Kohlrabi sidedish(Navalkola sukke)

Kohlrabi is called as ‘Navalkol’ in Konkani and ‘Navil Kosu’ or ‘kosu gadde’ in Kannada. ‘Sukke’ is usually a side dish prepared with some kind of vegetable or sea food and coconut masala. This dish has a sweetish and spicy taste because of the jaggery and red chilies in it. This is one of my all time favourite dishes.

When I was a kid, I had grown these in my neighbour’s fields. Our neighbour(fondly called as mami) grows lot of different vegetables in their field. As I had the “madness” of growing vegetables for a short period of time, she allowed me to grow all kinds of vegetables along with her in her garden. Ofcourse, she used to nurse my plants. I only watered those plants and claimed they are mine whenever we went to the field :).

Fry the coriander seeds, urad dal in oil and grind with chillies, coconut.

Fry onions. Add cooked kohlrabi pieces along with jaggery and salt.

Add ground paste and cook till it becomes kind of dry.

Kohlrabi sidedish(Navalkola sukke)

A sweetish spicy kohlrabi cooked in a coconut masala.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes
Servings 3 -4


  • 3 cups Kohlrabi Navalkolu/navilkosu(cut into small pieces)
  • 1/2 cup onion cut into small pieces
  • 3/4 cup coconut fresh or frozen
  • 4-5 red chilies
  • 1/2 tea spn coriander seeds
  • 1/2 tea spn urad dal
  • 1/2 tea spn tamarind
  • 1/2 tea spn jaggery
  • Oil
  • Salt


  • Cut Kohlrabi in small pieces. If the skin is thick and hard, peel it, otherwise use with skin.
  • Cook Kohlrabi in cooker.
  • Heat 1/2 tea spn of oil and fry coriander seeds and urad dal.
  • Grind them with coconut, red chillies and tamarind by adding just sufficient water(do not make the masala too watery).
  • Heat remaining oil and fry onion.
  • Add cooked kohlrabi and ground masala, jaggery.
  • Add salt and cook till masala is done and the dish becomes almost dry.
  • Serve as a side dish with rice and dal/gravy or with chapati.

Updated on 9/10/2017 with details and pictures.


30 thoughts on “Kohlrabi sidedish(Navalkola sukke)”

  1. Hi Shilpa….What is this vegetable. I have never eaten it, although i have heard of it a couple of times. Also where do you get this, in the American store or Indian store? Thanks for this new recipe, i am going to try it, once i get this vegetable.

    1. kohlrabi can be found in the vegetable (produce) dept of most large supermarkets. At least that is the case here in Canada. It is worth a try.

  2. Hi Shilpa,
    Many of ur recipes are new to me…. It is very interesting to read ur postings. sure am learning a lot of dishes from u..
    what is this vegetable.. can u post the picture of the vegetable.. what is it called in english?

  3. Thanks Linda, Lera, Vaishali.
    Aruna, Prema, please click on the link that I have given in the post. ‘Kohlrabi’ is the English name of this vegetable (First when I heard this name, I thought it is an Indian name!!!).You can see the picture. This is usually available in Farmers market and some time in American groceries(I found it in HyVee)

  4. Hi Shilpa …From the link the picture was not very clear, now since you have posted the picture, i do recollect that i have seen this veggie everytime, i go to the stores. But i did not know what you do with it. Now i have the recipe, i can go ahead and buy it . Thanks for a different recipe.

  5. hi shilpha, I wanted to know whether u can do any dish with kohlbari with the leaves………Coz we do a gujarathi type of dish with mulangi along with the leaves…..So plz tell me whether u can do anything with that….

  6. Thanks all for the different names of the vegetable.

    Nandita, we add the leaves also to the dishes along with the kohlrabi. For example, the kohlrabi and its leaves are used in this dish, upkari, dali ambat and in a curry which is prepared similar to moolangi ambat

    1. Do you peel it, then chop into pieces?
      What do you do with the stem?
      Do you eat the purple kohlrabi too?
      Leaves are edible?

    2. Radha, We peel if the skin is too hard. Tender ones can be used with the peel. We use tender leaves and stems also. I have never used purple kohlrabi

  7. ok i wanted to clairfy bcoz the pic didnt show any signs of leaves being put……Anyways thanks a lot….Must say u r presentation of the dishes is superb…Mouth watering

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    Was planning on trying out some of your recipes and was wondering what do you do when you get the fresh coconut, how do you keep it and do you use it all. Do you find any difference in the frozen ones when it comes to the taste of the curries?
    Thanks a bunch.

    Shilpa: No, I don’t feel any difference between frozen and fresh coconut. I keep it frozen before opening. Once opened, I put them in ziploc bags and refrigerate them and finish it off within 4-5 days. I never buy fresh coconut here, always buy frozen ones

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  11. I would like to mention, my mother in law taught me to eat leaves of navlkol instade of throwing those off.
    Wash them, dry them, Cut them to look like noodles
    Make a phodni (oil+ Mustard seeds, cumin, garlic ) add these leaves, add salt, Garnish with roasted dry coconut.
    It is awesome.
    Also vitamins in leaves are much more than that of Navalkol itself. very nutritious.


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  13. “Cook Kohlrabi in cooker” is not very specific. Could you explain this more clearly please.


    Shilpa: Cut kohlrabi into small pieces. Add about 1/2 cup water to it and cook in pressure cooker till it is cooked.

  14. Hi Shilpa…..its been a long time since i browsed your blog….was a bit busy……we hardly get kohlrabi here but by chance i got my hands on a few & came to your blog to look for a recipe & as always was glad to try this one….its was awesome!! Thanks for sharing & keep up the great work you are doing!

  15. Hi Shilpa… Amazing recipe for Navilu kosu.. My hubby does not like this vegetable when i make sambar out of it.. But with this recipe, he did not even recognize that it was navilu kosu… Thanks a lot for the recipe…

  16. Hi

    Can any one kindly post the benefits of eating this navil kosu raw? I have heard it’s very good for diabetes.

    kind regards

  17. Thanks Shilpa for his wonderful recipe.Had never tried this vegetable before as I did nt know how to make it .It tasted great!

  18. Hi Shilpa,

    Thank you for this site – Even we can eat that raw soft Kohlrabi with salt and pepper(optional) sprinkled on it, tastes good on fasting days

  19. hey Shilpa,
    I have tried this recipe many times.with different veggies like radish,kolrabhi,potato and today dudhi..it turns out delicious everytime..It tastes like ones served in the south indian temples in mangalore..Thanks a ton…


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