Gingery Idlis With Brown Rice

gingery idlis

The temperature is dropping very fast here. With the cold weather, we both caught up cold too. Aching throat, runny nose and heavy head was just making things difficult. So after few days of pretty bland food, we started craving for some hot and spicy food. The first thing that came to my mind were idlis. So last weekend, during our ThanksGiving holidays, I made these idlis. We enjoyed them with a steaming hot bowl of sambar.

I hear/read so much about health benefits of brown rice here. I had no clue about this rice when I was back in India. Few months ago, after thinking over it for long, I bought a bag of this rice. I wanted to replace our normal white rice with this. I tried a couple of times and realized we both didn’t like the taste or texture of it. So the remaining bag sat as it is in my pantry. Then I tried Manjula’s brown rice and barley dosa. Do give this recipe a try, it makes very delicious and healthy dosas. Thanks a lot Manjula. So now I knew how to use the remaining brown rice.

While in Bangalore, we used to taste these gingery idlis (I think they were called kadubu or something like that). I was a huge fan. So I added ginger and few green chillies to the batter. It came out amazing.

If you don’t find brown rice or do not want to use it, you can make normal idlis and still make them gingery by adding ginger to the batter.

1 cup brown rice
1 cup urad dal
1 cup idli rava (or soak 1 cup normal rice and make rava)
2 tbl spns chopped ginger
3 green chillies

Soak brown rice and urad dal together for about 6hrs.
Grind them with ginger and green chillies to a very smooth batter. Add the idli rava and grind for just few seconds till it is well mixed with batter (but does not become smooth).
Leave it in a warm place to ferment overnight.
Make idlis. Serve with hot sambar.

Serves : 5-6
Preparation time : 45mins

23 thoughts on “Gingery Idlis With Brown Rice”

  1. HI Shilpa,
    I had been through the exact same situation about the brown rice, until I started to use it to make idlis..much better way of including the brown rice in the menu. You can visit my post about it.

  2. Yes! Aren’t these whole-grain idlis wonderful?! I tried two kinds a few months back using black/purple “forbidden rice” and Thai “red rice”- the colours are so pretty and the extra nutrients are a boon… I’ve been thinking “sambar” lately too- you beat me to it! But when I do, I’ll add ginger and green chillies- sounds yum!

  3. Hi shilpa
    Even in my pantry brown rice is sittling idle for the same reason.
    Even i bought oat meal and was sitting idle. I have replaced rice to the oatmeal for dosa.


  4. Hey Shilpa,

    I had not yet tried idlis with them. Very thrilled to see this post. Now my idlis will be brown too!

    I am so glad you have started experimenting with the brown rice. Isnt it wonderful with dosa and idlis!! I think brown rice fits better for these goodies than the plain steamed rice.

    Its a little intimidating initially for beginners to accept the off white and little rustic dosas. But you get hooked on to it so fast. I have completely switched to brown rice for dosas now. I have now been making dosa with brown lentil and brown rice instead of urad dal and white rice. Give it a try too. You need to soak it overnight for smoother texture.

    Very excited and looking forward for more brown recipes from you.

  5. I went through the same recently, i.e. fever, cough, cold and the works-and what felt the best was hot rasam and sambar, yum yum! I made some pongal like khichdi and had it with piping hot sambar. I miss kadubus too…..

  6. shilpa, they look really beautiful, but where is the need to add idly rava, we can as well use the proportion of 2:1 isnt’t it? My aunt in Bangalore made lovely horsegram idlies, 2 cups of idly rava for 1 cup of horse gram and also some green chillies and ginger. Pl make a try, they taste really well and very effective during cold and cough.

  7. Shilpa
    one quick query
    “soak 1 cup normal rava and make rava”
    what does it mean ? I can use normal sooji in place of idli rava ?

    1. Thanks for pointing out the typo. Updated. You can use normal sooji, but roast it before using. The texture of the idlis will be different

  8. Loved the idea of ginger in idlis, sounds delicious ! I use brown rice for all my dosai/ adais etc and love the softness it gives to the final dish…

  9. Thanks for answering my prayers.

    I recently bought brown basamati – but do not like to use it with our normal day-to-day dal\sambar\rice combos. Pulavs are Ok, but even then, I did not like the texture too much.

    So these recipes for idlies\dosas with brown rice are a boon – to use up all the left-over brown rice!!!

  10. Hey Shilpa,
    The idlis look scrumptious.
    Just curious how you cook the brown rice.
    I use slow Cooker, and that IMHO is the best option to cook brown rice (I have tried with pressure cooker and other techniques But Slow cooker seems to have the best texture and is by far the easiest).

    1. I have cooked brown rice only once or twice – both times in pressure cooker. As I don’t like the taste/texture of it, I don’t use it as day to day rice. I do not have a slow cooker.

  11. Hi Shilpa,

    I always have the trouble with batter…inspite of trying different combinations of measurement for rice, urad….batter i make does not ferment well at all 🙁

    Can you please give me some tips on this…?

  12. Well even i did not like the taste & texture of brown rice the first couple of times i cooked it but guess what – once u get used to it its actually lighter & not too bad- sp when we team it up with our sambars & dals :). Dont give up on it folks!!

  13. hi shilpa

    Your blog is awesome… I have tried a lot of recipes from your blog and it had turned perfectly gr8. just trying to learn cooking after going through your blog…. the dish looks yummy I will try…….

    could you please tell me how to prepare horsegram idli.

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