Mango Rasayan / Seekarane (Ambe HashaLe)

mango rasayan

This is almost the end of mango season here. This must be one of the easiest and very popular dishes prepared with mango. It is usually made with coconut milk. At my home, we make it with normal milk. This is served during festivals in many homes. This is also prepared with bananas. This can be consumed as a sweet dish on its own or as a side dish with chapati.

1 cup ripe mango pieces
2 cups milk or coconut milk
2 tbl spn sugar
Cardamom powder

Add sugar to milk (or coconut milk) and mix well.
Squish about 1/4 cup mango pieces with fingers to make a paste and then add the paste to sweetened milk. Add remaining pieces of mangoes.
Add cardamom powder. Serve as a sweet dish or as a side with chapatis.

Serves : 2
Preparation time : 10mins


mango rasayan1

mango rasayan2

13 thoughts on “Mango Rasayan / Seekarane (Ambe HashaLe)”

  1. I always love this varada aunty, since my mom is from bangalore, she makes this often, feeling nostalgic, th emangoes are from ur garden?

  2. Wow, I have always had banana rasayan, never mango. My aunt makes banana rasayan with coconut milk. All over maharashtra otherwise its made in milk…

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