Cauliflower pickle(Flowera nonche)

This is a ready to serve pickle. Can be preserved in refrigerator for at the max 1 week. Cauliflower should be very fresh and crunchy for the best results. V loves this pickle, aayi makes this all the time when he is at home. We prefer this pickle made with only cauliflower, but the same can be made with a mixture of cauliflower and carrot too.

3 cups cauliflower and/or carrot (cut into small pieces)
2 tea spn chili powder
1 tbl spn lemon juice
1/2 inch piece asafoetida(hingu)  or 1/4th tea spn powder
2 tea spns ginger(cut into small pieces)
1 tea spn green chilies(cut into small pieces)
Salt As per taste

Wash the cauliflower and/or carrot (ie, cauliflower alone or carrot alone or cauliflower and carrot both can be used for this recipe) in water and dry it on paper for half an hour. Add all other ingredients and mix well. Serve. This remains good for about 1 week in refrigerator.

Serves : 6
Preparation time : 15min

10 thoughts on “Cauliflower pickle(Flowera nonche)”

  1. Hi Shilpa,
    Just nw made this pickle..n its awesome..
    Very delicious n easy recipie….I think il eat it more as a side dish rather than as a pickle..!!..but thts gud aniways….especially aftr knowing the gr8 medicinal properties of carrot as uv cited somwhere..
    Thnks alot.take care.

    Happy Cooking !!

  2. There is no oil in this cauliflower carrot pickle. Nor is the veg. parboiled. Will one be eating raw vegetable? Please clarify.

    I have tasted this pickle earlier but there was oil in it.

    Shilpa: Yes Cynthia. Cauliflower and carrot are raw in this pickle. Thats why it has a very low shelf life. There is one more pickle where cooked cauliflower is used. I will post it sometime.

  3. Hi Shilpa,

    I appreciate the effort you have taken to post this recipe. However, I feel you need to revise your sentence structure for the above recipe. It seems in wanting to explain the details of how it should be done, you have made it sound a little confusing, it sounds like you are telling to do in one thing in two ways.

    To put it simply you can write, “Wash cauliflower and carrots separately or together and dry it on paper……”

    Primarily it is understood that when you wash it is generally done in water unless you want it specifically done in hot or chilled water, or any other liquid. Then you mention the liquid or the temperature likewise. But avoid saying “wash in water”.

    Many thanks for this lovely recipe.

    God bless you


  4. Hi ,

    I read re ceipe for Cauliflower pickel …I do make it but Preparation is liillte cahnged.
    You can heat the oil and add red chilly pwd , turmeric pwd,and mustard the oil and add it it gives better taste

  5. Hi Shilpa!
    I love this ‘LoNche!” I had brought a whole bottle from india and it is all gone!
    Even without M, I think i can try this one by myself!
    … I remember the “mai’ who made it in mumbai mentioning that she had put a lot of mustard in the LoNche – I love it when it stimulates the sinuses! heeee heee!

    hope you guys are doing well.

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