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My mother is called as ‘pickle specialist’ by all our relatives. She makes the best pickles I have ever had. The authentic Konkani mango pickle is prepared using the tiny mangoes called as ‘appi ambli’ (ambli – raw mango). It has a long procedure and I am not sure I would make it any time in my life. She uses very very less amount of oil, no artificial preservatives and the pickle remains good for 3-4 years!!!.

‘Karmbi nonche’ is the easiest pickle among all different pickles she makes. The raw mango is cut into bite size pieces and suffiecient amount of salt is added to it. After 1-2 days, the mango pieces absorb the salt, this stage of mago is called as ‘karmbi’ and the whole process is called as ‘karmbuche’. When we were kids, we used to finish the mango pieces before the masala was added to make the pickle :). Ahh..I still remember that taste.

The distinguishing taste of my mother’s pickles comes from generous amount of Hingu(asafoetida). The hing/hingu that we get at our native has very  strong aroma compared to the ones we usually get in other places. Authentic recipe calls for ‘Til oil'(sesame oil) in this recipe. But I used vegetable oil and still the taste was superb. Asafoetida granules are better compared to the powder, but if they are not available, use the powder.

This pickle is ready to eat as soon as it is prepared. But usually it tastes better from the next day. This pickle is not very long lasting, because the mangoes loose the crunchiness after few days. So finish it within 15days.

Raw mangoes 2
Salt 1/2 cup
Mustard seeds 2 tea spns
Methi(Fenugreek) seeds 1/2 tea spn
Oil 1 tea spn
Asafoetida powder 1/4 tea spn or Asafoetida granules(big sized) 2
Chilli powder 2 tea spns

karmbi nonche1 karmbi nonche2
karmbi nonche3

Wipe the mangoes with clean cloth to remove any traces of water. Cut them into bite size pieces and add salt. Keep aside for 1-2 days.
karmbi nonche4 karmbi nonche5 karmbi nonche6
Heat oil and fry mustard, methi seeds and asafoetida. When they start popping, remove from heat and grind them (there should not be any traces of water in any of the vessels used to make pickle. Water spoils the pickle soon).
Add the ground masala and chilli powder to mangoes and mix well.
The first day this pickle should taste a bit salty, if less salt is added, pickle gets spoiled soon.
Store in air tight container.

Preparation time : 30mins
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22 thoughts on “Mango pickle(Karmbi Nonche)”

  1. Thanks Sudha.
    Manisha, this pickle is ready to eat. But usually it tastes better from the next day. One more thing I forgot to mention is, this pickle is not very long lasting, because the mangoes loose the crunchiness after few days. So finish it within 15days.

  2. I know for a fact that this one is really yummy as my aunt makes it superbly too. Specially for my husband who is a major pickle fan. The only difference that i can see visually is that she dices her raw mango and I dont think methi seeds are used by her. We store it in the refrigerator. This aunty of mine lives in Bhatkal and I have a couple of her recipes on my site. My recollection is that she calls this pickle Heendi.

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    I have tagged you for a meme…check out my blog. Hope you play. Looking forward to your list of top 10 foods you miss most !


  4. Ujwala, I know about HinDi. Its very very famous in North Kanara. My mom also makes it and it is called as ‘Kotla/kochla’ nonche by some. My moms HinDi remains good for one year or so, and it is the best. Especially it is made with a special type of mango called as “Ishad/Vishad” which has a lot of hard pulp. But ‘Karmbi’ nonche is a temporary one and can be prepared by any mango :D.

    Thanks sonali for tagging me. I will write about it soon.

  5. Hi Shilpa,

    Your receips are very interesting especially this one. Can you give me the receipe for Aavakai mango pickle.


  6. Saraswati, what is the meaning of avakai? I have read about avakai pickles on internet but I don’t know the meaning of it. So if you can explain, I might be able to search the recipe. Thanks

  7. Avakai is the popular name for the spicy mango pickle that is typically from Andhra Cuisine. I have searched for the receipe but cudnt find the traditional way for preparing it.

  8. Shilpa,
    Yesterday I prepared Ambuli nonche(Green Mango Pickle) and Mitta Ambe(salty mango)preparations and I have posted in pictorial view on my Blog site created yesterday
    Also, I have posted pictures of Bharani which I happened to bring 3-4 years ago from Mumbai. I thought your visitors may like to see.
    All this inspiration I got from you after several visits to your blog-site.

  9. Comment#6,
    HinDi is famous even in South Kanara and Mumbai and even in LA area; I love to eat with Ukde Sitta Pejja(Parboiled Rice Stew or soup)and Papad; and specially when you are on road to recovery after you are down with the Flu and spend couple of days in the bed.

  10. Hi Shilpa,

    I am in Canada,far away from my native. I am a regular visitor of your website. Day before yesterday i was searching for mango pickle receipe. I got it… Hey you know one thing while coming from India i bought native hingu with me. After one year preserving that into my container i opened now for this pickle…..Really it tasted good.
    Tanks n Regards
    Sugeeta yogesh.

  11. I just bought One piece of Aapoose Ambo (Alphonso Mango) for $4 from local Desi store. Whole box for $37 was little too much eventhough I and my wife love this mango, but there is a limit to pay. Desi was saying prices may come down after two-three weeks.

  12. I have a jar of prepared Mango Pickle and I have no idea what to do with it. I’m looking for a recipe something like cream cheese topped with Mango Pickle, or grilled chicken topped with Mango Pickle. Any suggestions on what to use it for?

    Shilpa: Sorry, I have no such ideas :(. We usually eat mango pickle as it is.

  13. tarannum.sayeed

    since long i was looking for this recipe but today i got it i belong to mumbai but currently situated in ghana(west-africa) so i miss lot of things of mumbai including mango pickle.thanks a lot i will surely try it soon.

  14. Hey SHilpa
    love the recipes you post. Staying away from home I miss the food a lot. Pan tujhya recipes try karun khup anand hoto 🙂
    I tried making this pickle today, as you said I added salt to the cut pieces. But now the mango has left water. Should I let it be? or drain it out?

    Shilpa: Do not drain. The salt water which comes out after adding the salt to mangoes makes this pickle very tasty.

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  16. I am searching for the receipe of tiny mangoes that is called appe middi lonche.I had got the receipe but i didn’t get it please if possible can u please mail it to me on my email id [email protected]



  17. Hi Shilpa,
    After you add salt to the mango pieces and leave for 2 days, do you throw away the water from the mango pieces before you add the masala?

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