Mango Burfi (Ambe Khadi)

ambe khadi

During mango season, we prepare so many dishes of mangos. Mango burfi is one amongst them. These are liked very much by all at my home. My grandmother was preparing many batches of Mango burfis. I have been making them every year in the season from many years.

Hot mango pulp  splatters all over the hands while stirring in the pan. Hence I was a little reluctant to prepare these burfis again and again. I prefer to use Ishad mangoes(a local variety of mangoes) for this purpose as it contains a lot of pulp compared to any others available here.

My daughter tried it with the ready made pulp a couple of times without much success, so I would suggest using fresh mango pulp for this.

2 cups Mangopulp 
1/2 tea spn Cardmom powder
1 tea spn ghee

Peel off the mangos and collect the pulp. Make the pulp smoother by using mixer or blender.
Take the pulp in a pan and heat it on a medium flame. Go on stirring the pulp till it becomes semisolid. If the stirring is interrupted, the pulp may get stuck to the bottom and get burnt. In order to avoid this,it is better to use nonstick pan.
Measure the semisolid pulp and take the same quantity of sugar. Go on heating and stirring the pulp and sugar in the pan till it stops sticking to the sides. Put off the flame once the
pulp becomes solid and attains orange color. Mix cardamom powder with the pulp.
Smear ghee to the rolling pad and spread the mixture over it. Spread it with the help of
rolling pin. Cut it to suitable size and shape.
Allow the burfis to cool and then store them in airtight container.


ambe khadi1

ambe khadi2

ambe khadi3

ambe khadi4

ambe khadi5

ambe khadi6

ambe khadi7

ambe khadi8

ambe khadi

17 thoughts on “Mango Burfi (Ambe Khadi)”

  1. nirupamasundar

    Varada aunty,

    I was searching for this recipe. thanks a lot for posting this. Are the mangoes from ur garden? If so pl post the mango tree picture

  2. Can I use can of mango pulp instead of fresh mangos? Will the proportion of sugar to pulp change in that case, as the canned pulp is sweet.

    1. Vinita, please read the post. I had tried with mango pulp couple of times and it did not work. I think it is because of the added sugar. Sugar should not be added before the pulp is reduced.

  3. Oh My! The color of the Mangoes after peeling!. I really appreciate your self control. I would have eaten the mango before anything else. Your photoes are too good.

  4. HI, I have one question.
    Should I first make the mango thicker and then add sugar or add both (Mango & Sugar) togather and start mixing and make semisolid?

  5. Thanks a lot for this old traditional recipe known as aambe kaap in Goa. My granny in Cancona (Goa) used to make this with varieties of Mangoes before the start of rainy season & pack it in airtight container with grass. She use to parcel this along with other delicacies when we used to return back to Mumbai after our vacations. Once again thanks a million to you & Varada pachi for these long lost recipes which are hard to find these days.
    All the best & keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks for the recipe . I tried it…But my burfi remains soft after cooling…(Consistency of caramel found in 5 start chocolate). what my i doing wrong?

  7. sarika sardessai

    i tried to get the sugar measure for this recipe from many but could not get. i was very happy to read your recipe and tried it at once. but the burfi that i made became very hard and sticky. i was disappointed with my self can you tell me what must have gone wrong? i had followed all the steps in your recipe. please guide.

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