Mango/pineapple in sugar syrup(Ambe/Ananas paank or Morambo)

At my native, during mango/pineapple season, this dish is prepared in huge quantities(just like pickles) and stored for the rest of the year. The jam/syrup goes well with dosas, chapathis, rottis etc. Usually the pineapple (ananas) version is more popular compared to mango(ambe) version. When I was a kid, I loved this or honey with the dosas and usually avoided chutneys.

Previously, I had prepared strawberry paank(syrup) on the similar lines. I haven’t tried this with the canned fruits, because I thought the fresh ones would taste better.

1 cup mango/pineapple (Cut into bite size pieces)
1 cup sugar
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder
Few strands saffron

Mix mango/pineapple pieces and sugar in a non stick pan and cook.
Keep mixing once in a while to avoid burning. Cook for around 10-15min on a low flame. (To check whether it is done or not, put a drop of syrup on a plate. The drop should not spread. If you cook beyond that, the syrup becomes very hard after cooling).
Add cardamom powder, saffron and cool it to room temperature. Store it in an airtight container and refrigerate. It remains good for months.
Serve with dosa or chapathi or bread.

PS: Traditional version of this recipe requires the syrup to be in liquid state(unlike jam which is in semi-liquid state).

Preparation time : 30min

26 thoughts on “Mango/pineapple in sugar syrup(Ambe/Ananas paank or Morambo)”

  1. Wow Shilpa, you read my mind. I was thinking of going to the Indian store last evening to get some raw mangoes, but could not. My son likes mango jam, in the grated form very much. He has it with chappati, dosa, idli, bread and even during meals. I havent tried pineapple pank anytime, although pineapple is avble in plenty here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Shilpa, couple of more requests….would you know the recipe for oondi and shevai+ rossu? Great breakfast items but tedious to prepare. I’m sure you’ll improvise and give us an easy method….hence the request.

    (Btw, I almost spelt oondi with a “u”……!!!)

  3. Hi Shilpa, read your recipe with mangoes and pineapples. It has been a favorite since childhood and even today if I serve my son some Sakhar Ambaa (that what we call it) I have some in my plate too. I put some thick ghee on it and eat it with chapati. To make it at home do I need alphonso mangoes only or is it ok to use any sweet mango?
    As children we used to have sakhar phanas (Jackfruit in sugar syrup) and my sister and I used to put a little in the freezer to crystallise the sugar on it and then lick the pieces of jackfruit for hours. Gosh what days they were!

  4. Thanks Aruna, Sumitha, Pushpa.
    Preeti, yes Shevau and rossu is coming soon :). I have’t tasted Oondi any time, but surely try that also.
    Anupama, you can use any mangoes. In India, we used apoos/alphonso mangoes, but here I tried with different types of sweet mangoes. It tastes good with any rpe mango.

    IP, yes you can use only mango or only pineapple, usually both are not mixed, but I mixed both here when I tried them :). It usually remains good in refrigerator for around a year. After 5-6 months the liquid part of syrup turns into small crystalls, we used to love to eat those crystals. More than 6 months we never kept it because we would have finished it by then :).

  5. Thanks for mango Jam, Can you please give the recipe for tomato jam.As we grow tomatoes, we have in plenty & dont know what to do with so many..

  6. Prepared this over weekend.My son is asking this with everything now.With bread, chapati & dosas.Last night, he even asked me if he can eat it with rice !! So, needless to say it came out great.Thanks for the recipe

  7. wow….sakharamba!!! My one gran would prepare this with the small amla…what we call ‘rai awla’ in marathi. Not the usual big amla mind it. Tastes awesome and gets a nice deep red colour…wonder how. This tastes good with apple too…I never tried but my friend told me..her mom makes it often

  8. Quick and EZ recipe. Murabba is another name for the same item. Addition of Tender ginger, Tender green black pepper makes it sweet and spicy.

  9. Thankyou Shilpa for the wonderful recipe. Can u give me recipe for stove top Chunda and not the making in sun chunda. It is a Gujju sweet pickle with grated raw mangoes

  10. Hi Shilpa , thanks for uch great recipes…. Can i use raw mangoes for this? By the way i tried the nankatai came out great my hubby loves it 🙂 thanks!

  11. Neetu, I don’t think raw mangoes would taste good. Usually half ripe or ripe, but firm pieces of mangoes are used for this. You can even make them with pineapple instead of mangoes.

  12. I wanted to make this ananas paak since a long time. I tried your recipe and made it today, and it turned out great. Thanks! I used fresh grated pineapple and also sprinkled a little saffron at the end.

  13. I have been visiting your site for sometime and its is extremly useful to me. i was wondering if this recipe will also work for peaches that you get in the US market. The peaches here are firm, extremely aromatic but a bit sour when eaten. Will the sourness affect the mohramba?

    Shilpa: No idea. You have to try.

  14. Hi Shilpa,
    I tried this with only 2 Mangoes on Friday. (I didn’t taste this, since i am a lactating mother.) My mom and dad told that it was excellent. Thanks Shilpa.

  15. can this be made with ripe mangoes or unripe mangoes..? am a bit confused,s o pls help. since this is mango season, i would like to make some

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