What do you make with papaya?

Aayi’s Recipes is becoming a big learning experience for me. I learn a lot from the comments by my readers. Also, when some recipe request is put here, I try my best to find the recipe, in that way I learn a lot of new recipes. I am very very greatful to you for all the support.

I thought it would be better if I make it more interactive. So every now and then I am going to ask you to comment with suggestions and your ideas so that we both learn and widen our culinary skills. Here is my first question or rather doubt…

I got a beautiful papaya from my last weekend shopping spree. It looked yellow from outside and I hoped that it might be ripe and juicy like the ones we get in India. When I tasted it, it was somewhere in between ripe and unripe. It was very hard and nothing like soft ones that we get in India and had kind of bland taste. There is absolutely no question of eating it as it is. I can’t use it in curries because it is not completely unripe. I know few recipes like halwa, burfi, milkshake, jam, holige with it. But I want to know if any of you know any other recipes. If you know, please comment here.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hi Shilpa,

    Back in India, we used to make upkari of this “pikat” (semi-ripe) papayas with a green pea like vegetable called “chundephal”. Shred papaya and cut chundephal into half. Make the tadka of mustard seeds and slit green chillies, add the papaya and chundephal with water and sale. After it’s cooked add some hing.. the result is delicious. You can omit the chundephal and try making regular upkari.. it has a sweetish falvor t it. Hope this helps.


  2. Hey shilpa, this happens very often to us, what ma makes is something like a gassi – its kinda like this
    Cube the papaya and let it boil in water (with some kokum) a green chilli or two (depends on how spicy u want it) and salt. Grind abt half a fresh coconut with enough red kashmiri chillies presoaked and turmeric and a little jeera. When the papayas are cooked, add in this mixture, enough water to suit ur consistency and boil. Temper with mustard,jeera, dry red chillies, finely chopped shallots, curry leaves.
    I personally like this for the sweetish tinge of papayas against the coconut gravy… goes well with rice and pickle… i think:)

  3. Hi,

    In Mangalore, Catholics make a pickle out of raw papayas together with other vegetables. This pickle was usually made for weddings. I do not know if the tradition still exists. It is very nice. As for ripe papayas, I think they are best eaten as is. You may be knowing that they are very good for digestion. Also, raw papayas are used for tenderising meat. Just a teaspoonful of raw papaya paste added to beef or mutton is enough. I use it mainly during bbqs, rather than using the chemical tenderiser.


  4. Shilpa,

    I dont know if you are aware, but punjabis make papaya paratha… and its awesome. I grate semi ripe papaya (best is unripe), saute it in 1 tsp of oil for few mins, add salt, garam masala, kasuri methi (or fresh chopped methi), and a little bit of sugar to bring out the taste of papaya. Add this to the atta and bind it all together with some warm water (if needed) and roll out paranthas… i am sure u will like it.

    I make even pumpkin parathas in the same way. I usually add the paratha masala (MDH) it is fantastic.

    Do give it a try.

  5. hi shilpa,
    i make ” vaali papashpal ambat” using raw papaya .papaya is called papashpal back home.u can make it with palak aslo if u dnt get vaali there.here in tokyo vaali and raw papaya is both available.u can use shredded raw papaya for salads also.

  6. You can make an amazing raw papaya salad – Ginto with this one…Just peel and grate the papaya. Toss along with a bit of grated ginger, finely chopped green chillies, handful of fresh scraped coconut, lime juice, salt, sugar, pepper and coriander. Top with roasted peanuts corasely powdered. Its heavenly

  7. A, that looks like nice recipe. I do not know what is chundephal, but will try this recipe with only papaya. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Poo, it is semi-ripe. But anyway, I want the recipe.

    Sree, that is a very nice recipe. We make ghasi but didn’t know it can be made with papayas. Your method is also bit different. I will try this. Thanks a lot.

    Madhuli, Annu, parathas are my favorites. But never made pumpkin parathas. Thanks a lot.

    Mariette, any idea how to make that pickle? I would love to try it with raw papaya. Raw papayas are available in Indian store here.

    Mamta, We too make a kind of vali-papayi ambat/randayi. I hope this is the one you are talking about. If there is some other version, please let me know. Vali is available here also, so I can try your version also :).

    Nandita, the papaya that I have is not completely unripe. But I am going to try your recipe with it :). Thanks.

  8. I dont have any recipes that has papaya, but I could give tips for ripeneing papaya 🙂
    Place the papaya (uncovered or covered with a brown bag) in a rice canister or container (dig rice, place papaya,cover with rice) Withing a day or two the papaya ripens.

  9. i was going to write about the salad we make with the raw papaya (koshimbir) but i noticed that nandita has already given you the recipe!

  10. This learning experience is not only for you, I am totally impressed with the authentic Konkani cuisine you dish out. Great going. Had no clue Konkani cuisine was so versatile and so near to Kerala food.

  11. Shilpa,

    I am quite new to the internet food blogging!!..Your website looks pretty good.

    I generally make curry with papaya. I use raw papayas for this. The recipe is similar to “Erissery” (Kerala).

    Cut papaya into 0.5″ size cubes and pressure cook with toor dal (at times I use moong dal) with little turmeric..Grind coconut with green chilly, cumin seeds, and one small shallot. Add this paste to the cooked dal+papaya mixture and cook for 5 – 6 minutes on low flame.

    This step is for tadka :
    On a small pan, add little oil. Once the oil is hot add mustard, curry leaves, red chilly, and one tsp cocount and fry for 2-3 minutes. Add this to the dal.

    This is my mom’s recipe. We generally eat it with rice, ghee and papadam. In Kerala, we make thoran also with the raw papayas.

  12. Hi Shilpa,

    Here’s the recipe:

    200 gm tendlis (gherkins)
    4 green papayas
    2 kg carrots

    Cut the above veggies into narrow strips and salt with 1 1/2 cups of salt for 3 days under weight. Then squeeze out the brine and dry them in hot sun for 3 days.

    A handful of crushed garlic
    A handful of curry leaves
    30 green chillies sliced
    6 whole pods garlic sliced
    8 inches ginger sliced
    1 bottle vinegar
    1 bottle water to dilute
    1 kg sugar
    a little salt
    1/2 bottle gingelly oil
    6 – 8 tbsp pickle powder

    In a vessel, heat gingelly oil. Put in crushed garlic and fry. Then put in a handful of curry leaves and keep it aside. (Vessel 1)
    In another vessel, put the vinegar, diluted with water. (Vessel 2)
    When it starts boiling, add the green sliced masala and boil it till it fades. Then remove the faded green masala and put it in Vessel 1.
    Add sugar to the remaining vinegar in Vessel 2 and a little salt and boil till the sugar syrup thickens. Then keep it aside.
    Empty contents of Vessel 1 into Vessel 2. Mix well and cool. Then add pickle powder. Stir well and put the dried veggies. Bottle the next day.

    Pickle Powder

    1 kg red chillies (long, shrivelled ones, like the ones you get in Mangalore)
    1/4 cup cummin seeds
    1/4 cup mustard
    4 heaped tbsp Bengal gram dhal
    2 heaped tbsp green gram dhal
    2 heaped tbsp black gram dhal
    2 tsp fenugreek
    2 heaped tbsp gingelly seeds (til)
    3 – 4 inches turmeric

    Dry in the sun for 2 -3 days. Broil on a thava and powder. Store the powdered dhals separately and add only when making your pickle. Alternatively, the masala may be ground in weak boiled and cooled vinegar.

    Seems a bit tedious to me. The quantity is large too considering the pickle was made for weddings. I haven’t tried it myself, but I remember my mother making it when I was a teenager. My mother used to put dried dates (called “karku” in Konkani) too cut into fours at the end. I do not know if they were salted like the rest of the veggies.

    For your info, I got the above recipe from the Mangalore Ladies Club Cookery Book.

    I look forward to more of your tasty and interesting recipes.


    1. Hey can. Tell me whr can i fnd the ladies club cookery book. I stay in saudi n i hv been seaching badly for it for yrs.

  13. Hello!
    U can also make vegetable from semi ripe papaya. Heat a tbsp oil, put a tsp of jeera, one chopped green chilli and few curry leaves. Put the chopped papaya pieces. Add salt and red chilli powder to taste. cover and keep on low flame till papaya is done. finally add lemon juice and garam masala on top and serve.
    Do let me know your comments..

  14. great. i also make a sweet and sour curry like shaheen.
    MY RECIPE IS DO THADAKA. NO GARLIC OR GINGER. TO THAT ADD RASAM POWDER. NOWW ADDPAPAYA WHEN 1/2 COOKED ADD SALT AND JAGGWRY OR LOW gi sugat or sweetner like splenda. add tamarind juice. add corriander leaves.

    1 cup channadhal 1/2 cup urad dhal. 1/2 cup dry soya bean, itable spoon full od jeera, itablespoonful of METHI- FENEGREEK , 1 CUP THIL OR SESAMEESEEDS CURRY LEAVES
    dry roast and grind to powder and keep it in fridge or freezer . WILL stay fresh for number of years.

  15. Someone in the comments asked where we can get the Mangalore ladies cookery book. You can get a copy from Jerosa company near Milagres church in mangalore

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