Arrowroot Pudding (DuddaLLi)

This is one of the very popular Konkani sweets. There are few types of duddaLLis – one prepared with rice and coconut, the second one is made with arrowroot powder (kachra peet), the third one is made from ragi flour.

Arrowroot or Kachra peet is the powder prepared from tubers. The leaves of this plant look very similar to turmeric leaves, but have thicker veins and do not have the aroma. After the leaves are dried, the tubers are removed and this flour is prepared using a very tedious process. The kachra peet has some dirt particles in it. So while using in any dish, it needs to be washed to remove all the dirt. At our native, it is available in the form of big chunks. This starch is easily digestible. So it is fed to people with stomach problems. Please read more about this flour at Arun Shanbhag’s blog.

1 cup arrowroot flour(kachra peet)
1 cup sugar
3 cups milk
1/4 tea spn cardamom powder
2 tbl spn chana dal (optional)
2 tbl spn cashews (optional)

Cook chana dal and cashews. Keep aside.
Take kachra peet (arrowroot powder) in a bowl and add water to it. In few minutes, the dirt particles float on the top and thick white paste at the bottom. Discard the water from top. Add water to the paste again and discard the water from top after few minutes. Add 1 cup milk to the paste and mix it very well.
Heat remaining milk till it starts boiling. Add sugar, chana dal and cashews. Now slowly add the paste and keep stirring. Within few minutes, the milk starts thickening (like custard). Add cardamom powder. Switch off the heat.
Apply some ghee to the bottom of a flat pan/shallow plate and pour the thick custard on it. When it is cooled down, cut into squares. Serve with some ghee on top (If necessary, decorate with cashews on top).

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I ate this at my sisters place, prepared by her MIL. It tasted so good, got the recipe from her, but forgot to get the arrowroot powder. I have seen these leaves in Native place. We call it Kuve peeth.

Shilpa…Did you get the powder from India?


Varada Mai, thank you for sharing this recipe. Interesting twist with the chanadal. Since we have some good kachra peet from Kumta, will try it myself.

And thank you for providing a link to my site – it is soooo much appreciated.

hope your “nathu” is doing well.


Shilpa, this recipe is new to me, learnt to make at inlaws place..I hv a ‘Ushna’ body, so Mil used to earlier make for me-heating a cup of water, adding sugar,1T arr.pwdr(they call it kuva podi) and stirring till porridge consistency is arrived at..and towards the end, adding one cup of milk n stirring continuously..tasted good to me, plus the heat wd come down. 🙂
Tks for sharing this recipe Varadapacchi.



Hello, I think Kachre Pitto is different from arrowroot powder, because in our place i.e Honnavar we get both the powders which are different in one store only. I don’t know any other name for kachre pitto. I have both the powders with me and use arrowroot powder in burfis or as thickening in sauces. With Kachre pitto I make duddali or use 1 tsp in boiled hot water to stop loose motions.
Thank You



This duddalli is too good. I do it every sataturday. & we use to take this after spicy food like fish & chicken!! [usually on saturady, sundays] Very soothening agent to the stomach!



varada aunty, This is a valuable information . About the plant, the pictures and the recipe. Is that arrowroot powder available in tins the same as the one that is displayed in your photo?


The one traditionally used is locally made. The one available in market may have some other things mixed with it. If you check the wiki article, both look the same


Only yesterday I found this in a whole food store and was wondering how to use this ingredient. The pudding idea sounds really interesting and delicious.

Shailaprabha Satish


I don’t know if I can find it here in toronto. Is there a substitute for this arrowroot powder I can use. I would really appreciate as I don’t want to miss out on this receipe.



Hi, This is my fav recipe, been thriving on it since childhood, a typical konkani recipe, my mum makes it with ragi though…. This is a summer recipe, if ur immunity aint good enough, u might catch cold in the cold seasons…
Its amazingly a body cooler, A very good remedy for especially, people just discharged from hospital stay, who are prescribed lots of antibiotics, will have swollen tongue, mouth ulcers as a side effect, a boon for such people. neednt take a B complex again..



oh my god i have learnt cooking from aayies recipes from many years and also told others about ayies recipes thank you very much happy navaratri

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