Home remedies for Constipation

Here are a few remedies for Constipation, I have collected them from different sources. Any of my readers can add to this by leaving a comment and I will update this post.

  • Eat lots of peanuts.
  • Eat prunes (dried plums)
  • Eat lots of greens especially spinach.
  • The best herbal medincine for constipation is, drinking Isabgol mixed with hot milk (Isbgol is taken with curd to cure loose motions!!! ). Read more about Isbgol here.
  • For adults, eat a lot of raisins. Especially for even small kids, soak raisins in little water,and give that water to breast feeding babies.
  • Drink one teaspoon of castor oil in the morning to cleanse your interstines completel. (No you cannot go to office that day. So, should do it in on a holiday.Esp good for kids with eating problems etc).
  • Drink plenty of Water with dry ginger powder and a few mint leaves.
  • Eat one banana before going to bed.
  • Bittergourd slices boiled in water and taken early in the morning cures constipation

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  1. Tony, I did not understand what is that comment supposed to mean. Please clarify…I have just posted them so that somebody could benifit from this without spending a lot on doctor charges.

  2. hey Shilpa

    thanks for all the efforts u take .. especially this one since it is absolutely not related to ur topic .. may b PEOPLE dont know how much aged people ( sometimes young also ) suffer because of constipation ..hahaha !!!

  3. A great long list of remedies there, Shilpa. Everyone will find at least one suitable for him/her, I guess. Thank you so much for publishing it.
    My husband’s remedy – Drink a glass of red wine during or after dinner. I don’t allow him to practise it at all. I am a good wife, you see. πŸ˜‰

  4. Thanks Reena, Vaishali.
    BTW…Vaishali, I don’t think I will add your hubby’s remedy to the list, bcos I am a good wife too and dont want my hubby to pick up something from my site πŸ˜‰

  5. Hmm! Isabgol – not a home remedy but an herbal remedy.

    Others: eat lots of peanuts. You may get some sound effects along before the final purge!

    Prunes (dried plums) work wonders too.

  6. Hi shilpa, this post is very informative. I agree with what vaishali said everyone will find at least one suitable for them.Wondeful post shilpa..Thanks so much for sharing such a wondeful piece..

  7. Thanks Manisha. I will update my list :).
    Thanks Sudha, you can add to the list if you have any remedy :D.

  8. For adults, eat a lot of raisins.
    Especially for even small kids, soak raisins in little water,and give that water to breast feeding babies.

    Drink one teaspoon of castor oil in the morning to cleanse your interstines completely.No you cannot go to office that day. So, should do it in on a holiday.Esp good for kids with eating problems etc.

  9. Hi Shilpa,

    Maybe you would like to add eating ripe papaya to your list. This works wonders. It’s like the show’s over before you can enjoy it!

    Cooked sprouted moong is also beneficial.


  10. Generally women suffer from constipation after delivery of baby. This is one of the postparm concern too. Thanks shilpa for adding information related to this. I would like to add few more to your tips.
    Drinking lot of water and eating high fibre foods like Oats, fruits, prune juice will surely help. You may be surprised we should not eat yellakki banana and raagi.
    Foods to aviod. Banana ( Yelakki banana, cooked carrot and Parle-G buiscuit), maida dishes. Sometime raagi also cause constipation.

  11. Hi shilpa,there is one more remedy which really works a glass of hot water taken with one tea spoon of ghee added to it cures constipation as well.

  12. You may also want to add :

    eat dry oat flakes and drink water after eating them. Oatmeal taken at bedtime also hhas the same effect.

  13. Why donÒ€ℒt people practice half bowl of green leaves like lettuce palak not boiled and some boiled green peas with olive oil before your meal this reduces high level of Constipation

  14. Hi Shilpa,

    do you know of any remedy for acne problems. Both my teenage sons have a lot of acne breakouts and scars on their faces.
    please help. Tks.

    Shilpa: Pamela, I saw some remedies when I browsed. Please have a look.

  15. Hi Shilpa,

    Thanks for a long list of home remedies for acne. Very informative indeed. I found a few suitable for my sons. I shall try and let you know. Shilpa, I’m so happy to have found your website. Thanks again.

  16. I m suffering from ace.i m 24 .i usually wake early in the morning and drink alot of water.after that i take my rice at 10 AM.But i donot take dal in rice because after rice i drinl alot of water.if i take dal with rice and i could drink water.can u give me solution to my above problem

  17. shilpa can i give isabagol to my child. he is 1 year 10 months. he is suffering from severe constipation problem

    Shilpa: Jyothi, Please consult your doctor. I don’t know if it is safe to give Isabgol to such a small baby.

  18. Hi Shilpa,
    There is one more tip:
    Soak sabja(seeds u add in Falooda)overnight.
    Mix 1-2 tsp in a glass of warm milk and drink it in the morning. Even kids can hav this. Also good for heat problems. U can refrigerate the soaked seeds and use them as per requirement.

  19. th medicine for to consipatin soak a samall amount of fenugreek in water overnight and drink it in the it relivs constpation


  21. I have had constipation for over 40 years and have tried a humpty number of treatments,western and ayurvedic.I have found the following very effective.
    1.about 5-6 medium sized spinach leaves washed and eaten
    raw, followed with a slice of ripe papaya.(this is the best)
    2,a betel leaf,a small piece of fresh ginger,peeled, 5-6 black pepper and a piece of rock salt.
    -wrap the ginger,black peppers and the salt in the betel leaf and eat before or after meal.

  22. My 4yr-old son has serious constipation problem. He feels the urge to go only after 3 days after but usually will have a hard time pushing it out….which leave me with no option but to give the suppository to remove the bowel. have tried all medicines to soften the stool but still it doesn’t seem to work and it’s not very good to take this in the long run.
    Please help.

  23. Hi shilpa
    Really useful info. I’ve added few tips for both young and old.

    -drink black tea(not too strong) before going to bed- this works well and good for those who had to travel early morning
    -Cucumber cures constipation
    -Jelly is also a good remedy for constipation

  24. Hi Shilpa,

    ohh, great! Thnx for this. Though it seems you have not replied or updated last few comments, may I add to your list if it works for someone. I am not sure whether it will cure old constipation forever or not but at least it works:
    1. Drink at least 4 to 5 glasses of water -one or one and half ltr – in one sitting, early morning as soon as you get up.
    2. Drink one fruit a day – an apple a day… in raw form.
    3. Walk (if possible) – brisk walk for 40-45 minutes every day as time permits. if you cannot walk for 45 minutes in one stroke may be in breaks like 15-15-15 etc.
    4. One of my neighbourer used to suggest to have hot milk with ajwayan (sorry I don’t know English word for it) before going to bed.

    Me and my husband have tried first three and it helped us to loose weight also. πŸ™‚


  25. A couple of tablespoons of linen seeds taken with a glass of water some days ia a proven means against constipation.

    The seeds most be blended into the water and the water with the seeds is then drunk. You can let the seed lay to bloat in the water two hours before driking the blendings.

    If you do so, the water gets slimy from the seeds. The slimy water together with the seeds are then drunk/eaten.

  26. Early morning, drinking a mix of 1 glass milk+ 2glasses water…first thing as soon as u awake….helps in clearing bowels. Its an easy n best method of clearing bowels n flushes kidneys too.

  27. kusuma dilip kumar


    I went through the home remedies for the constipation problem.
    But i have a 2.2yrs old son and he has this problem of constipation and wanted to know the home remedies for the kid. can you please help me out with this problem.


  28. One more advice. Eat stinging needles as a vegetable in dishes and in soups.

    The needles must be cooked some minutes before they can be eaten, but then they become a very healthy vegetable that have a very good effect on the stomach.

    Also drink the water you have cooked the needles in so you do not spoil any of the nutrients.

    1. The singing nettle can also been used in an herbal infusion. Dried nettles (about 1 cup) in a quart jar filled with boiling water. This can actually steep all night to extract all of the minerals. Strain and then drink or store in refrigerator. Susun Weed (Wise Women) gives lots of information on nourishing herbal infusions.

  29. you can give apple juice nd you can givee him barley try adding some sugar.
    you can also soak fenugreek seeds overnight in the morning give him a spoon full.
    you can also give plenty of water.
    make sure that he consumes fruits and vegetables

  30. rather than giving his isobagel you ask me you deffinnately give him prune juice it helps if not
    somtimes maybe the babys milk powder or apple juice and maybe pureee the spiach it really helps


  32. kususm shanbhag Mira road

    Wonderful and great remedies. Also grateful to you for taking effort to put on Web site.

    We do eat lots of ” PAPAYA” after dinner which gives us lot lot relief and the make the day better and fresh feelings. SO THE CLEANER THE BOWEL, BETTER THE DAY

  33. Could you please let me know if any one has a home remedy for lowering cholesterol. Your reply to my hotmail, in the matter will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks and regards,

  34. Oatmeal helps in reducing cholesterol. Consumption of raw leafy vegetables, being physically active, avoiding fatty foods also do contribute in reducing cholesterol.

  35. Thanks Anu for your wonderful suggestion. In addition I would like to to know if a recipe of coriander seeds and cumin seeds roasted and then boiled and drunk on empty stomach.. will it help in lowering cholesterol?

    Shilpa: Ella, sorry I don’t know any such recipe. But I have a kashay recipe on the site which has both these ingredients.

  36. Great Blog….have added it to my favourites. One suggestion: Is it possible for you to list your recipe’s in alphabetical order? I came looking for raagi recipe’s but so far only located Raagi idli recipe? But thanks anyways..i shall try raagi idli and post feedback. Should be good :).

  37. hi all
    boil 2 glasses of water with 2 teaspoons of jeera. keep boiling until the water becomes equal to one glass and add a teaspoon of fenugreek to it and leave it overnight. Drink the water early morning before consuming anything else. This helps for constipation and also detoxifies the body.

  38. Shilpa, Great site !
    Here is another suggestion for infants and babies suffering from constipation: Give them any fruit or fruit juice that starts with P, e.g. Pear, prune, papaya …

    I have used pear and prune juice a lot for my daughter when she was young and had constipation. Prune juice is very effective, for grown ups also. For babies, just 2 oz a day of prune juice is sufficient. More than that can cause loose motions.

  39. hi shilpa …
    any suggestions for loose motions… kids aged 6 and 1 and a half are suffering from loose motions.. gave them all sorts of medicines… doesnt seem to be helping… wonder if its the heat hitting them.. the older one has lost his appetite as well.. looking for home remedies ..

  40. shalini alvares

    Thanks a lot for dis super remedies.Im a patient of constipation n dis remedies r very useful for me.

  41. sir/madam
    my son(10 month old)is suffering from loose motion today with slight green colour and lather type and motion 4 times today.can i give him the isabgol powder with curd to stop loose motion. is it advisable for infant like him? please suggest me through my e-mail address .

    Shilpa: Please consult a doctor.

  42. Hi Shalini,
    for loose motions i know that fenugreek seeds are very effective….the big kid can easily swallow 8-10 of those seeds. you can make your kid take it 2 times a day after 4-5 times the situation is usually under control. may be for the small one u can probably make a powder and mix with honey to trick him. its also very important to keep them hydrated during such time.
    hope this helps

  43. for any age group
    take 1 glas of buttermilk and add 1sp of honey mix well and drink
    best medicine for loose motion
    immediate result
    can take 2-3 times also
    no side effect

  44. for loose motion for kids
    pan put water more than 1 cup and put skinless pieces of 1 apple
    let the water boil till it becomes half or less than that then give
    to kids they will be fine best remedy

  45. My daughter is two years old. She often has contipation peoblem. We also consult some doctors, but it does not work wellPlease suggest some home remeady, as we live in Beijing, China.

  46. Eat a small spoonfull of kayamchuran from shekh brothers with some warm water….one can also have some hot milk with jaggery mixed in that.

  47. Hi shilpa,
    I have tried eating half to one full musumbi before going to bed helps in constipation particularly for senior citizen!

  48. hinwastak churna is best,can be mixed in ghee to make a paste n have it half hour before food or mixed in butter milk n have it afted food. its available in joggap shenoy stores, udupi.

  49. I am having this fissures problem for over a year. Some one told me to have Spinach. It really works. I have Spinach soup (by putting some spinach leaves in a pressure cooker with water) and then in a mixie, Without straining it, I heat the entire liquid without leaving anything with a pinch of sugar and salt. It does wonders. Pls try it (I sometimes add tomato without seeds to palak and have that soup)

    1. Veena Marballi

      Hi Neeta, can that be tried for kids, i mean my son is 2years 8 months old,n suffering from constipation.

  50. Drink i cup of black tea before going to bed. Following day morning it eases the stomach.
    Eat ripe Papaw before meals.

  51. My daughter is 3 years old. She is heavily constipated. I give her suppository at times and then she passes stool but it is very hard and painful. At times i give her ‘Macrogol’ which works for 3-4 days but then there doesn’t seem to be any definite solution to this problem as i am not sure if i can continue to give her Macrogol all the time.

  52. Hi Shilpa,

    My daughter had a problem of constipation since she was a toddler…she was always constipated for days, sometimes for a whole week….but i found out later that whenever i gave her methi paratha for breakfast…within two hours she was relieved of her constipation…..so during winters in Delhi when Methi leaves are in season ..i try to include it daily in her diet…..but when the season is over and Methi leaves are not available ….what should I do …and the methi powder is also very bitter for eating…can u suggest something.

    1. Try any high fibre vegetables/greens. Palak (spinach) also helps – I just grind it and mix with roti dough. Include more vegetables and fruits in her diet.

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