Quesadilla and Peach-corn salsa

quesadilla and salsa
Now, the authenticity police may beat me down for this recipe here. This is not a authentic recipe, but inspired by my Mexican favorites. Quesadilla – pronounced as kisadia, is made of melted cheese between folded corn tortilla. While I try it sometimes, V does not go anywhere near this.

Salsa is kind of condiment served with many Mexican dishes. We get salsas made of tomato, corn, fruit etc. I think it goes very well with Quesadilla.

Now, let’s see how this recipe was born. On one of those grocery shopping sprees, I brought home a pack of jalapeño jack cheese – which I was pretty sure would be very hot. I spent more than 30 minutes in the cheese aisle that day. I was in a mood to try a new cheese. We see so many varieties here and I have no clue about most of them. So I wanted to give a try. (Did I say, I tried two more new cheeses that day and didn’t like their taste at all).

Then, on one of my farmer’s market visits, I bought peaches. I had my eyes on them for a while, but never bought them. That day when I was passing infront of one of the vegetable/fruit stalls there, the lady asked me to taste one. And there I was, walking with 5 peaches in next couple of minutes. The one I tasted there was extremely sweet. The ones I brought home, not so much.

So now I had to think of something to do with the cheese and the peach. I made a bread using that cheese(but forgot to write down recipe). Now, next I wanted something extremely simple. So I thought of making Quesadilla – salsa combo. I am not a big fan of tortilla – the smell puts me off every time. So I decided to make my own wheat tortillas – in other words, I made huge, thin phulkas. I roasted them half and stacked them till I was ready to make the Quesadilla. The salsa was quick one too.

We enjoyed this so much that, I have already made it more than 2 times in last 2 weeks. I think it will be a regular from now on.

In the picture above, I didn’t use corn in salsa and jalapeño in Quisadilla. The second time when I used them, we thought these two enhanced the taste to a large extent. So I am writing them down in the recipe.

Tortillas or big, thinly phulkas
Pepper jack or jalapeño jack cheese
Few jalapeños(optional)
Olive oil

Spread olive oil on a heated frying pan/tava.
Keep a tortilla on it.

After few seconds, turn it upside down and spread a handful of cheese and jalapeño pieces on half portion.

Fold the other half over it. Press it down a bit. Turn upside down, till the cheese melts and the tortilla is crisped up.

Cut into pieces and serve hot.

Peach-corn salsa
1/2 cup peaches(or mangoes) finely chopped
1/2 cup corn cooked till done
2 tbl spns tender capsicum finely chopped
2 tbl spns onion finely chopped
1-2 tea spns lemon juice
1 tea spns coriander leaves finely chopped

Take all the ingredients in a bowl. Be careful while adding lemon juice, if peaches are too sour, add less amount. Mix everything with a spoon and serve.

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  1. The fruity salsa looks yummy. Will try it with grilled chicken.
    The new look of ur site looks really good.
    It is nice to read the recipes posted by you and ur mom.

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    I had never tasted quesadilla. And i LOVE Cheese..
    On reading this post, i tried with my chapati for lunch.
    I added sharp Cheddar cheese and jalapeno pieces.. Wow.. It tasted heavenly!
    I had a very very satisfying lunch.. I want to try this again and again.. 🙂
    Thanks Shilpa for this simple and delicious recipe.. next to try with Salsa and Pepper Jack cheese..

  3. Salsas are tasty and very healthy. Any juicy fruit could be used imo. Mexican dishes are quite similar to Indian dishes in many ways – rice, beans, chapatis.

    You should post any recipe you want without having to kowtow to anyone and in fact your enthusiasm is really inspiring. Just up the game with the proper spelling and grammar usage.

    Had a qn — where is this cheese “isle” or did you mean to use the word aisle ?

  4. Hi Shilpa

    Gathered from the comments that you have moved to a new look and its looking better by the day. Just one question… I am not able to see page navigations at the bottom of the page.. Am I missing something?

  5. You know what Shilpa, you can also make a upkari with bell peppers(capsicum)and onions with garam masala and add that with the cheese. And you have a little spicier and more indian tasting quesadilla.

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