I always wondered how this name originated? Since ‘kodu’-horn (as in cow’s horn), and ‘bale’-bangle in Kannada, I thought since this dish looks like bangle made of horn, it is called as ‘kodbale’, when I read this same definition in one of yahoo groups, I was really surprised!!!.

My mom’s Kodbale are one of the best I have ever had. They were crunchy, tasty and remained good for months. She would pack a whole bunch of this and chaklis when I stayed in hostel. I actually never got an opportunity to make them myself, when I had the ‘head cook’ (thats how I called my mom) in India. But I would usually help her in making them, so had an idea of them. The latest fan of her kodbales is my sis-in-law and her friends.

I got many requests from different people for this dish. But one small mistake would ruin the kodbales completely and it requires a lot of expereince to make them. So I delayed it for many days. Finally I prepared them for the first time last week. They came out good, but I need a lot of improvement.

Here is the exact measurements I got from my mom. If you are making them for the first time, make in less quantity (say 1/5 of the quantity I have mentioned below).

Chaklis or Kodbales should be fried soon after making the dough, otherwise the chaklis/kodbales become dark after frying. Mom makes all munchies in fresh coconut oil, because they remain good for a long time if fried in coconut oil. I used the sunflower oil.

Make the dough. Knead it well and shape into spirals. Then deep fry.
kodbale1 kodbale2 kodbale3 kodbale4


One of the most popular munchies (dubbe khaan) made by deep fried rice flour shaped into spirals.
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Prep Time 45 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 5 minutes


  • 5 cups rice flour
  • 1 cup maida or all purpose flour
  • 1 cup vanaspati ghee dalda/hydrogenated vegetable oil or butter
  • 1 tea spn sesame seeds til
  • Milk
  • Oil
  • Salt


  • Heat butter (or vanaspati ghee) till it melts, add it to flours.
  • Add sesame seeds, salt and milk.
  • Make dough.
  • Knead well using the flat board. The more you knead, the better.
  • Take a ball, make into thin rope. Dont make too thin or too thick.
  • Give desired shape.
  • Heat oil to piping hot.
  • Add the kodbale and fry on a very low flame till they turn dark brown.
  • Take out on a clean kitchen towel.
  • Let them cool to room temperature, store in airtight container.



36 thoughts on “Kodbale”

  1. Hi Shilpa……Thanks a lot for posting. My mom and her mom also made the best kodbale. I never liked the onces avble in stores in native place. I am yet to try this.

  2. Can you just mail some on the above e-id???mouthwatering like the chaklis!!!yep my mom too makes them really nice.haven’t had them for a long time now!!!gr8t work there

  3. Hi shilpa,
    I have never tasted kodbale. i think it is something like murrukku. My daughter and my husband loves any type crunchy food fried in oil. May be i can try this for a weekend snack..
    thanks for the recipe

  4. Shilpa, I love kodbales. We have friends from Karnataka who used to make and send some over to our family. I have always been wanting to try them but never ventured to prepare them so far.

    Your post does make me what to give them a try.

  5. Thanks all. Do try this and let me know if you like the taste.
    Madhuli, I have posted some to your email id, hope you will get them in a day or two :D.

  6. About 4 days ago, I asked for Kodubale recipe in somebody else’s blog. Today I found it here. Excellent!! I love them, will follow your recipe this weekend.

    Thank you!!

  7. Hi there shilpa thanks a lot 4 d kodboli recipe.All these days i couldn’t check out on any of ur recipes as my keyboard wasn’t working & there4 i couldn’t switch on my pc.Anyways, ur kodboli recipe made r day & shall definitely tell my mom to prepare it & let u know how it was.

  8. i needed chaklis recipes becoz i living now in japan this country too cold now winter so some times i remember chakli,codbaleand nippattu
    thank you i will try today.

  9. I wanted to make kodubale for real long time..!My mom was one of the best cook I ever knew!..She is no more around.Hope by this receipe, I will make yummy kodubales as my mother used to make!

  10. Heyy…
    I make kodubales also, but slightly different…to the dough, I also add a paste of coconut and dried red chillies..makes it spicy….Just felt inspired by your posting to make some!!

  11. Hi Shilpa

    I have tasted Rice Kodubales which r taken with coconut chutney but not sure how to make’m. I think b’lore telugu people eat a lot of these as breakfast.I think they make dough with cooking rice flour and other spicees in boiler water(like that jolad rotti dough), n deep fry them in oil. If u aware of this please let me know the recipe!!!

  12. Hi,

    Even my mom makes kodubales..but she grinds together red chillies, little hing and coconut and adds it to the flour. She also adds a little jeera..She doesnt use milk to make the dough..only water is used. Also, you can add a few drops of hot oil while preparing the dough. This makes it crunchy..Its very tasty to eat spicy kodubales…

  13. Hey Shilpa
    Thanks. I have been on the receiving end of your culinary expertise on many an occasion.

    I tried this out, for a first timer I think it was good. However they are not as crunchy as my mom / grandma used to make.

    Maybe the thickness of the kodbales are causing the insides to be undercooked ?

    I don’t know why this is the case.

    Trial and error I guess. Also some of them had bubbles, and I kneaded the hell out of the dough until my hands were sore. Still no change.

    Anyway, thanks for the recipe. I am sure that you don’t need me to tell you that, but all the same I wanted to let you know that I think this website is a great resource for all of us.

    Kudos on a job well done !!!


  14. Hi Shilpa,
    This happened to be the BEST Kodbale ive ever had 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing it! My mom makes great kodbale, but being away from Bangalore (Im in Brisbane), I had never tried it on my own! Dont know if you speak kannada, ivathu thumba aase ayithu kodbale thinnakke…and urs was the first recipe i saw on the net! It didnt take me more than 45mins…and it just tastes PERFECT!
    Thanks! Have a great weekend!

  15. Just wondered what have you added for making it spicy ??
    Red chilled powder or grinded Red chilles ??
    Trying it out today 🙂 ..i would be using some chilles though as i like it spicy 🙂

    Shilpa: This version is not spicy.

  16. Hi Dear,
    i read ur chakulli and kodbole recipes today i am from karanataka, shimoga and when i saw these mouth watering recipe i remembered my mom, she is in bangalore and i am in mumbai married to north india. though we make food as maharatian i was missing the kodbole this diwali and u full filled my wish to make them, my mom used to make them and i loved it so much we used to finish it before diwali. thanks a lot

    Also a request can u get the recipe of NIPAT…

  17. The recipe we use is vastly different. I don’t know proportions but it goes like this:

    Rice powder.
    A tablespoon or two of maida, dry roasted.
    Fresh coconut.
    Dried red chillis
    Sesame seeds
    Butter / oil for the dough.

    Grind coconut, red chillis, hing to a paste.
    Mix maida to rice flour, add hot oil or butter and mix. Add the chilli-coconut paste and sesame seeds and made a dough. Fry in oil.

    We never use Dalda – I dont even know what it looks like. Good oil -(sesame or ground nut) or butter for the initial mixing works best.

  18. Hi Shilpa
    I love ur site hats off for ur patience. I was just wondering if we use milk while making kodbales won’t it get spoiled fast. Can we use water instead?
    Have a great day!

    Shilpa: You can use water. But milk makes them more tasty.

  19. Dear Shilpa Pachi,

    I would like to know whether the dough for Kodbale should be soft & pliable as chapati dough. Pls. let me know. I’ll try this Sunday with 1/2 the quantity that u hv mentioned since i’llbe making them for the 1st time.

  20. It was awesome….delicious….mouth watering….i made it rt first tie…my boy friend hemanth from hamburg liked it alot…..he was flat after eating this….thnx alot…….


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