Puréed tomato saar/saru

Saar/saru is a very thin soup kind of dish which can be consumed with rice or like soup. I am a big fan of all kinds of sarus as they are very easy to make and very tasty.

I have many childhood memories associated with tomato saru.  While growing up, my grandmother was incharge of our kitchen. During those days, cooking gas was very expensive, so it was used only for making tea/coffee or some quick dishes like sarus. My grandmother used to cook on the  fire created by burning wood. As my father was a great fan of saru made by me, he would ask me to cook this daily. He liked to drink it with his dinner. So we had this for dinner almost every day. After I got married, the frequency of this in our meals considerably reduced, as everybody here liked coconut based dishes. Still I make this once in a while and  this is still one of my favorite dishes.

Few other kinds of sarus – Horsegram(kulitha) saru,  Limbe saru, Coriander saru, Tomato saru

2 big tomatoes
1 tea spn jaggery
4 green chillies
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
1/2 tea spn cumin seeds
4-5 curry leaves
4-5 strands coriander leaves
A pinch asafoetida

Heat 3 cups water and cook the tomatoes. Peel them and grind them (do not throw the water, use it for saru).
Add enough water to pureed tomato to make it thin (use the water used to cook tomato), add jaggry, salt and green chillies. Bring it to a boil and let it cook for 2-3mins.
Heat ghee/oil and add mustard seeds. When they start popping, add cumin seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida and add this to the saru. Garnish with coriander leaves.
Serve hot with rice or as soup.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 15mins

14 thoughts on “Puréed tomato saar/saru”

  1. Shilpa,

    Amazing simple recipe ! i tried this and was a hit. Thanks ,your recipes have prodded me to take interest in cooking.


  2. Yumm! Yes, saaru cures colds, and warms the insides.
    M makes some excellent saaru. Now that I have your recipe, I can try it myself. yaay!

    Been practicing in the kitchen a lot lately! 🙂
    Hope you guys are doing well

  3. I really liked the presentation of dishes.. but want to bring to your attention i feel important.. there must be some purpose behind mantaining this blog and may be naming of the recipies must be well aligned with the purpose..

    when i visited your blog.. i was thinking about aayee and all the recipies cherished in my memory cooked in aayees hand and the native name of the recipe. Here i think the technical english name of the recipe is kind of alianating me when trying to connect to those sweet memories.

    to make long story short.. i feel it is better to retain native name of the dish.. it is just my humble suggestion.

    Shilpa: Sudee, I always give the Konkani name of the dishes also when writing the recipe. As not all readers of this blog are Konkanis, I also give a translation. I am really confused which recipe you are referring to. This recipe mentions the name as “tomato saar/saru” which is the Konkani name of it. Aayi has just included “Pureed” word which distinguishes this with another tomato saru on the blog.

  4. Varada Maiyye,

    I tried this for dinner and it truly is super easy and very delicious! My mom used to make Vattunu Tomato saaru using coconut as well while grinding the tomatoes. This Vattunu saaru without coconut is very very tasty. I used sugar instead of jaggery, still it was superb! Thanks Maiyye..

  5. Hello Shilpa,

    You have an amazing variety of recipes.
    I follow your recipes and they have turned out well.
    I want to congratulate you for this excellent website,
    what with keeping a job and writing regulary…hats off.

    My parents are from Ankola and I love visiting North Kanara.
    I’m quite familiar with the recipes of that region, so i enjoy
    following your recipes. Your presentation and the way each recipe is explained is superb.

    I’ve been meaning to write to you and let you know that
    i love your website and i recommend to friends too.

    Take care.

    Anita Nayak.

  6. Poonam Kini Kamat

    Hi Shilpa.
    Tried this tomato saru today and it tasted jst awesome. Neva thot I wud so fall in love wth a Vegetarian soup . I am gonna make ths often nw. Thnks fr this amazing and simple recipe.

  7. hi shilpa,
    m a bengali n my husband is from chennai. wanted to learn the south indian dishes, esp the veg dishes. gone thru so many websites, but i think ur site is the best.
    i am so fond of south indian food (esp Tamil), thanks to u, i hv just started making ur recipes. they come out really well. they r so easy to make.
    Some times i just go a little confused in ur website, may be m new to this site.
    Any ways thanks, thanks a ton.


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