaklis break, knead the dough well before pressing them.

Heat oil. Lift the chaklis carefully from the paper/board(I used the cover of rice flour pack) and leave them in oil. (at any stage, chaklis should not break). Fry them on a medium flame. Take out on a clean kitchen towel.

When the chaklis are cooled to room temperature, store them in an airtight container.

Preparation time: 45-60mins

Note: These chaklis do not remain good for long. So finish them within 4-5 days.

Updated on 16th Oct 2006I recently saw a moong daal chukli with rice flour in it. I have not tried it. But since rice flour is more healthier than maida, you can give it a try. Skip the steaming of flour part (I mean use the flour as it is).

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  1. Hi Shilpa…….I had heard of moog dal chakli. But never tasted it. Now i have a detailed recipe, I am going to try this. Good to give in kids tiffin aslo. I have a good stock of moog dal, and going to try this today itself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Aruna, Mandira. Let me know if you try them.
    Rajasi, you have to add just enough water to cook the daal (say 1:2 daal:water ratio).

  3. Hi Shilpa,
    I have never heard of Moong dal chakli, They look beautiful and delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe. Will give it a try.
    Let me know shilpa if You try ragi mudde…..

  4. shilpa-
    these look so beautiful; they would be nice for entertaining guests. do you think i could use a ‘spritz’ cookie press for these? there is an attachment for the end that is like a star…round tube with teeth…or i suppose a pastry/cake decorating bag with a star attachment to make the grooves would work too. i guess i am thinking out loud, but i feel i must make these today if i can!! thanks for the recipe!

  5. I love chaklis , kodbales, anything crunchy ! Never made it with moong dal , I will make them. It doesn’t last few days!! Are you kidding?? My hands will be stuck inside the jar until they are gone , which is a day or two 😀 Thanks!!

  6. That’s a unique recipe, Shilpa. Your Aayi really has a great treasure of recipes. Good to hear that you can talk to her daily now. Great for us fellow bloggers too. 🙂

  7. ooooh. lovely chaklis. my hub would just gobble them up till he gets tummy ache. my mom makes a similar one but she adds the way, i have tagged u for a meme. do contribute.

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    I always thought murrukkus are made of rice and urad flour.. Adding cooked moong dal to it is new to me and the pictures show me that will sure turn out yummy.. thanks for the recipe.

  9. Shilpa — thank you thank you! I was hoping you’d post this but was not expecting it so soon. I will try this as soon as I can. I have never heard of steaming flour before mixing into a dough, so this one is all new on me.

    Isn’t the magic of the internet wonderful for keeping in touch 🙂

    Thanks again!

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    Seeing this chakli i remembered my childhood days when my ayee would make it for tea time snacks. we would just finish it off before it reached the storing in airtight container stage!! 🙂

  11. Hey Shilpa,

    This is a great recipe!!! But one question though, does this come out crispy, does’nt maida and moong make the chakuli’s soggy??


  12. Shilpa,
    Me again. Just wanted to tell you that I too have made something recently by steaming one ingredient in it. In a piece of cloth, though. (Hubby’s old handkerchief :)) Looking forward to sharing it with you. 🙂
    And you know what, you don’t really have to tell us to finish the Chaklis in 4-5 days. They look so yummy, they will be gone in 4-5 hours. 🙂

  13. Madhu, try them, I am sure you will like them. I am going to try ragi mudde soon. Will let you know.

    Arjuna, let me know if you try them.

    Pelicano, yes, the cookie press will work for this. Infact I had searched every possible store here in Kansas for a cookie press. But when I did not find it anywhere, I bought the traditional brass chakli press from Indian store.

    Ohh Asha, I had lost the count of how much I finished on the same day. Since the remaining were confiscated, I was craving for them the whole day yesterday :(.

    Vaishali, if not for aayi, I would not have had developed this blog so much. I was missing her and pappa so much here(not only for the recipes), I had a habit of talking to them twice a day in Bangalore, but here I was feeling lost. God bless whoever invented internet and googletalk :).
    I will be waiting for your recipe. Post it soon :). 4-5hrs is too much, I would have finished all of them in 1hr, but it is a bit difficult to eat when two watchful eyes are looking at you :D. Shhh…don’t tell anyone…Next time, I am going to prepare them in the afternoon and by the evening, I can keep only 4-5 for “the watchful eyes” :).

    Shaheen, here also same happened. As soon as hubby came from office, he found this big box of freshly made chaklis. I had to keep reminding him to stop eating :).

    Yes MT. They are just awesome…

    Prema, I too had that misconception before I tried these chaklis myself :).

    You aremost welcome Manjusha.

    Linda, got too many requests for the chaklis, so thought of posting them immediately :). do give them a try.

    Suma, I can totally relate with your memory. Any dabbe khaaN would not reach dabbe when we were kids. Aayi would shoo us out after sometime :).

    No smitha, they won’t get soggy at all. Try them and you will come to know. They are crunchy.

    Madhuli, let me know if you try them.

    Deepa, I know…most of the home ministers are very lucky. They just leave for office, saying they have work. we poor fellows should do all the work, isn’t it 😉 ?

    Yes tony, tea and these chaklis at a rainy day is nothing less than heaven on earth :D.

  14. So many varieties of chakli’s to try,moong dhal variation is something new and sounds great..thnaks shilpa, for sharing this lovely recipe.I will try this for sure…and let you know..:)

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  16. Hi Shilpa

    I had added your page to my favourites and have been going through your site for a few weeks now. I have really started admiring your interest and passion in developing this and all the time you have dedicated to this. I could not contain myself today and thought I should let you know that you are a great inspiration. Keep up the good work.



  17. Hi Shilpa
    U r really doing agreat job.this recipe was excellent,the chakli really turned out good.I tried out ur prawn xcauti also that too was very good.keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Shilpa
    U r really doing agreat job.this recipe was excellent,the chakli really turned out good.I tried out ur prawn xcauti also that too was very good. .

  19. Thank you for ur recipe.

    My daughter loves chakli so much that i dared to try it out. It turned out great so crispy and tasty.
    Thank you once again

  20. Hey,

    I was trying these and was wondering if we have to put it in water in pressure cooker. I poured water and above that placed a dry vessel and in that I put this cloth with flour in it. The problem is the flour was still dry. I cooked it for 3-4 whistles. Tell me where did I go wrong??

    Shilpa: Sudha, the flour should be dry. If you add water, it may become like a hard paste. So continue like that. It would have got some steam anyway.

  21. dear shilpa,
    actually i want the recipe for best chakli but the regular chakli with bhajan , pls send me the recipe forthe same.

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