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Are you thinking I have made a mistake in the title of the post?? Jaggery has a medicinal value? Isn’t it strange? To tell you the truth, I never knew about it until I read an interesting article in one of the old Kannada weekly. I thought it would be useful for my readers.

  • Drink jaggery panak(any drink using jaggery), while drinking water eat a bit of jaggery or add a bit of jaggery to day to day dishes. This will help in reducing the occurance of headache.
  • For sprain, heat jaggery and ghee, when it is still warm, apply to sprain. The pain reduces slowly.
  • For running nose, mix jaggery with some curd(curd should not be sour) and eat.
  • For headache, mix old jaggery with same proportion of sesame seeds. Grind both with a little milk. Heat the mixture with a small quantity of ghee. Apply this to the forehead and sleep. Headache reduces gradually.
  • For continuous severe headaches, mix ghee and jaggery in same proportion and eat daily for 5-6 days. The headache goes off.

In olden days, people used to make tea and coffee using jaggery, but these days people are using sugar instead of jaggery. But still some people use jaggery for tea, coffee and other drinks and due to this they get definite health improvement.

These days since medicines are available for almost all the diseases people might laugh at some of these remedies. But my whole purpose is to store such precious bits of information and I am sure these will come handy one or the other day.

23 thoughts on “Home remedies – Jaggery”

  1. Shilpa ……..I knew jaggery is good for health. But seems from your posting it has lot of medicinal values. Thanks for the same.

  2. Nice info on Jaggery Shilpa !

    And BTW i tried ur Konkani Sambar. It was delicious. I dint change anything except that i dint have drumsticks. Thank u so much for the recipe.

  3. Hi Shilpa,
    First time here, u are so true about jaggery. I try to add bit of jaggery to curries i make. Thanks for the valuable information.

  4. Hi Shilpa,
    I try and use jaggery wherever possible instead of sugar. It sure is better for health than sugar. Thanks for all the info. It is always better to have natural remedies at hand than medicines with chemicals.

  5. Shilpa, this is just great! Jaggery has lot of iron content and it is really good if we use jaggery. Naturopathy people treats sugar as poison. They recommend using jaggery.

  6. hi shilpa,
    i just scrolled thru this site …i’d say it’s a gr8 site.lots of mouth watering stuff to try.abt ths jaggery,m a person who has headache always.m surely gona giv this a try.thnks a lot for ur information.

  7. Hi,

    Just came accross this site.. Good one! liked home remedy section. Now, let me add Jaggery helps to reduce acidity, if taken on a regular basis..

  8. Hi Shilpa,
    i have thoroughly enjoyed your site. Would your Aayi know the recipe for hair oil using different herbs and oils.
    My Holema used to prepare one such oil which did wonders for falling hair but, unfortunately, with her passing away that recipe has been lost.
    Again, a wonderful, rich blog

    Shilpa; Aayi makes a oil, let us see if we can post it.

  9. Hi Shilpa!!!
    I really appreciate ur effort in restoring the old home made remedies, its really safe and easiest way of treating ourselves for any disease. Plz keep updated if any more natural remedies u know so that we can learn more… thanks a lot. Take care and bye.

  10. Jaggery is a good substitute for sugar in coffee and tea, this is used still in rural sides and by health conscious people..though the taste is not like of sugar..it is good for health.

  11. Jaggary is also help the reducing stomach fat. If we eat regularly 1tbsp jaggary after lunch & dinner its heip to reduce the fat and gas problem.


  12. Hi Shilpa!!!
    Wonderful job about home remedies. And specially jaggery, thank u so much for sharing ur knowledge with us. Its really helpful.

  13. Good Info. I wish to inform that there are two types of jaggery available in India. One is made from sugarcane and the second one is made from Palmyra palm tree.

    Sugarcane juice sap is boiled down hours and hours. And the concentrated liquid is poured into molds to dry. Depending on the mold used , you see jaggery in different shapes like cylindrical blocks, smooth round balls and half spheres etc.

    Depending on the sweetness level and color, the jaggery is two types. Pale gold colored one – this is what’s available in most of the Indian grocery shops.

    But i used to remember my grand parents in Coorg would use the dark colored Palm Jagerry. Aging or curing the freshly prepared jaggery for sometime will result in potently sweet, distinct flavored dark colored jaggery. For them, pale colored ones were inferior in taste. There is a significant difference between those two types. Because of this fact, often in our homes in coorg, for marriages and special occasions, the dark colored jaggery was preferred to prepare sweetmeats. Even today also we make it a point to use the dark coloured jaggery for coffee.

  14. Shilpa thank u for this valuable info
    Can u pls help me out with d answer for – jagerry is cold or hot in nature ?

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