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Chiroti is made in special occasions at our native, but we prepared it whenever we wanted. These are liked by people who are not very fond of sweets and also by sweet lovers. These days people have stopped making them at home because of the work involved. These are readily available in shops at our place. But I prefer home made chirotis.

We call this dish Chiroti, it is also called Phenori. I usually prefer frying it in Vanaspati ghee(hydrgenated vegetable oil) which makes them very crispy and also gives a nice aroma. If it is not available, ghee can be used. These can also be deep fried in oil, but we feel ghee/vanaspati ghee gives a better taste. You can also use Crisco Shortening (in US) which makes them very crispy.

1 cup maida or all purpose flour
2 tea spns rice flour
2 tea spns vanaspati(Dalda)
A pinch salt
3/4 cup sugar powder
1/2 tea spn cardamom powder
Vanaspati(dalda) for deep frying
1 tea spn ghee

Mix flours, salt and vanaspathi. Add sufficient water to make a dough like puri dough. Keep aside the dough for about 1 hr.
Mix sugar and cardamom in another dish. Keep it aside.
Make 7 small balls (chapati ball size) from the dough. Roll out into very thin chapathis.
Keep one chapati on a flat board. Apply a bit of ghee on the chapati, sprinkle 1/4 tea spn of maida(or all purpose flour) on it. Keep the next chapati on the first one, keep the second chapati slightly down, it should not cover the full chapati. Repeat the procedure to stack up all 7.
Roll the chapathis into a tight roll(do not apply pressure).
Cut the roll into around 2 and 1/2 inches pieces.
Take one piece, with the help of rolling pin, roll it into small circles. Take extra care at this stage. It should NOT be rolled like normal puri. Roll from center to the side, from all sides. All the layers should be clearly visible.
Heat vanaspathi in a pan. Deep fry the chirotis on a medium flame. While frying, slightly press the chirotis on the layers so as to make the layers separate a bit (do not apply pressure). Take out on a clean kitchen towel.
Spread sugar mixture on the fried chiroti while they are still hot.
Store it in a dry, airtight container. This remains good atleast for 15days(if stored in a dry place).

Makes 10-11 chirotis
Preparation time : 45mins


73 thoughts on “Chiroti/Phenori”

  1. Hi Shilpa …….I tired this for the first time last week. I dont think this is avble in US. My son loves it so i had no option but to try the same. It came out excellent. My mom too makes very thin and crispy chirotis. It is called Phenori too. Some places it is dipped in suger syrup after frying and removed immediately. My friends MIL who is a Gujarathi made it once using rose essence and pink colour, kewda essence and green colour and the normal white. All in suger syrup. Looked gr8.

  2. Ooh, I have only had Chirotis as a kid in a restaurant in India. They were so yummy, they were soaked in milk though and so I always thought that’s how they are made!

    Don’t know if I dare try making them yet, but the recipe is certainly being stored for future reference!

  3. Shilpa I don’t know how you find the time. Both you and your kitchen must be tired after all that work 🙂
    I love phenori/ chiroti. There is this shop near where I live where a Maharashtrian woman makes amazing ones. I always tell my mum to get it from there when I feel like eating them. Last time I even carried them back here. You should have seen my hubby and me eating away like ants 🙂

  4. Your chirotis are looking too good… BTW Congrats to you on your first blogiversary. Looking forward towards more delicious konkani recipes from you… Have a nice day!

  5. nice one shilpa.its been really long since i had chiroti and panni..miss them so much..i remeber it used to be a part of every marriage that i attended in bangalore..Thanks so much for sharing this recipe..

  6. Wow!…the pictures remind me of the times I occassionally helped mom make them( during Diwali mostly)…thanks for taking me down memory lane !


  7. Thanks all. Aruna, I have updated the name :). I have tasted the sugar dipped chirotis. I think they are bit more sweeter than the chirotis.
    Nee. chirotis soaked in milk? thats new to me.
    Ashwini, Since I am on a career break here, I have all the time in the world for the ‘aayisrecipes’ :). So I want to bring this into a good shape before I start working again :D.
    Madhu, even I thought Chiroti making is very difficult. So I had never tried it before. But when I tried them, they came out amazing :).
    Aparna, Sudha, Supriya, thanks a lot.

  8. Darnit!!…you have the patience of a saint!,,,My mamama(nani) makes the best phenoris , I have wanted to try and make them myself but seriously the work involved in it has deflated my enthu for it. But this diwali , I have the luxury of 2 kids who would be independent enough, so that I can actually make some elaborate sweets like these.
    Bookmarked this recipe for diwali….Thx for the inspiration, dear…

  9. Wow ! Look at the way you have rolled the dough. I have tried rolling like this several time for lachha parantha. It is not that easy. Great work !

  10. Shilpa …..After Nee wrote i recollect, I had eaten Chirotis dipped in Kesar milk in Woodlans, South Mumbai. They used to serve the warm milk in a bowl and the chirotis were to be broken into pecies and mixed with the milk and eaten. I do remember the taste as i visited Woodland in some other place and they said they do not serve it.

  11. Chiroti …wowow!!!! i am a Udupi girl and chiroti is my favorite .. my father used to pack in boxes whenevr he goes thr jus bcoz i love thm .. if it comes home i will not have anythng except chiroti. Thanks for posting the recipe. I am new to kitchen and culinery but will remeber this recipe and defly try once i become expert in kneading dough :-))

  12. Hey Aruna, I think you’re right – it must have been Woodlands in Mumbai.
    Krithika, I was wondering if this is how the malaysian layered parathas, or lacha parathas are made. Phew, does seem very tricky.

  13. Gawd, you have some patience, Lady. I would perhaps never ever find myself doing this. But I am happy that somebody is doing it. Just to make sure that the recipe is not easily forgotten.

  14. Beautiful !! You are right, Chirote are special. My mom adds different colors like pink etc to different parts of dough so that you get a rainbow colored chirota…special for Diwali.

    Thanks for bringing to me that memory :).

  15. Hi ,

    Is this like an evening snack? Looks really really good.
    You are introducing me to a completely different world of cooking even though Kerala and Manglore are not that far.

  16. Hi,
    I have book marked this recipe for trying, thank you for the nice illustration. I was never really aware of the existence of this snack, what a pity!!!

  17. Thanks all.
    LG, you can eat this snack at any time in the day. Since it can be stored for atleast 15days, like laddus, eat whenever you feel like. BTW..I eat them whenever I see them :D.

  18. Hi shilpa, the bangalore chirotis had with milk are completely different. My grandma makes the ones you have shown. Once we called a cook home to make the other kind. The dough has to be made EXTREMELY hard and it takes a lot of pain to roll it out. Although th eprocedure is very similar the milk chirotis are 5-6 times bigger and almost like bhaturas with layers. Another difference is that you dont add sugar immediately after frying but it is given while serving along with badam milk. sometimes ppl have sweet badam milk and all sugar also! Thats too sweet for me but just badam milk with chirotis have their own special taste.
    ps- the chirotis you have made look exactly like the ones my bapama makes. I thought she was the only one who could make them so well with all the layers (barein kornu phullein). She is famous for her chirotis in honnavar & ppl keep demanding her to make it even now!

  19. Hey Shilpa,
    tons of thanx yaar!! i just wanted to know this recipe since years n looked in other sites also but ur recipe is amazing n this self explanetary pics helped a lot to learn it properly. once again thanx 🙂

  20. Hey Shilpa

    Kudos!!!! I was going to post one on this. Its my fave sweet though my recipe is slightly different. I use cornflour paste between to layers and pure ghee for extra flavor the frying has to be done extremely carefully. They just melt in your mouth. Literally when I pack it for my Uncle who is so crazy about them I write handle with care :). So you know how much you got me excited when I saw it here.

  21. Hi Shilpa
    First and foremost would like to thank you and ur fly in ur contributions for making a fantastic website and keeping us posted with all delicious recipes..I did make some Chirotis, Corriander Saru etc and its turned out to be gr8 ..Lots more to make,eat and enjoy ..will write to you then

  22. Hi Shilpa
    Wanted to ask u one thing when i made chirotis they were more flat with lil layers how can i make it more phulil types ?

  23. Medha, did you follow all the instructions exactly as I mentioned?
    You shoud NOT apply any force while rolling the chirotis, if you make them like normal puris, they don’t become pluffy.

  24. Hey Shilpa
    Thanks a lot i shall be more careful next time .. I made some Mande’s too ..My hubby and my friends loved them too ..I told my Aai back in India abt ur website and how much of help it has been to all of us ..Keep it up teh gr8 work M’am!
    Today am planning to try out some Prawns recipe ..but no tomatoes at home so let me check what i can make without it ..

  25. Thanks Medha for the kind words :).
    There are many prawns recipes on the site which does not require tomatoes. Try them and let me know if you like them.

  26. The chirotis look delicious.

    The thought occured to me whilst reading your Layered Paratha recipe that the method you have shown here to make the chirotis would give a better layered effect to the paratha – what do you say?!

  27. These questions rather than comments:

    Is chirota bhaji a medicinal plant and does it have anything to do with chirotis?

    Can we buy chirota bhaji from any grocery in Montreal, Quebec, Canada or nearby?

  28. Hi Shilpa,

    Tried your recipe today – its fantastic!
    Its a home run! It was my first time trying out chirote, they are yummy! – I am sending some to my parents and in-laws in India for Diwali!

    I added a little lemon powder to sugar and it tastes good.

    Thankyou so much!

  29. hi shilpa..this chiroti will be the first recipe for me to try from your site. your presentation and precise instructions makes it look tempting as well as easy to prepare. i a very excited about making this sweet. hope i do a good job and it turns out great. thanks. pallavi

  30. Hi i used to visit all the food blogs without leaving any comment for any recipe.I thought it was not good we must the good work so this is my first comment ur blog is very good i liked this recipe very much when i am watching the pics my mouth is watering definitely i’ll try this thanx for a wonderful recipe

  31. Oh! You made chiroti very simple. I have tried as per you guidlines. My wife was very much impressed and I showed your web page which contains pictures which will help me in making chiroti.

    thank you very much

  32. shilpa I wanted to know whether its sugar syrup we add on top of chiroti or sugar powder,secondly what is the size of chiroti,I would like to try for thisdiwali

    Shilpa: As I mentioned in the post, it is powdered sugar. The chiroti is of the sixe of a bangle.

  33. hey tks
    what do i do to get white chirotis
    mine turned broun

    Shilpa: As I mentioned in the post, it is the white sugar on top of brown chirotis.

  34. Hi Pacchi and Shilpa,

    Nice recipe. I recently read something online in some pastry making procedure. Pastry is often supposed to be flaky and crisp. And it seems they often make pastry dough with cold water and put the pastry dough in the fridge for an hour or so.. helps make it more flaky it seems.

    The layers in chiroti also sound like it is similar to pastry. I wonder if something like that might help in making chiroti more flaky. I don’t know. Just something to think about.


  35. Hi Shilpa, Thank you for this mouth watering recipe. It is made more clear with the pictures. Will try later today. Thank you again !!

  36. hi,

    shipla.. its great recipe and easy one too than the one wherein u have to dip it in sugar syrup. i loved the step by step pictorial.

    BTW to answer some of the querries I feel that the CRISCO shortening which is available in USA is very similar to dalda. and no transfat too…

    thanx, keep sending more & more easy recipes like this

  37. WOW…..Is all I can say seeing the lovely pics. I too used to make it b4. Now I’m tempted to slog it out in the kitchen and make it for the coming Diwali…! Thanx Shilpa..!

  38. I regularly prepared this for Diwali before marriage…. after that somehow I totally forgot about that…. After coming across your post, it kinda reminded me of it… & I would surely try to prepare this prep…this Diwali…. Your prep is perfectly delicious & scrumptious…..


  39. varada aunty, thanks for giving the easiest recipe for chiroti.Hope u are enjoying a lot with shilpa and we too with new konkani dishes from u

  40. hi, i like ur website ,iam also konkni, i am from raigadh janjira, my aunt used to make it, and i like it so much ,now i gonna try this,thank u shilpa

  41. hi, i was just going through your website this dish cought my eyes. I did not understand this part , “Take one piece, with the help of rolling pin, roll it into small circles. Take extra care at this stage. It should NOT be rolled like normal puri. Roll from center to the side, from all sides. All the layers should be clearly visible.”

    One suggestion for your blog, it will be great if you can add videos to it.

  42. i made phenori for this diwali that too 1st time n came out very nicely….layered n crispy….thanks a ton….. i ve a suggestion: in btw each chapati sprinkle little maida n then roll them up so that they do not stick to each other… n u can add 1/4 tsp of bicarb soda while making the dough so that phenori gets puffy….

  43. My husband placed a request to prepare penuri at home..i could not understand by reading it but images made it clear.. thanks

  44. Hi,
    I love this sweet.I will try this .Before my marriege i used to help my Aai to apply ghee and sprinkle use of Vanaspati compulasary?
    Thank you..

  45. Helloo……………..
    that was a great recipe. Thank you……..

    by the way…… i had a question to ask who had asked b4.
    Can I use oil, instead of vanaspathi……..???

  46. I really liked the recepies and the picture will help a lot. I will surely try this recepies. I hv eaten chiroti when I was small. Thanks a lot for this delicious mouth watering recepies

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